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Author = Mohammed O Osman
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The Role Of Whole-Body SPECT/CT Using Tc-99m MDP In Characterization Of Osseous Lesions In Breast Cancer Patients

Volume 24, Issue 1, June 2022, Page 52-64
Mohammed O Osman; Eman Ashraf Eltahry; Ashraf Mohy El Din Fawzy; Nahla Dessouki El-Sayed


Myocardial 99Tc - MIBI washout

Volume 10, Issue 10, June 2014, Page 1-7
Omar M; Moustafa, H.


The Value of Tc-99m MIBI Washout Rate in Detection of Ischemia compared with standard Myocardial Perfusion Imaging

Volume 10, Issue 10, June 2014, Page 18-32
Hosna Moustafa; Mahasen Abo-gabal; Omar M; Sherif El-maghrapy