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Author = Alaa Fahmy
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Preparation and characterization of poly (vinyl alcohol)/Carboxymethyl Cellulose/ Acrylamide - based membranes for DMFC applications

Volume 66, Issue 9, September 2023, Page 207-213
Atia Mahmoud; Mohamed A Abd AlRaheem Abu Saied; Abdelrahman Naser; Alaa Fahmy


Porous Polyvinyl Formaldehyde / MWCNTs Foam for Pb+2 Removal from Water

Volume 64, Issue 1, January 2021, Page 533-545
Mohammed yosef; Alaa Fahmy; Ali hassan; Walid El hotaby; Badawi Anis


A New Route for Synthesis of Polyurethanevinyl Acetate Acrylate Emulsions as Binders for Pigment Printing of Cotton Fabrics

Volume 63, Issue 3, March 2020, Page 1063-1073
Walid Abdel-Wakil; Alaa Fahmy; Elbadawy A. Kamoun; Wassem Hassan; Farag Abdelhai; Tarek M. Salama