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Ultrasound Guided Parascapular Sub-Iliocostalis Plane Block versus Thoracic Epidural for Postoperative Analgesia in Thoracotomy Operations

Volume 95, Issue 1, April 2024, Page 1758-1766


Thoracic Epidural versus Surgically placed Rectus Sheath Catheters for Postoperative Analgesia after Midline Laparotomies: A Randomized clinical Trial

Volume 88, Issue 1, July 2022, Page 3197-3205
Salwa H. Waly; Yasser M. Nasr; Wael Elsayed Lotfy Mokhtar


A randomized, double-blind interventional study comparing the effect of levobupivacaine versus ropivacaine with fentanyl as an adjuvant in thoracic epidural analgesia for post-thoracotomy pain relief

Volume 16, Issue 1, May 2022
Anjum Saiyed; Ayesha Arif; Sanjay Morwal; Reema Meena; Priya Bansal; Arish Hussain


Comparative Study between Ultrasound-Guided Serratus Anterior Plane Block and Thoracic Epidural Analgesia for Breast Surgery

Volume 82, Issue 3, January 2021, Page 404-409
Ahmed Elsaied Abd-Elrahman Ali; Sherif Kamal Hafez Arafa; Amir Abou Zkry Elsayed; Mahmoud Fawzy Shehata El Sharkawy


Impact of Continuous Intra and Post operative Thoracic Epidural Fentanyl–Bupivacaine Infusion on Patients Undergoing Major Upper Gastrointestinal Cancer Surgery

Volume 4, Issue 1, March 2016, Page 7-14


Transdermal nicotine patch as adjunctive analgesic modality to thoracic epidural analgesia for post-thoracotomy pain

Volume 8, Issue 2, July 2014
Heba Ismail Ahmed Nagy; Hany Wafik ElKadi