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Effect of Foot Massage on Physiological Indicators, Fatigue, and Pain among Children undergoing Chemotherapy

Volume 13, Issue 4, December 2022, Page 26-39
Amirat Ali Elsabely Mohammed; Manal Mohamed Ahmed Ayed; Azza El-Sayed Ali Hegazy; Hala Samir Ahmed El-husseiny; Fatma Mohamed Amin


Effect of Foot Massage on Pain and Anxiety Levels among Patients underwent Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy

Volume 13, Issue 3, September 2022, Page 605-614
Azza Anwar Aly; Hala Mohamed Abdelhamed; Sheren Elsayed Shrief; Safaa Tawfik Elmanzalawy; Sheren Ebrahim El. Tahry


Effect of Foot Massage and Acupressure on Pain Levels and Physiological Parameters during Heel Lancing in Full-Term Neonates

Volume 3, Issue 1, July 2022, Page 133-145
Nagwa Ibrahim Mabrouk Baraka; Hend Reda Ali El-kest; Shereen Abdl elsalam Mohamed Elwan; Mai Hassan Hassan El sharkawy


Effect of Foot Massage on Incisional Pain and Sleep Pattern among Post Abdominal Surgery Patients

Volume 12, Issue 4, December 2021, Page 570-584
Aziza Youniss Ahmed El-ghiety; Manal Saad shaker Soliman; Amira Mohammed Ali Hassan


Effect of Foot Massage on Fatigue and Incisional Pain among Post Caesarean Women

Volume 12, Issue 1, March 2021, Page 1410-1418
Hayam Fathey Ahmed Eittah; Fatma Saber Nady Mohammed; Nagat Salah Shalaby salama; Noha Hassan AbdElfattah Mohamed


The Effect of Foot Massage on Pain Severity, Hemodynamic Parameters, and Mechanical Ventilation Weaning Time among Patients in Critical Care Settings

Volume 11, Issue 4, December 2020, Page 1151-1162
Amina Mohamed Abdelfatah Sliman; Marwa Mehrez Mahmoud; Aida Faried Abdelwanees Ali


Effect of Foot Massage on Pain Level among Patients Undergoing Cardiac Catheterization

Volume 3, Issue 2, November 2018, Page 63-71
Rehab Taman; Amal Shehata; Salwa Sallam; Maha Mady