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Knowledge and awareness of bloodborne infections among medical laboratory technology students and technicians from a tertiary care teaching hospital in Karnataka, India: A cross-sectional study

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript , Available Online from 07 July 2024
Asem Ali Ashraf; Bindiganavale Ramaswamy Shamanna


Prevalence of Hepatitis B and C Viruses among Health Care Workers at Governmental Hemodialysis Units

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript , Available Online from 10 June 2021
mona metwally mustafa


Effect Of Educational Intervention On Healthcare Providers’ Knowledge And Adherence To Infection Control Standards At Zagazig University Neonatal Intensive Care Units

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript , Available Online from 10 March 2024
Maha Ahmed Abdeldayem; Mona Mostafa Aboserea; Samia khalil Koura; Mohamed Adel Fouda


Nurses' knowledge and adherence perception to standard infection control practices; Single Centre Experience

Volume 8, Issue 1, May 2024, Page 120-134
Eman D. El Desouky; Rasha Mahmoud Mohammed Mahmoud Allam; Merhan A. Fouda; Shaimaa Abadalaleem Abdalgaleel


Hospital disinfectant efficacy testing: Experimental evidence towards the requirement of common international regulatory framework, the case of Costa Rica

Volume 4, Issue 4, November 2023, Page 1164-1172
Fabián Delgado Rodríguez; Jeimy Blanco Barrantes; Arlene Loría Gutiérrez; Jessica Morera Huertas; Jeison Corrales Sánchez


Issue of Antibiotics Resistance: From Spot of One Health

Volume 3, Issue 4, October 2023, Page 87-102


Kidney Transplantation with Modification of Induction Protocol with Infection Control Strategy during COVID-19 Era: Graft and Patients' Outcomes

Volume 32, Issue 4, October 2023, Page 111-116
Magdy M. Elsharkawy; Ahmed A. Emara; Abdelrahman A. Elbraky; Shaimaa Z.A. Abdallah


Beyond the Bedside: A Comprehensive Exploration of Nurses' knowledge and Attitudes on Infection Control and prevention measures in Selected Governmental Hospitals, Najran City, Saudi Arabia"

Volume 14, Issue 3, September 2023, Page 1064-1074
Elsadig Eltaher Hamed Abdulrahman


Upper Gastrointestinal Endoscopy Nurses' Compliance with Infection Control Standard Precautions

Volume 25, Issue 3, September 2023, Page 143-153
Thoraya Mohamed Abdelaziz; Jehan Y. ElRazkey


A Bacteriological study on burn wound infections with implementation of the available infection control measures at the Burn Unit, Tanta University Hospital

Volume 4, Issue 2, May 2023, Page 648-653
kareman Ahmed Eshra; Ahmed Mahmoud El sharaby; Radwa Mahmoud El Sharaby


Nurses' Knowledge and Practice Regarding Infection Control Measures in Endotracheal Intubated Children

Volume 10, Issue 1, January 2023, Page 333-340
eman abd el-azeem tawfeeq; Samia Abd-Elmoaty; Gehan Elnabawy Ahmed


The Role of Educational Program in Eliminating Infection Potential Hazards inside Gynecology and Obstetrics Clinic in Alexandria

Volume 90, Issue 1, January 2023, Page 1169-1175
Amira Fathy; Shahinda Rezk; Amel Elsheredy; Eglal ElSherbini


Nurses’ Knowledge and Performance Regarding Infection Control Measures in Processing of Laryngoscope of Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Volume 10, Issue 1, January 2023, Page 399-408
Eman Attia Mohamed; Samia Abd-Elmoaty


Infection Control Knowledge, Attitudes, and Practices among Dental Students at Al-Ahram Canadian University

Volume 1, Issue 1, October 2022, Page 13-23


Up Awareness of undergraduate dental students in Upper Egypt faculties about COVID 19 viral infection

Volume 5, Issue 2, October 2022, Page 269-278
Zein Abdou Shatat; Mohammed Nahed Attia; Ahmed Abdel Monem Abdel Emam; Mostafa Mahmoud Youssef


Factors Affecting Pollutants' Dispersion and Concentration Levels in the Built Environment

Volume 45, Issue 4, October 2022, Page 613-620
Mona Emam; Mohamed A. Shebl


Nurses’ performance regarding Infection Control Precautions in Primary Health Care Centers

Volume 13, Issue 3, September 2022, Page 420-431
Eman Ibrahim Abdeen Mhana; Nahla Ahmed Abd El-Aziz; Mervat Mohamed Hassan


Teaching Protocol for Nurses and Lab Technicians about Infection Control Measures for Patients Undergoing Dental Extraction

Volume 10, Issue 31, July 2022, Page 216-226
Sara Atiaa Mohamed; Asmaa Sayed Abd-Almageed; Abdal Aziz Baiomy Abdullah; Wafaa Ramadan Ahmed


Healthcare-associated Infection in Neonatal Intensive Care Units: What is the Role of Nurses’ Knowledge and Practice?

Volume 25, Issue 2, July 2022, Page 48-58
Samar M. Elfiky; Hesham F. El-Sayed; Ahmed A. Zaher; Mona K. Amin


Reshaping Patient Approach to health facilities throughout and beyond Pandemics: Redesigning entrances and waiting areas

Volume 174, Issue 0, June 2022, Page 38-51
Wafik El-Menshawi; Rania Raslan; Ahmed Fathy


Effect of Mind Map Using on Improving Nurses' Performance Regarding Infection Control at Surgical Departments

Volume 13, Issue 1, March 2022, Page 958-976
Badria Mahrous Abdelhameed Mohammed; Eman hessin Yousef Heggy; Hanaa Farahat Ibrahim Ahmed; Nagla Hamdi Kamal Khalil; Fatma Mohamed Elesawy


Nurses’ Compliance with Universal Precautions for Infection Control in Health Care Centers in Shoubra El Kheimah

Volume 13, Issue 1, March 2022, Page 1072-1079
Mervat Samir A. El Samia; Hanaa A. El Hakim Ahmad; Hala Mohamed Mohamed; Maha Mohamed El Gaafary


Effectiveness of Mind Mapping Strategy on Nurses' Knowledge and Practice regarding Infection Control Measures in Operating Room

Volume 13, Issue 1, March 2022, Page 1981-1994
Hayah Abou Elazayiem Bayumi; Ebtesam Aly Abd el Fatah Aly; Tahani Ali Salem Maharem; Eman Mohammed Ahmed Mohammed


Hemodialysis Catheter-Related Infections among Pediatric Patients in Mansoura University Children Hospital

Volume 31, Issue 1, January 2022, Page 7-14
Amira Yahia; Medhat M. Ali; Mohamed M. Zedan; Dalia Moemen


Blood stream infection in an intensive care unit, a comparative study on the impact of infection control trained versus untrained nursing staff

Volume 2, Issue 4, November 2021, Page 697-705
reem abdelrahman; Ashwaq Abutaleb; marwa abdelazeem; nisreen elbadawy

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