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Nurse Educators' Knowledge and Perception of Clinical Reasoning at Nursing Technical Institutes

Volume 3, Issue 5, March 2024, Page 424-438
Hala Mohamed Abd Elshafy


Assessment of Self Efficacy Level Among Nurse Educators in Technical Nursing I Institutes

Volume 24, Issue 4, December 2022, Page 111-118
Neven Ibrahim Abd Elmalek; Gehan Galal Elbialy; Nancy Sabry El-Liethey


Effect of Nurse Educators’ Emotional Intelligence on Student Nurses’ Assertiveness at Dakahlia Nursing Secondary Schools

Volume 4, Issue 2, December 2017, Page 123-143
Hanan Ahmed Abdel Monem


Relationship between Leadership Behaviors and Nurse Educators' Job Satisfaction

Volume 16, Issue 1, July 2014, Page 123-140
Abeer Mohamed Abdelkader; Sanaa Mohamed Aref


Job Stressors and Coping Strategies among Nurse Educators at Military Secondary Technical Nursing School in Alexandria: Comparative Study

Volume 39, Issue 1, January 2009, Page 125-148
Taghreed Abd El-Aziz; Gehan Mohamed Ahmed