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Volume & Issue: Volume 11, Issue 4, December 2020  XML


Prevalence of Dysmenorrea and its Effect on Student’s Quality of Life

Page 1-14
Samar Shaban Abdelazim; Sabah Metwaly Mohamed; Eman Mostafa Sayed; Hanaa Kamal Helmy


Nurses' Performance toward Quality Documentation for Patients in ICU: Suggested Guidelines

Page 15-31
Kamelia Fouad Abdallah; Mona Nadr Ebraheim; Mona Rabea Abdel Aziz Elbakry


Assessment the Incidence of Ventilator -associated Pneumonia for Critically Ill Patients in the Intensive Care Unit

Page 32-39
Zeinab Hussein Ali; Tamer sayed Abd El mawla; Shimaa Ramadan Ahmed


Association between School Refusal Behaviors and Anxiety Level among School-Age Children

Page 40-57
Amel abd Elaziem Mohamed; Manal Mohamed Ahmed Ayed; Sabra Mohamed Ahmed; Safaa Mustafa Mohamed; Thorea Mohamed Mahmoud


Predictors of Suicidal Thoughts among Substance Abuse Patients: Problem-Solving Ability and Hopelessness

Page 58-82
Safaa Mohamed Metwaly Atia; Hanem Ahmed Abdel Khalek Ahmed


Effect of Guided Clinical Reasoning on Nursing Students' Knowledge and Achievement Regarding Management of Primary Postpartum Hemorrhage

Page 83-95
Hanan El-Sayed Mohamed El-Sayed; Samia I Hassan; Suzan El-Said Mansour


Nursing Staff Awareness about Evidence Based Practice: Facilitations, Barriers and Beliefs

Page 96-120
Ebtisam Sabry Foaad Ramadan; Hanan El-said Elsabahy; Ahlam Mahmoud El-shaer


Application of Multicomponent Nursing Intervention to Controlling Delirium and Duration of ICU Stay among Critically Ill Older Adult Patient

Page 121-137
Zahra Ahmed Sayed; Eman Mohamed Ebrahim Abd-Elraziek; Islam Galal Sayed


Effect of Instructional Guidelines on Mothers’ Emotional Status Regarding Children Returning to School during Corona Virus Disease

Page 138-154
Manal Mohamed Ahmed Ayed; Sahar Farouk Mahmoud Hashem


Relationship between Psychological Well-Being and Coping Strategies among Family Caregivers of Children with Down syndrome

Page 155-172
Amgad Said Mohammed; Sahar Mahmoud Eliwa; Rania Abdel-Hamid Zaki


Effect of Educational Program on Nursing School Students' Communication Skills Used with Hospitalized Patients

Page 173-189
Shereen Mohamed Abo- Elyzeed; Samar Mabrook Elnehrawy; Manal Abd Elraouf Hassan Mahmoud


Knowledge, Risk Perception, Preventive Behavior and Emotional Regulation regarding COVID-19 among Nurses Working in Isolation Hospitals

Page 190-211
Arzak Mohamed Ewees; Eman Abdelazem; Sayed Ahmed Elwakeel


The Relationship between Insight and Quality of Life among Schizophrenic Patients

Page 212-223
Aya Manea; Rania Abd El Hamid Zaki; Amira Morsi


Women's perception regarding Screening for early detection of Breast Cancer

Page 242-259
Amira Fatouh; Shadia Hamido; Eman Moustafa; Amira Morsy Yousif


Pregnant Women’s Knowledge, Attitude and Self-Protective Measures Practice regarding Corona virus prevention: Health Educational Intervention

Page 260-278
Aziza Ibrahim Mohamed; Doaa Mohamed Sobhy Elsayed; Taisser Hamido Abosree; Nadia Abd ElHamed Eltohamy


Effect of Implementing Murdoch Bowel Protocol on the occurrence of Constipation among Critically Ill Patients

Page 279-299
Mohamed Ramadan Abd-Elfatah Abd-Elraheem; Zienab Hussein Ali; Nahla Shaaban Khalil; Doaa Hamed Mohamed


Oocyte Cryopreservation: Awareness and Perception of Infertile Couple Undergoing In-Vitro Fertilization

Page 300-321
Rania Eid Farrag; Nadia El-tohamy


Effectiveness of Nurse-Led Lifestyle Intervention on Outcomes of Metabolic Syndrome Patients

Page 322-340
Mona Mohamed Ibrahim; Shimaa Mohamed AbdouRizk; Fadia Ahmed Abd elkader Reshia


Asymptomatic Urinary Tract Infection among Female University Students

Page 341-353
Suliman Ali Al Youssef; Asmaa Ghareeb Mohamed; Reham Ahmed Abdelrahman; Randa Mohamed Abo Baker; Nagwa Ibrahim Abass; Huda Khalafalla Ahmed Masaad


Effect of applying a vascular Nursing Staff Development Competency Program on Nurses Practices and Knowledge

Page 354-365
Aziza El Said Abd El Aziz; Rasha Fathy Ahmed; Hanan Abo Bakr Mohamed; Rasha Hassan Abass Shady


Effect of Gustatory versus Auditory Stimulations on Physiological and Behavioral Indicators of Neonates undergoing Endotracheal Suctioning

Page 366-382
Omima Mohamed Reda El Sheshtawy; Gehan Maher Khamis Ibrahim


Nurses' Perception of Elderly Patient Compassionate Care Delivery in Beni_Suef city

Page 400-412
Eman M. Ibrahim Ghazy; Abeer Mohamed El Mahgawery Eldeeb; Aziza M Abozied


Elderly patients’ perception of compassionate care provided by nurses in Beni-Suef city

Page 413-427
Aziza M Abozied; Eman M.Ibrahim Ghazy; Abeer Mohamed El Mahgawery Eldeeb


Critical Care Nurses' Competency Regarding Early Prediction and Interpretation of Life-Threatening Dysrhythmias: Life – Saving Opportunity

Page 428-443
Amina Hemida Salem


Risks versus Responsibilities: Critical Care Nurses Experiences’ during Their Work with Suspected or Diagnosed COVID – 19 Patients

Page 444-459
Amina Hemida Salem

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