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Volume & Issue: Volume 11, Issue 4, December 2020  XML


Job satisfaction, non-nursing tasks and nursing tasks left undone among nurses at Zagazig University Hospitals in Egypt

Page 859-869
Zaineb Naiem Abd-Elhamid Ahmed; Sahar Abdel-Latif Abdel-Sattar; Manal Saleh Moustafa Saleh


Effect of jigsaw cooperative learning strategy on obstetric nurses’ knowledge and information retention of emergency contraceptive methods

Page 870-885
Asmaa Ahmed Ibrahiem; Isis Emile Gohar; Naglaa Fathy fathalla


Effect of Virtual Reality Distraction versus Positive Pre-Visit Imagery Intervention on Children's Dental Fear and Anxiety during Local Anaesthesia Injection: Implications for Evidence‐Based Practice

Page 886-901
Zohour Ibrahim Rashwan; Rasha Salah Eweida; Nagwa Ibrahim Hamad; Abeer Abd El Razik Ahmed Mohamed


Parents’ Needs Regarding their High -Risk Neonates in Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Page 921-935
Shaima Shaban Mohamed; Asmaa Hamed Tawfik


Effect of Teaching Program on Post-operative Health Outcomes for Patients Undergoing Keratoplasty

Page 936-957
Hamda Ahmed Mohmed Eldesoky; Wafaa Hassan Ali Awad


Auditing the Compliance of Nursing Staff on Hand Washing Technique during (COVID- 19) Pandemic

Page 958-964
Hanaa Mohamed Ahmed


Effectiveness of Psychoeducational Program for Self-management Strategies to Cope among Patients with Depression

Page 965-978
Saida El Sayed Hassan Ibrahim El-Azzab; Hussein M. Ahmed


Effectiveness of Talent Management Training Program on Nurse's Empowerment

Page 979-993
Khadra Mohammed Atiea Mohammed; Wafaa Mostafa Mohamed Sliman; Azza El Azab Mohamed


Burden and Coping Patterns among Family Caregivers of Patients with Bipolar Disorder

Page 994-1008
Menna Allah Mohsen Zaki; Rania Abdel-Hamid Zaki; Fatma Mohammed Ibrahim Morsi


Prevalence of Psychological Distress and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder among Nursing Staff during COVID-19 Epidemic

Page 1009-1018
Samah Mohamed Taha; Eman Sameh Abd ELhay


Expressed Emotions and Parent’s Attitudes Toward their Children with Autism

Page 1019-1032
Hend Karem Mahmoud; Rania Abdel-Hamid Zaki,; Hoda Sayed Mohammed


Effect of Supportive Educational Interventions on Self-care practices and Expected Health Outcomes among Patients Undergoing Radical Nephrectomy

Page 1033-1049
Heba Mahmoud; Mona Abd Elmaksoud Mohamed; Mervat Abdel Hamid Hawash


Effect of Pelvic Floor Muscle Strengthening Exercises on Urinary Incontinence and Quality of Life among Patients after Prostatectomy

Page 1050-1061
Zizi Fikry Mohamed Abd Elrasol; Ola Ezzat Eltohamy Mohamed; Ola Gouda Mohamed Elshiekh


Effect of Psycho-Educational Program on Psychological Stress and Resilience Among Families Caring for Children with Intellectual Disability

Page 1062-1076
Hoda Sayed Mohamed; Hossam Mohamed Elkhatib; Neamat Mohamed Mohamed


E-Learning; Barriers and Opportunities; Nursing Students Perspectives

Page 1077-1093
Doaa Mohamed Mahmoud; Nayera Mohamed Tantaewy; Hend Mohamed Allam


E-Learning Experiences and Stressors of Nursing Students during COVID-19 Pandemic: A Phenomenological Study

Page 1094-1105
Lamiaa Saad Abdallah; Omnia Mohamed Abd El-Monem; Basma Mohamed Osman


Psycho-educational Intervention: Its Effect on the Psychological Distress and Optimism Among Family Caregivers of Patients with Bipolar Disorder

Page 1106-1118
Asmaa Hafez Afefe Barakat; Zienab Mohammed Ibrahim


Effect of Educational Intervention Based on PRECEDE-PROCEED Model on Osteoporosis Preventive Behaviors among Perimenopausal Women

Page 1119-1135
Heba Mahmoud; Hemmat Mostafa Hassan; Amira Morsy


Knowledge Sharing and Its Effect on Innovative Behavior among Nurse Teachers

Page 1136-1150
Samia Adam; Hanaa Abdrabou; Reda Ali Mohamed


The Effect of Foot Massage on Pain Severity, Hemodynamic Parameters, and Mechanical Ventilation Weaning Time among Patients in Critical Care Settings

Page 1151-1162
Amina Mohamed Abdelfatah Sliman; Marwa Mehrez Mahmoud; Aida Faried Abdelwanees Ali


Effect of Guidelines About Covid-19 Precautions on Maternal and Neonatal Outcomes in Ismailia City, Egypt

Page 1163-1176
Asmaa Morgan Farahat Khatap; Safaa Gomaa Ahmed Abu El Soud; Nagat Salah Shalaby


Effect of fetal movement counting on maternal and fetal outcomes among high-risk pregnant woman: A randomized controlled trial

Page 1177-1186
Rania Mahmoud Abdel Ghani; Eman Mohamed Eraky


Mothers' Perception Concerning their Adolescent Daughters' Seeking for Gynecological Health Services

Page 1187-1199
Fatma Ahmed Hamoda Fayed; Randa Mohamed Ibrahim; Walaa Fathy Mohamed


Lifestyle of Patients infected with Hepatitis C Virus

Page 1200-1211
Heba H. Abd Elatif; Omayma A. Osman; Ghada M. Mourad; Amira A. Morsi


Nurses Performance for Patient with Acute Organophosphate Poisoning

Page 1212-1227
Samar Hussein Ahmed Mohamed; Magda Abd Elaziz Mohamed; Jackleen Faheem Gendy; Shimaa Nabil Abd Elsalam

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