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Volume & Issue: Volume 7, Issue 1, January 2024  XML


Role of Ultrasound in assessment of Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip Joints

Page 498-504
Ahmed Okasha; Elsayed Ahmed Abdelhameed; Sara Abdel-naser Mohamed


Current Solutions for Prevention of Incisional Hernia After Abdominal Wall Closure

Page 505-514
Mohamed K. Elammary; Mahmoud Abdelhameid Mahmoud; Mohamed M. Moubark; Mahmoud Abdelsattar Mohammed


Prevalence of Audiovestibular Complaints among South Valley University Students

Page 515-520
Mohamed Wael Mohamed Mustafa; Aida A.M. Abdelmaksoud; Mona Yehia Mostafa; Zaki Aref


First trimester Glycosylated Hemoglobin as a Predictor of Gestational Diabetes Mellitus

Page 521-527
Hazem Hashim Ahmed; Reham Farouk Sayed; Ahmed Abdel baky Moubarak; Ahmed Hashim Abdellah


Role of MR Spectroscopy in differentiating Benign from Malignant Ovarian Tumors

Page 528-535
Ahmed Okasha; Abd El-Naser Abd El-Gaber Ali; Sayeda Muhammed Hussein; Hend Nabil Mahmoud


Multislice CT of Jaw Swelling

Page 536-541
Abdalraheem Husein Ali; Mohammed Tharwat Solyman; Mustafa Mohamed Mustafa; Kamal Abdelaal Mohamed


Functional Outcomes of Superior Gluteal Nerve Injury After Nailing of Proximal Femoral Fractures

Page 542-547
Elsayed Said; Mohammed Fathy; Ahmed A. Elwan; Hamdy Tammam


Laparoscopic and needlescopic hernia repair for pediatric inguinal hernia: A systematic review with meta-analysis

Page 548-555
Ahmed Abdel-Maksoud; Mohamed Khalil Elammary; Mohamed Negm; Asmaa Gaber R


Correlation of Multislice CT and Biopsy in Diagnosis of Jaw Swelling

Page 556-563
AbdAlraheem Husein Ali; Mohammed Tharwat Solyman; Mustafa Mohamed Mustafa; Kamal Abdelaal Mohamed


Demographic and clinical profile of multiple sclerosis in Qena governorate, Egypt

Page 564-571
Reham B. Mohamed; Tarek A. Rageh; Mohamed A. Abbas; Tarek Desoky; Mye A. Bsheer


Androgen receptor in relation to progesterone receptor (AR/PR ratio) in non-metastatic hormonal positive, Her2neu negative breast cancer

Page 572-579
Maged A.F. Amine; Ahmed Mubarak Hefni; Shimaa R. Younis; Tarek M Elsaba; Amen H. Zaky; Ashraf Zedan


Postoperative Non-Invasive Ventilation after Upper Abdominal Surgery in Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease

Page 580-591
Gad Sayed Gad; Salah Mostafe Asida; Asmaa Mohamed Mostafa; Mahmoud Mohamed Ahmed


Hysteroscopic Endometrial Biopsy after Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection Failure for women with Unexplained Infertility

Page 592-599
Ahmed Hashim Abdellah; Abd El-Naser Abd El-Gaber Ali; Sabah Ahmad Fadel; Hazem Hashem; Ahmad Sayed Ahmed Mohamed Taha


The Modified Frailty Index as Preoperative Predictor for Post-Spinal Surgery: Retrospective Study

Page 600-615
Mahmoud Mohamed Mousa; Mohamed Abdallah Elkallaf; Ahmed Hamed Abdelmaksoud


Role of Zinc and Advanced Glycation End Products in Children with Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus: Relation to Microvascular Complications

Page 616-633
Asmaa AbdelHady Omar; Khaled Abdallah Abd EL Basser; Mohammed H Hassan; Ali Helmi Bakry


Maternal and Neonatal Outcomes of Expectantly Managed Pregnancies of Healthy Cases with Previable Rupture of Membranes at Qena University Hospital

Page 634-645
Mostafa Mohammad Khodry; Hanaa Mohammed; Ahmed Hashem Abdellah


Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease in Cardiovascular Patients, Frequency, Risk Factors and Clinical Patterns in Qena Governorate

Page 646-662
Ali Abdel Rahman Sayed; Mohammed AK; Zahraa Abo Elmajd Yousef; Shamardan Ezz-Eldin Sayed


Advanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging Using T2 Mapping Sequence in Assessment of Osteochondral Lesions of the Ankle Joint

Page 663-672
Ahmed Gamal Nasef; Manal Ezzat Badawy; Mohamed Adel El Tomey; Samah Ahmed Radwan


ECG changes as Cardiac Toxicity of Concurrent Trustuzumab and Paclitaxel in Adjuvant Treatment of HER-2 positive Breast Cancer

Page 673-685
Tarek A. Hassan; Mostafa Elsayed Abd Elwanis; Mohammed M. Wahman; Mohammed AK; Nahla Mostafa Bashank


Ameliorative effect of watercress (Nasturtium officinale) aqueous extract on gene expression of Glut4 and Ampk in diabetic rats

Page 686-697
Reda S. Yousef; Sara R. Thabet; Nagwa S. Ahmed; Ahmed S. Osman


Prevalence of bacterial infection in pregnant women with recent prelabour rupture of membranes

Page 698-707
Mohammad Abdel Rahman Mohammad; Esraa Abbas Abdullah; Mohammad Abdel Zaher Ahmed; Hazem Hashim Ahmed


The Association between Post-COVID-19 Myocardial Infarction and Antiphospholipid Syndrome

Page 708-717
Abdallah Elaiw Mohammed; Nada Mohamed Abd Elwahab; Hossam E.M. Mahmoud; Reham Farouq Sayed


Impact of Sacubatril/Valsartan on Myocardial and Hepatic Stiffness in Heart Failure patients with Reduced Ejection Fraction (HFrEF)

Page 718-734
Ahmed G. Bakry; Kerollos M. Mounir; Ahlam M. Sabra


Role of RBC Indices as Prognostic Markers in COVID-19 Patients

Page 735-745
Abdallah Elaiw Mohammed; Asmaa Sayed Hussein Ali; Huda Abdelhamied Mohamed; Esraa Abbass Abdallah


Incidence of macular edema after phacoemulsification with and without diabetes mellitus: A hospital-based clinical prospective trial in Upper Egypt

Page 746-752
Reham Abdelraouf Abdellatif Khalil; Ahmed Hassan Aldghaimy; Wael Elshazly Eida; Ahmed Ali Ahmed Amer

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