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Effectiveness of Educational Intervention Program about Cervical Cancer on Working Women's Knowledge, Attitude, and Practice at Beni-Suef University

Page 1-16
Doaa Shehta Said Farag; Samar Shaban Abdelazim Mohamed2; Rasha Nabil Malk; Hanan Elzeblawy Hassan


Utilization of Emergency Contraceptive Pills as a Backup for Lactational Amenorrhea Method of postpartum contraception and Nursing Implication

Page 17-31
Hanan Elzeblawy Hassan; Somaia Ragab Eid; Doaa Shehta Said Farag


Impact of Foot Reflexology on Physiological Indicators and Pain among Open-Heart Surgery Patients

Page 32-42
Rania Reafaat Abdelkader Atia


Effect of Educational Guidelines on Mothers' Knowledge, Attitude, and Practice regarding Dengue Fever Complications Prevention among their Children

Page 43-59
Manal Mohamed Ahmed Ayed; Nema Ragab Elsayed; Heba Ali Hamed Mohamed; Amal Ahmed Elbilgahy


Instructional Guidelines on Selected Health Outcomes among Elderly with Knee Osteoarthritis

Page 60-81
Fatma Khalil Abd Elhameed Osman; Zeinab Gamal Mohamed Ellatif; Wafaa Khalil Ibrahim Mohammed


Assessment of Anxiety and Stress Levels in Children Undergoing Hemodialysis

Page 82-102
Fatma Kamal Eldin Ali; Fatma Sayed Abdelaziz; Seham Mohammed Elmawafie


Effect of Awareness Program regarding Motherhood Preparation on First-Time Mothers' Knowledge, Practices, and Emotional Status

Page 103-122
Hala Ahmed Thabet; Manar Fathy Heiba Eid; Salwa El Saied Mahmoud Dawoud; Amal S. Abu Almakarem; Rasha Kamal Mohamed Sweelam,; Safaa Ibrahim Ahmed


Perception and Strategies to Overcome Challenges among Male undergraduate Nursing Students during their Maternity Clinical Practice

Page 123-140
Hala Ahmed Thabet; Manar Fathy Heiba Eid; Eman Galal Mohamed Kahlil; Amal S. Abu Almakarem; Safaa Ibrahim Ahmed


Assessment of Challenges and Difficulties Facing Bachelor Degree Nursing Students during Hospital Clinical Practice at Al-Baha University, Kingdom Saudi Arabia

Page 141-152
Ragaa Gasim Ahmed Mohmmed


Effectiveness of Educational Nutritional Sessions on Quality of Life, Functional and Nutritional Status among Elderly Patients with Chronic Kidney Diseases

Page 153-168
Heba y Mohamed Fahm; Esteer Ibrahim Ghayth; Fathia Khamis Kassem; Soher Ahmed Awad


Effect of Foot Reflexology on Fatigue, Pain and Insomnia among Children undergoing Chemotherapy

Page 169-179
Nagat Farouk Abolwafa; Al Shaimaa Gamal Hasan; Heba Boshra Shehata


Knowledge, Attitude, and Practice of Blood Donation among Najran population Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Page 180-190
Amna Mohammed Idris; Zeinab Taha Ali Omer


Women's Awareness about Post Covid-19 Syndrome

Page 191-200
Asmaa Abdel Halim Mosaad; Hanan Ibrahim Ahmed; Walaa Abdel Kader Mohamed


Assessment of knowledge, Health Belief, and Self Efficacy for Patients with Osteoporosis

Page 201-213
Asmaa Mahmoud Ahmed; Naglaa ELsayed Mahdy; Sarah Fathy Mahmoud


Study of Glycemic Control and Management of Children Suffering from Type 1 Diabetes Versus Type 2 Diabetes

Page 214-225
Asmaa Shaban Mohammed; Wafaa El-Sayed Ouda; Eman Abd El-Fatah Ali


Nurses' Performance about Isolation Precautions regarding Covid-19 patients in Intensive Care Units

Page 226-236
Dalia Farouk Mahmoud; Howayda Ahmed Mohamed; Iman Abdallah Mohammed Abdulmutalib


Nurses’ Knowledge Regarding Discharge Care Plan for Women with Vesicular Mole

Page 237-249
Eman Abdel Wahab Saleh; Mona Ahmed El Sheikh; Amira Morsy


Quality of Life for Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis

Page 250-262
Asmaa Sadawy Salim; Naglaa Elsayed Mahdy; Asmaa Mohamed Khorais; Monira Samir Abdelhady


Mother’s Awareness Regarding avoiding Parasitic Infection among their children under five years old

Page 263-275
Eman Samir Ahmed Mohamed; Nahla Ahmed Abd-Elaziz; Nadia Ebrahim Abd-El-Aty


Nurses' Performance Towards Intra-Hospital Safe Transportation of Critically Ill Patients: Suggested Guidelines

Page 276-289
Esraa Mostafa Mohammed; Kamelia Fouad Abdallah; Fatma Mostafa Mahrous


Occupational Health Hazards among Workers Dealing with Medical Waste Disposal in Outpatient Clinics

Page 290-304
Evon Assad Amin; Hala Mohamed Mohamed Hussien; Mervat Mohamed Hassan


Compliance toward treatment among Adults with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

Page 305-318
Mohamed Ibrahim Touni; Seham Guirguis Ragheb; Hala Mohammed Mohammed; Wafaa Khalil Ibrahim


Effect of Lifestyle Modification Strategy based on 5A’s Model on Body Image and Quality of Life among Women with Polycystic Ovary

Page 319-342
Ola Abdel-Wahab Afifi Araby; Fatma Mansour Abdel Azeem Baraka; Amira Mohamed Salama


Effect of Spontaneous Open-glottis versus Valsalva Closed-glottis Pushing during Second Stage of Labour on Pelvic Floor Morbidity and Fatigue

Page 343-364
Ola Abdel-Wahab Afifi Araby Ali; Fatma Mansour Abdel Azeem Barakat; Fatma Kamal Ali


Staff Nurses Compliance with Covid-19 Preventive Measures during Caring of Patients with Bone Marrow Transplantation and It's Affecting Factors

Page 365-381
Mona Gebril Ramadan; Kamelia Fouad Abdalla; Howyda Ahmed Mohammed

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