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Volume & Issue: Volume 15, Issue 1, March 2024  XML


Psychological stressors Facing Employees Working at El Fayoum University Hospital during COVID-19 pandemic

Page 1034-1044
Manar Omar Ali; Ghada Mohamed Mourad; Rania Abdel Hamid Zaki


Assessing Parent-Adolescent Relationship: Communication Pattern and Conflict as Perceived by Adolescents

Page 1045-1061
Mariam Fawzy Abdallah Yousef; Afaf Mohamed Fahmy; Shimaa Saied Adam


Effect of Muscle Relaxation Technique on Pain, Pruritus and Vital Signs among Patients with Burns

Page 1062-1073
Mariana Malaak William; Manal Hussein Nasr; Mona Ndar Ebraheim


Relationship between Work Design Characteristics and Work Engagement among Staff Nurses

Page 1074-1086
Nesma Mamdouh Ahmed; Mona Mostafa Shazly; Hanaa Mohamed Abdrabou


Effect of Intervention Program on Nurses' Performance Regarding Care of Patients with Heart Failure

Page 1087-1099
Mahmoud Hassan Mohamed; Tahany Ahmed El Senousy; Dina Mohamed Maarouf


The Effect of Educational Guidelines on Early Detection of Chronic Kidney Failure among Diabetic Patients

Page 1100-1114
Nevin Adel Amer Ismael; Heba Gomaa Eldawoody Ali; Sally Mohammed Elsayed Ibrahim; Eman Hamdy Mohammed Saied; Samia Ali Ali Elsaadany


Effect of Self-Management Program Based on 5 A’s Model for Gestational Diabetic Women on Maternal and Neonatal Outcomes

Page 1115-1135
Afaf Mohamed Mohamed Emam; Mervat Gaber Metwalli Zaghloul; Aziza Fathy EL Sayed.


Educational Guidelines on Stress and Coping Strategies among Mothers Having Children with Colostomy

Page 1136-1152
Boshra Attia Mohammed; Marwa Abd Elkreem; Gamal Mona Abd Elnaser Ahmed Elnabawey; Sabra Mohammed Ahmed; Azza Ismail Ismail Elsayed


Effect of Mothers’ Application of Yogurt Probiotic Bacteria on Relieving their young Children’s Acute Gastroenteritis

Page 1153-1169
Magda Aly Essawy; Eman Arafa Badr; Rasha Mohamed Abohadida


Effect of Virtual Lab Training for critically care Nursing students on Achievement Competency Basic Skills

Page 1170-1182
Sara Fathy Mahmoud; Amira Hedaya Mourad; Mabrouka Ahmed Abdella


Caregivers, Awareness of Neonatal Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy and Subsequent Infant Development

Page 1183-1197
Eman Tawfik Sayed; Hyam Refaat Tantawi; Hoda Ragab Mohamed


Nurses' Knowledge, Attitude and Safety Interpretation of Waves for Patients Connected with Intra-Aortic Balloon Pump

Page 1198-1208
Heba M. Amin; Soheir T. Ahmed; Samar F. Marzouk


Effect of Educational Guideline on Nurses’ Performance Regarding Assisted Reproductive Technology

Page 1209-1221
Marwa Magdy Abd- Ellatif; Hanan Abd-Elfattah Mohamed; Amal Talaat Elsharkawy; Heba Mahmoud Mohamed


Teacher - Student Interaction and its Relation to Nursing Administration Course Engagement among Nursing Students

Page 1222-1231
Marwa Mohamed Abu El-Hassan; Rabab Mahmoud; Samah Mohamed


Patients' Knowledge& Practice Regarding Bronchial Asthma Self -Care Management

Page 1232-1247
Mayada Omar Elsadee; Eman Talaat Elshamaa; Fatma Mostafa Mahrous; Shimaa Nabil Abdelsalam


Effect of Buerger Allen Exercise on Lower Limb Perfusion and peripheral Neuropathy among Patients with Peripheral Vascular Diseases

Page 1248-1261
Mohamed Ahmed Saleh; Salwa Samir Ahmed; Zeinab Hussein Bakr


Nurses’ Practice and Knowledge of Peripheral Intravenous Cannula Flushing Pre-Therapy Administration at Medical-Surgical Wards

Page 1262-1272
Mohamed Goda Elbqry


Effect of Fibromyalgia on Patient’s Quality of Life and Disability

Page 1273-1288
Zeinab Mohamed Ahmed; Mona Mohammed Abo El-ella Mohammed


Psychological Problems and Coping Patterns among Parents of Children with Neuromuscular Diseases

Page 1289-1302
Mokhtar Tawheed Mokhtar; Sahar Mahmoud Mohamed; Shimaa Saied Adam


Bullying Behaviors, Coping Strategies and It’s Relation to Nurse Interns Self-Esteem

Page 1303-1315
Mona Abdelhalim Mostafa; Mona Mostafa Shazly; Heba Ali Hassan


Staff Nurses Compliance with Covid-19 Preventive Measures During Caring of Patients with Bone Marrow Transplantation and Its Affecting Factors

Page 1316-1330
Mona Gebril Ramadan; Kamelia Fouad Abdalla; Howyda Ahmed Mohammed


Assessment of Quality of Life for Multiple Sclerosis among Adolescents

Page 1331-1340
Mona Ibrahim Mohamed; Nahed S. El-Naggar; Mohamed M. Fouad


Effectiveness of a Family Planning Education Program on Contraceptive Utilization among Women in Sudan- a Quasi Experimental Study

Page 1341-1350
Elwaleed Idris Sagiron; Yahya Hussein Ahmed; Abdalla Mohamed Ahmed Osman; Nahid Khalil Elfaki; Nahla Elradhi Abdulrahman; Mohammed Ateeg Abdelrahman; Ahmed Abdalla Jarelnape; Hamza Hussain Ahmed Balol; Abdalrahman Mustafa Taha Mohamed; Wargaa Hashim Hussein Taha; Mugahed Ali Alkhadher; Amna Mohammed Idris; Abdelelah Abdelgadir Hamed; Sadeq Abdo Alwesabi; Elsadig Eltaher Hamed Abdulrahman; Samah Ramadan Elrefaey


Knowledge, Performance and Stress Level among Nurses in Hemodialysis Unit in Khartoum State, Sudan

Page 1350-1357
Mohammed Ateeg Abdelrahman Ahmed


Psoriasis Severity and Functional Disabilities among Patients with Psoriasis

Page 1358-1370
Aziza Ibrahim Abd El Kader; Fayza Ahmed Ibrahim; Rasha Awad Abd El Magied Salime

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