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Knowledge of Egyptian Women About Uses of Breast Milk and Effectiveness on Hair Growth in Neonates

Page 1756-1766
Atiat Osman; Heba Boshra Shehata; Howayda Mohammed Ali


Relation between Exploitative Leadership and Nurses’ Work Alienation: The Mediating Role of Moral Disengagement

Page 1767-1779
Heba Sobhy Mohamed; Aisha Elsayed-ElAraby Abdelwahid; Sahar Abdel-Latif Abdel-Sattar


Effect of Mindfulness Based Intervention on Alopecia Distress, Body Image Changes and Health Related Quality of Life among Women with Breast Cancer

Page 1780-1797
Amal A. El-Abbassy; Elham S. Elzyen; Kariema I. EL Berry; Rania Sobhy El gendy; Rehab Omar Taman; Hemat Mostafa Amer


Perceived Meaning of Life, Psychological Alienation, and Social Support: A Comparative Study of Community-dwelling and institutionalized elderly

Page 1798-1808
ALshymaa Mohamed Abdel Tawab; Ebtessam Mo’awad; Naglaa Elsayed Eldardery; Samah Osman Ali Osman


Effect of Nursing Intervention on Parents Awareness Regarding Health Problems of their Children Suffering from Cystic Fibrosis

Page 1809-1824
Eman A. Ali; Hoda Ragab Mohamed; Mona Ali Kunswa


Effect of Tailored Psycho-Educational Intervention on Depression and Anxiety levels among Pregnant Women with Spontaneous Abortion History

Page 1825-1839
Lawahez M. Dwedar; Elham Gomaa Ramadan Elgamal; Abeer Taha Ahmed Taha; Àmal Roshdi Ahmed


Applying Fish Philosophy to Create a Motivating Work Environment for Internship Nursing Students

Page 1840-1850
Hanaa Mohamed Ahmed


Effect of Educational Program on Nurses' Performance and Communication regarding Patients with Hearing Impairment

Page 1851-1872
Sheren Elsayed Shrief; Azza Anwar Aly; Eman Mawed Fahem; Eman Fathy Amr


The Effect of Music Therapy on Psychological Status and Sleep Quality Among Pregnant Women: A randomized Control Trail.

Page 1873-1883
Hanan Ibrahim Ibrahim; Nadia Waheed Elzohairy; Heba Mohamed Sami Mostafa; Violet Nicola Ghattas


Effect of Multidisciplinary Rehabilitative Interventions on Fatigue, Kinesiophobia, and Shortness of Breathing among Post-COVID-19 Patients

Page 1884-1897
Rahma Abdelelgawad Elkalshy; Entsar Kamel Mohammed; Shereen Hussein Deep


Self-care Training Program for Patients Suffering from Multiple Sclerosis

Page 1898-1911
Ghada Sobhy Hassan; Fathia Hamdy Ahmed; Walaa Abd ElKader Mohamed; Ahmed Hassan Elsheshiny


Effect of Problem-Based Learning Training on Newly Graduated Nurses’ Communication Skills, Self-Efficacy, and Clinical Competence

Page 1912-1927
Nisreen Abdel Moneem Mohammad Shabana; Eman Shokry Abd Allah; Eman Ebrahim Abdel Fadil Mohamed; Fatma Abdelalim Ibrahim


Effectiveness of Polarity Training Program on Nurse Managers' Performance

Page 1928-1940
Asmaa Mohamed Ahmed Maiz; Eman Ismail Ibrahim Elksas; Hend Abo Elsoud Ahmed; Sahar Mohammed Mohammed Aly


Nursing Guides to Mange Urinary Symptoms among Patients with Multiple Sclerosis: Patients Empowering

Page 1941-1958
Zeinab Mohamed Ahmed; Mona Mohammed Abo El-ella Mohammed


Effectiveness of Implementing Green Management Program on Nursing Staff' Knowledge, Attitudes, and Green Management Practices towards Occupational Safety

Page 1959-1971
Eman Ismail Ibrahim Elksas; Amal S. Abu Almakarem; Manal Abd Elsalam Amin; Asmaa Mohamed Ahmed Maiz


The Impact of Domestic Violence on Primary School Children in Beni Suef City

Page 1972-1987
Hadeer Gaber Mohamed; Laila Awadeen Ali; Eman Mohamed Al Sherbeny


Predictive Study for The Competency Level of Health College Students Regarding Insulin Resistance as a Future Health Care Provider

Page 1988-2000
Abeer Yahia Mahdy; Fatma Abdelaziz Mohammed; Hamda Ahmed Mohamed Eldesoky


Bridging the Gap: Exploring Nursing Supervisor Support Influence on Nurses' Work Alienation and Deviant Behaviors

Page 2001-2013
Azza Abdeldayem Ata; Manal Saleh Moustafa Saleh; Nesma Ahmed Kamel; Hanan Elsaid Elsabahy


Perception of University Nursing Students and Their Basic Psychological Needs in Blended Learning

Page 2014-2027
Nora Nasser Ibrahim; Ghada Mohamed Mourad; Fatma Ata Abdel-Salihen; Fatma Mohammed Ibrahim


Effect of Group Counseling Based on Problem-Solving Solution on Women’s Sexual Function, Quality of Life and Sexual Satisfaction after Mastectomy

Page 2028-2039
Aya M Abdelhafez; Saleh O. Abdullah; Naglaa Fathy Ahmed; Treza S. Badia


Effect of Psychosocial Skills Training on Emotional Regulation among Patients with Substance Use Disorder

Page 2040-2055
Fatma Ata Abd El-Salihen; Asmaa Mohammed Khalifa; Fatma Mohammed Ibrahim Morsy


Effect of Nursing Comprehensive Skills Training Program on Metacognitive Awareness for Undergraduate Nursing Students

Page 2056-2066
Mona Hassan Ibrahim; Heba Alkotb; Hadeer Hussien Soliman; Mohamed Elsayed Ahmed Allawy

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