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Volume & Issue: Volume 1, Issue 11, November 2020 (November)  XML


No Scientific Clinical Evidence for long term Safety of Newly Evolved COVID_19 Vaccines: Review and Meta-analysis.

Page 106-110
Yasser Helmy


Role of Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy (IMRT) in the Treatment of High-Grade Gliomas

Page 110-115
Abdalla Mohammad Hassan Emam; Wael El-Sheshtawy; Hassan Khaled Hamdy; Ibrahim Ewis


The Myth of Idiopathic Granulomatous Mastitis

Page 116-123
Adel Khalaf; Gamal Galal El-Shemy


Role Of Magnetic Resonance Imaging With Diffusion-Weighted Images In Assessment Of Patients with Pre-eclampsia In Pre And Postpartum Periods

Page 124-131
Tarek M. Mansour; Sileem Ahmed Sileem; Mohamed M. El-Barody; Ahmed Okasha


Management and prevention of Leakage after Sleeve Gastrectomy

Page 132-138
Ahmed Hazem Diab; Mohamed Hasan El Kaseer


Risk of hypocalcemia after total thyroidectomy and bilateral central neck dissection in patients with well differentiated thyroid carcinoma.

Page 139-143
Muhammad Gaber Gohar; Ahmed El-Sayed Mohamed; Hamed Ahmed Al-Azzouny


Management of distal femoral fractures: A comparative study between open reduction and internal fixation by distal femur locked plate and retrograde nailing

Page 144-148
Mohamed Atef; Adnan A .Alim Al sebaie; Ahmed Ismail Hamoda


Ovarian Reserve Assessment after Laparoscopic Ovarian Drilling in women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

Page 149-153
Ahmed Mohamed ahmed abulkassem; Emad Maarouf Abd Ellatif; Abdullah Khalil Ahmed


Risk factors for postpartum depression among Egyptian women

Page 154-161
Shaimaa Younes Abd Elaziz; Hala waheed Abdel Halim


Incremental Versus Conventional Hemodialysis for Preservation of Residual Kidney Function in Patients on Regular Hemodialysis

Page 162-167
hosam ezzat ebrahim; Emad Allam Mohamed; Mohamed Ahmed El Sayed Ahmed; Osama Hassan Bakheet


Evaluation of IL28B Gene Sequence Variations in the Diagnosed Null-Response to DAAs Therapy by Intra PBMCs Nested HCV RNA PCR

Page 168-173
Mohamed Darwish Ahmed Abd Alla; ahmed mohammed altambouly; Mohamed Darwish Ahmed Abd Alla; Galal AbdElhameed AbuFarrag; Islam Abdel-Mawla Ammar; Mostafa Kamel El-Awady


Effect of maternal iron deficiency anemia on fetal hemodynamics and pregnancy outcome

Page 174-178
abo bakr ibrahim othman; Mohamed Taher Ismail; Bassem Ragab Abdel-Aziz


Relation between maternal lipid profile and pregnancy complications and perinatal outcomes

Page 179-184
mohammed Abdu Helmy; Emad Maarouf Abd El-Latif; Mofeed Fawzy Mohamed; Ahmed Fathy Abd-Elaziz


Early Detection of Vasculogenic ED in Diabetic Patients by Assessment of Platelet Indices

Page 185-189
Ahmed Ibrahim Elmenshawy; Tarek Mohammed Tawfik; Hassan Mamdouh Abd Elaziz; Nagah Mohamed A. Mohamed


Laboratory Evaluation for Mitochondrial Dysfunction in Multiple Sclerosis Patients

Page 190-192
Kamel Hewedi; Ahmed Fathy Abd El Aziz; Ahmed Essmat; Mohammed Faheem


The effectiveness of platelet-rich plasma injection in management of rotator cuff tendinopathy

Page 193-196
Wael Hamdi Farhat Abd el tawab; Ismail Ahmed Hammoda; Emad Mohamed Zayed


Percutaneous Pinning of Fractures of the Surgical Neck of the Humerus in Children and Adolescents

Page 197-202
Khaled Maziad; yousef hussin gad; Amro Ahmed Fouaad