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Volume & Issue: Volume 63, Issue 9, September 2020  XML


Removal of Methylene Blue from Aqueous Solutions by Magnetic Acrylic Acid-co-butyl Methacrylate

Page 3179-3190
Randa Ghonim; Ahmed Ghozlan; Hamada Abdel-Wahab


Enhancing Electrical Conductivity Attributes of Knitted Polyester Fabrics Using ZnO Nano-particles

Page 3191-3198
R. F. El-Newashy; S. Mowafi; M. Abou Taleb; H. El-Sayed


Enhancement of Dyeability and Antibacterial Characteristics of Silk Fabrics using Chitosan Nano-Particles

Page 3199-3208
Asmaa shahin; Safia mahmoud; Heba El-Hennawi; Amira zaher


Enaminones-Assisted Synthesis of Disperse Dyes. Part 2: High Temperature Dyeing of Polyester Fabrics

Page 3209-3216
Morsy Elapasery; Fathy A Yassin; Mohamed H Abd El-Azim; Mahmoud E Abdellatif; Hamada Mashaly


Evaluation of Calotropis procera fruits as a Bioadsorbent for Removing of Acid Red 73 dye from the Aqueous Solutions

Page 3217-3228
hassan el.adawi; Abdulaziz Ali Alomari


Prevention and Treatment of Cancer with Alternative Anticancer Approach: Current Scenario

Page 3229-3245
Archita Roy; Sudip Kumar Mandal; Mohmmed A Ramadan


Minimizing Pollution During Dyeing of Bio-Polished Cotton Fabric Using Eco-Friendly Microwave Technique

Page 3247-3258
W.A. El-sayed; M. M. El-Adawi; N. S. Ashour; S. H. Abdelrahman; E. M. S. Shaheen


Utilization of Lanolin in Microwave-assisted Pigment Printing of Textiles

Page 3259-3269
Nagla S. El-Shemy; Nancy S. El-Hawary; Karima Haggag; Hosam El-Sayed


Surface Modification of Blended Fabrics by Silica Nanoparticles to Improve Their Printability

Page 3271-3287
Madiha al kashouty; Tarek salem; Hanan elsayad; Somia Twaffiek; Shimaa Elhadad


Antimicrobial Finishing for Cotton Fabrics and its Blend Using Melia Azedarach Ethanol/ Water Extract Containing Printing Paste Formulation

Page 3289-2399
sherif hassan; Salah Mansour SALEH; Jacklin Ibrahim Abd thaloth; Elsayed Elshahat Ismail


An Overview: Textile Surface Modification by Using Sol-gel Technology

Page 3301-3311
Madiha al kashouty; Hanan elsayad; Somia Twaffiek; Tarek salem; Shimaa Elhadad


Effect of Enzymatic Treatment of Starch Gelatinized with Sodium Hydroxide

Page 3313-3326
Sahar H. Nassar; Somia Tawfik; Sherif H. Abd Elsalam; I. Abd El-Thalouth


Effect of Enzymatic Treatment of Starch Gelatinized with Urea

Page 3327-3342
I. Abd El-Thalouth; Somia Tawfik; Sherif H. Abd Elsalam; Sahar H. Nassar; Ireni A. Shehata


Towards Water-saving Textile Wet Processing. Part 1: Scouring and Dyeing

Page 3343-3353
S. Mowafi; H. Mashaly; H. El-Sayed


Flame Resistance of Cotton Fabrics and Their Natural Dyeing Using Plant Waste of Banana Pseudostem (BPS)

Page 3355-3366
Salah M. Saleh; Heba A. Mohammed


Surface Modification of Polyester Fabric Using Microwave Irradiation to Minimize Pollution in Textile Industry via Optimizing Energy and Time

Page 3367-3380
R. S. Rizk; W. A. El Sayed; N. S. Ashour; Omnia Kh. Ahmed


Kinetic and Thermodynamic Studies for the Efficient Removal of Methylene Blue Using Hordeum Murinum as a New Biosorbent

Page 3381-3390
Saddam Mohammed Al-Mahmoud


The Impact of Egyptian Thermophylic Cellulase on The Dyeability of Natural and Recovered Cellulosic Fabrics

Page 3391-3400
Omaima Allam; Shaymaa Ismail; Rehab Abdelghaffar; Hamada Mashaly; Amira Hassan


Spectrophotometric Studies on The Removal of Some Metal Ions and Methylene Blue Dye from Their Aqueous Solutions Using New Absorbents

Page 3401-3408
Manal A. El-Sheikh; Ghadeer Almulhim; Hanan Alenazi; Yasah Al ruwailia; Haya Al ruwaili; Tahani Al enazi


Use of Sustainable Energy as a Heating Source to Improve Dyeability and Other Properties of Wool and Polyamide-6 Fabrics with Nano-Silica

Page 3409-3424
Lamiaa Kamal El-Gabry; Nagla Elshemy; Hanan Badr Eldin


The Effect of Finishing Treatment by Aqueus Ginger Solution on Electrostatic and Thermal Insulation Properties of Medical Bandages

Page 3425-3440
Mohmmed Ramadan; Walaa Zein EL- Abedin EL- Mohr


Improving Antibacterial and Ultraviolet Properties of Cotton Fabrics via Dual Effect of Nano-metal Oxide and Moringa oleifera Extract

Page 3441-3451
Manal El-bisi; Radwa Othman; Fathy Ahmed Yassin


Influence The Addition of Fe2+ and H2o2 on Removal and Decolorization of Textile Dye (Dispersive Yellow 42 dye)

Page 3453-3463
Rawaa A. Alattar; Hind M. Saleh; Jassim A. Al-Hilifi; Luma M. Ahmed


Review in Textile Printing Technology

Page 3465-3479
Meram Abdelrahman; Sahar Wahab; Hamada Mashaly; safya Ali; Dalia Maamoun; Tawfik A Khattab


Ultraviolet Protection of Cotton Fabrics and Their Blends Using Natural Plant Extracts by Printing Style

Page 3481-3489
sherif hassan; Salah Mansour SALEH; Elsayed Elshahat Ismail; Jacklin Abd thaloth


Comparative Performance Evaluation of Bleaching of Egyptian Cotton Fibers Using Different Bleaching Agents

Page 3491-3502
shereen bahlool; Hanaa Ahmed Saad Zaghlol


Enaminones-Assisted Synthesis of Disperse Dyes. Part 3: Dyebath Reuse and Biological Activities

Page 3503-2315
Morsy Elapasery; Fathy A Yassin; Mahmoud E Abdellatif


A Green Method for Preparation of Amino Acids Functionalized 2,3-Dialdehyde Cellulose

Page 3517-3532
Atef Kalmoush; Mohamed El-Sakhawy; Samir Kamel; Ahmed Salama; Peter Hesemann


Evaluation of the Mechanical and Functional Properties of Velvet Fabrics Treated with Fluorocarbon

Page 3533-3546
Hafez Hawas; El-Amir Mohamed Emam Mansour; Tawfic Mahmoud


Color Data and Antibacterial Properties of Smart Ag/polypyrrole- Nanocoated Cotton Fabric

Page 3547-3555
Nahed S. E. Ahmed


Miniemulsion of Nanoencapsulated Dye for Highly Efficient Polyester Dying

Page 3557-3566
Galal El-deen El-gemeie; maher H. Helal; Saber A. Ibrahim; hamada mashaly; Soha A. El-Namoury


A Novel Method for The Preparation of Conductive Methyl Cellulose-Silver Nanoparticles-Polyaniline-Nanocomposite

Page 3567-3582
Manal A. El-Sheikh; Amal Al-Enezy; Fatema El-Enezy; Dalil Ashammri; Fatema El-Enezy; Waad Alrowili