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Volume & Issue: Volume 3, Issue 2, November 2018, Page 1-118  XML


Effect of A Nursing Care protocol on the Duration of Hospitalization of Children with Pneumonia

Page 1-11
Nagwa Zain ELdin; Taghreed Omar; Hanaa Ahmed; Lamiaa Kamar


Health Care Provided by Hospital Staff and its Relation with Quality of Administrative System of Hospital

Page 13-23
Amany El Nahas; Manal Bakr; Nabila Shrief


Relationship between the Quality of Administrative System and Health Care Provided to the Patients among Hospital Managers

Page 25-36
Amany El Nahas; Manal Bakr; Nabila Shrief


Nurse Managers' Perceived Knowledge and Skills Regarding Evidence-Based Nursing Practice

Page 37-47
Doaa Ellboudy; Nermin Eid; Zeinab Rashad


Barriers to Evidence-Based Nursing Practice Utilization from the Perspective of Nurse Managers

Page 49-61
Doaa Ellboudy; Nermin Eid; Zeinab Rashad


Effect of Foot Massage on Pain Level among Patients Undergoing Cardiac Catheterization

Page 63-71
Rehab Taman; Amal Shehata; Salwa Sallam; Maha Mady


Emotional Intelligence Role among Nurse Managers; Its Relation to Conflict Resolution Management

Page 73-86
Shimaa Salem; Sanaa Safan; Rehab Nassar


Nursing professionalism: A concept analysis

Page 87-96
Amira G. Eid; Manal Z. Ahmed; Sanaa M. Safan; Sohair M. Mohamed


Nursing Personnel' Perception Toward Shared Governance and Its Relation to their Job Empowerment

Page 97-106
Seham M. El Shal; Nermin M. Eid; Rehab M. Ebrahim


Children Medication Safety strategies: Its effect on Reducing Medication Errors among Pediatric Nurses

Page 107-118
Zein Eldin A. Zein Eldin; Omayma M. Okby; Fatma A. Abd Elrazek; Samer F. Badawy