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Volume & Issue: Volume 1, Issue 1, 2020  XML


“Immigrants are Stripping Europe of its Culture”: the Far Right narrative of Europe and Two Migrant Responses

Page 17-31
Roger Bromley


Caught in Circular Time: Spatiotemporal Narrative Concerns in Cloum McCann’s Let the Great World Spin

Page 32-47
Fadwa AbdelRahman


Who is Telling the Tale? A Narratological Reading of the Roles of the Narrators in Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events and Qarun

Page 48-63
Heidi Bayoumy


Perceiving the Worlds of Caryl Churchill Top Girls and Fatḥīyah El ʻAssāl Without Masks in Relation to Dramatic and Cinematic Techniques

Page 64-86
Amani Wagih Abd Al-Halim


Narrative Temporality and the Power to Change in Kate Atkinson's Life after Life

Page 87-104
Nader Helmy


Frame Narrative Technique: Paralleled Heterotopias in Mohamed Rageh's A Quarter Citizen

Page 105-120
Nermine Ahmed Ibrahim Gomaa


Engaging the Senses to Make Sense: Performing Autoethnography in Selected Poems by Two Poet/Educators

Page 121-138
Sylvia Fam


Shaun Tan's The Red Tree (2001): A Visual Reading of A Postmodern Picturebook

Page 139-160
Marwa Essam Eldin Fahmi


Narrative Strategies in Femi Osofisan’s Once Upon Four Robbers and Salah Abdel-Sabur’s Ba’d an Yamut al-Malik

Page 161-179
Amal Ibrahim Kamel


Narrating Tarell Alvin McCraney's The Brother/ Sister Plays

Page 180-199
Ebtesam M. M. El Shokrofy


Scars of Trauma: Duality of Signification in Edwidge Danticat's The Dew Breaker (2004)

Page 200-215
Eman Mostafa Ahmed Atta


Roz Chast’s Can’t We Talk about Something More Pleasant (2014) and Kawthar Younis’s “A Present from the Past” (2016) as Multimodal Narratives of Old Age

Page 216-235
Fadwa Mahmoud Hassan Gad


Postmodern Conceptualization of Focalization, Temporality and Spatiality as Three Narrative Aspects in Darren Greer's Just Beneath My Skin (2014)

Page 236-255
Nadia Hashish


An Examination of the Use and Production of Space in Brian Friel’s Translations (1980), Michel Tremblay’s Solemn Mass for a Full Moon in Summer (2009) and Emma Donoghue’s Room (2017)

Page 256-272
Rania Mohamed Rafik Khalil


Lexical Variation in Arabic Phraseological Units Calqued from English: An Explanatory Approach

Page 275-300
Ahmed Seddik Al-Wahy


Impoliteness, Mock-Impoliteness and Underpoliteness Strategies in Abla Fahita’s TV Show

Page 301-326
Heba Abdelraheim Ibrahim Alkady


Decoding the Undecoded: Sexist Ideology in Sherry Argov’s Why Men Love Bitches?

Page 327-343
Marwa Abd El Azim


Thought Presentation in Nicholas Sparks' The Guardian: A Stylistic Analysis

Page 344-356
Nahid Ali Mahmoud


A Sociolinguistic Study of Religious-Based Proverbs in Al-Bahah Province

Page 357-384
Naimah Ahmad Alghamdi


Semantic Framing of JIHAD in the Holy Qur’an and Selected Web Narratives: A Contrastive Discourse Analytic Study

Page 385-405
Nihal Nagi Sarhan


Toward an Intercultural Understanding between the Orient and the Occident: A Narrative Approach to Translating Jihād Concept into English

Page 409-428
Alsayed Ismail


Metanarrative Translating of Poetry: Striking the Balance between Meaning, Genre, and Language Musicality

Page 429-445
Muhammad F. Alghazi


Collaboration between Machine Translation and Human Translation for Higher Quality and More Production in Translation

Page 446-473
Nehad ElBeheri