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Volume & Issue: Volume 33, Issue 2, April 2022  XML


The possible effects of electromagnetic waves of Wi-Fi router on the hippocampus of male rats

Page 1-6
Amany Osama Mohamed; Sara Mohamed Naguib Abdel‐Hafez; Randa Ahmed Ibrahim; Rehab Ahmed Refaai


Effect of Topical Hydrogen Peroxide on Postoperative Blood Loss in Patients Undergoing Laminectomy

Page 7-11
Nehal k. Mohamed; Amani K. Abo Alhussein; Sarah O. Mousa; Walid Z. Nanous


Parental satisfaction assessment of silver modified atraumatic restorative technique in comparison to atraumatic restorative technique

Page 12-17
Maiada M. Ahmad; Nagwa M. Ali khattab; Maha Ishaq


Bedside Transthoracic Echocardiology in Critically ill COVID-19 Patients

Page 18-26
Gamal M. Abdelrasoul; Tarek M. Abdelrahman; Khaled S. Mahmoud; Amr M. Abdelhafeez Setouhi


Pituitary Luteinizing Hormone Analysis for Estimation of Time Passed Since Death: Biochemical Study (An Experimental Study)

Page 27-29
Dalia M. Hasan; Rehab A. Mohammed; Menna T. Mohamed; Aya G. Ramadan Sarhan


Analysis of primary cesarean section in Minia Maternity university Hospital (MMUH) (A prospective descriptive study)

Page 30-39
Abdlbaset F. Abdelbaset; Saad El Gelany; Ahmed B. Mousa; Hagar O. Sediek Salem


Depression and COVID 19

Page 40-44
Afnan A. Radi; Rania M. Mohammed; Gihan M. Omar


Monocytes, non-alcoholic liver disease crosstalk

Page 45-48
Mohammed A. Shaarawe; Ghada M. El-Sagheer; Ahmed Abdel Fadee; Fawzeya M. Abdel Bari


Prevalence and risk factors of iron deficiency anaemia with pregnancy at Minia University Hospital

Page 49-58
Emad Mostafa; Hashem F. Mohammed; Enas M. Mohammed; Asmaa S. Mohamed Ali


Inflammatory markers and fever in SLE patients

Page 59-61
Nehal W. Mokhtar; Rasha A. Abdel mageed; Al-Shaimaa M. Abdel-Naiem


Perineal trauma & Anal Sphincter Injuries: Treatment Outcomes in Minia University Emergency Unit

Page 62-72
Ahmad N. Mohamed; Tohamy A. Tohamy; Doaa A. Saad Kamel; Mohamed Kh. Allah


A comparison between implant retained mandibular overdenture using Bullard abutments versus Ball and socket abutments (Clinical assessment)

Page 73-79
Mohamed S. Faried; Gehan F. Mohamed


Diathermy versus surgical technique methods of adenotonsillectomy and its effect on voice in children

Page 80-89
Adel Abdel-Baky; Osama Galal; Effat Zaki; Noha Hazem


Comparative study between invagination and duct-to-mucosa pancreaticojejunostomy after pancreaticoduodenectomy

Page 90-102
Saleh K. S. Ibrahim; Nasser M. Zaghloul; Ehab M. Sabry; Tohamy A. Tohamy; Mohammed M. Mohammed


Outcomes of Snodgrass (TIP) versus Slit Like Adjusted Mathieu (SLAM) in distal penile hypospadias repair in pediatrics

Page 103-110
Mohamed K. Rady; Mohamed R. Abdalla; Mohamed F. Abdelrahman; AbdElhalim Sh. Mohamed


Management of black triangle of interdental papilla using injectable carboxymethyl chitosan hydrogel with and without hyaluronic acid gel (Comparative Study)

Page 111-120
Eman M. Abdelkader; Mohamed A. Ebrahem


Evaluation of the effect of using Autogenous Partially Demineralized Dentin Matrix (APDDM) versus xenograft around Immediate Implant (Randomized clinical Study)

Page 121-126
Mahmoud S. Ali; Ahmed A. Khalil


Impact of contracted endodontic cavity on shaping ability of protaper next files system by using cone beam computed tomography: an ex-vivo study

Page 127-136
Ahmed M. Bayoumi; Magdy M. Aly; Reham Hassan


Proportion of Central Nervous System Fetal Malformations in patients attending Fetomaternal Unit Minia University as an observation study

Page 137-145
Hany H. Hassan; Mohamed A. Mohamed; Fatma Al Zahraa R. Elgibaly


Clinical manifestations of COVID-19 infection in infants and children during first and second waves in Minia Governorate – Egypt

Page 146-153
Mostafa M. Asem; Mohamed A. Mohamed; Asmaa N. Moustafa; Ahmed H. Kasem


Comparison between Mechanical induced Cervical Dilatation in Previous Scar Woman in 2nd Trimaster Abortion Non-Randomized Controlled Study

Page 154-159
Mohammed Abdallah; Aymen Moheb; Ahmed B. Mousa; Asmaa M. Saleh


The role of MRI in evaluation of ankylosing spondylitis related posterior pelvic articular changes

Page 160-162
Kristen R. El-Komos Gerges; Mohammad F. Abdelbaki Allam; Sara M. Ragaey; Ahmed H. Ismail


Assessment Of Small Bowel lesions by Magnetic Resonance Enterography technique

Page 163-166
Asmaa M. Khalaf; Mohamed A. Shewial; Mohamed A. Abdel Samie; Hatem A. Hassan


Hematological Parameters in Beta Thalassemia Major Children

Page 167-170
Arwa N. Aziz; Samira Z. Sayed; Doaa E. Ismail; Zamzam H. Mohamed


Hematological Parameters in Pediatric-onset Systemic lupus Erythematosus and its association with disease activity

Page 171-174
Sheren Esam Maher; Suzan Mohamed Aly Omar; Mostafa Ahmed El Sayed; Ahmed Ragab Abdul Badia


Audio-vestibular affection in rheumatoid arthritis

Page 175-182
Hanaa A. Sadek; Samar A. Mahmoud; Reham G. Abdullah; Omnia A. Shawqi


Local anesthetics and alcohol in splanchnic plexus block for pain control in patients with intra-abdominal malignancy.

Page 183-187
Taha I. Sayed; Ali Taha; Haidy Salah


WALANT Technique Versus Conscious Sedation in Minor Hand Surgery

Page 188-196
Osama A. Mohammed; Jozef Z. Attia; Tarek A. Abdelzaher


A logistic model of early pregnancy ultrasound measurements and prediction of first-trimester outcome

Page 197-212
Maha M. Hassan; Emad M. Ibrahim; Ameer A. AbdAllah; Ayman M. Yousif


Ultrasound Evaluation of Lung and Diaphragm as Predictors of Liberation Success from Mechanical Ventilation

Page 213-219
Esraa H. Thabit; Nagy S. Ali; Mohamed A. Ahmed; Ahmed H. Kassim


Protein Supplementation during Critical Illness in ICU

Page 220-227
Karim N. Hasan; Ibrahim A. Youssef; Ahmed Hassanein


Clinical correlation between serum vitamin D level and Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Page 228-232
Sara Kh. Ali; Inas M. Kamal Mohamed; Zaki M. Zaki; Amr M. Elsayed