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Volume & Issue: Volume 6, Issue 3, September 2022  XML


Table of Contents

Page 1-2


The Behavior of Single Under-Reamed Piles under Compression Load in Clay - Numerical Study

Page 1-7
Ahmed M. Nasr; W. R. Azzam; Ibrahim Harran


Flexural Behavior of Two-Way Slabs Reinforced Using Welded Wire Mesh

Page 8-24
Rasha Mabrouk; El-Sayed Ewida; Nasser El-Shafey; Akram Torkey


How Artificial Intelligence-based Interactive City support City Resilience? کيف تدعم المدينة التفاعلية المعتمدة علي الذکاء الاصطناعي مرونة المدينة؟

Page 25-31
Khaled Salah Abdelmagid


Strengthening of Reinforced Concrete Short Columns Using Ferrocement Under Axial Loading

Page 32-48
Rasha Mabrouk; Mohamed Awad; Nada Abdelkader; Magdy Kassem


Machine Learning Algorithms to Classify Water Levels for Smart Irrigation Systems

Page 49-53
Tahany Alaam; Shrouk Ezz Ali; Elsaysd sallam


An Innovative Sustainable Approach in the Manufacturing of Recycled Brick Mixture for Buildings

Page 54-58
Mohamed Abohelal; Walaa Nour; Ingy Ibrahim Eldarwish; Hosny Dewair


A CNN-LSTM-based Deep Learning Approach for Driver Drowsiness Prediction

Page 59-70
Mohamed Waheed Gomaa; Rasha O Mahmoud; Amany M. Sarhan


Behaviour of Encased Stone Columns in Soft Clay

Page 71-75
Mohamed Mugahed Sakr; Wasiem R. Azzam; Mona Khairy Mohamed


Analytical Study of Creeping Flow through Porous Media Using Stress-Jump Condition

Page 76-81
Marwa Elbehairy; Yasser Gamiel; S.T. Assar; M. Kamel El Sayed


DbSWPT: A Novel Distance-based Switch for Efficient Wireless Power Transfer in Battery-less Wireless Capsule Endoscopy

Page 82-90
Marwa Sabry Elsawy; Hussein Seleem; Amira S. Ashour


أسلوب الفرش فی التصمیم الداخلى ما بین الثابت والمتحرک لترشید النفقات The style of brushes in interior design between fixed and moving to reduce expenses

Page 91-102
kamal mahmoud kamal mohamed elgabalawy


Shear Strength of Reinforced Concrete Beams with Compression Zone Confinement within the Shear Span

Page 103-112
mohammad abdel halim elnggar; Mohie El-din Shoukry; yasser mohammad elkatt


Optimal Design of Switched Reluctance Motor Using Genetic Algorithm

Page 113-119
Mohamed Afifi; Mohamed K. El-Nemr; Ahmed Omara


An Efficient Authentication Protocol Based on Chebyshev Chaotic Map for Intelligent Transportation

Page 120-135
nermeen Mohamed Abdalghafour; Mohamed E. nasr; Roayat I. Abdelfatah


Seismic Resistance of RC Corner Eccentric Beam-Column Sub-assemblages

Page 149-158
Sabry Fayed; Ahmed asran; Hassan EL-Esnawi; Ahmed Badr el-din


CFD Comparative study of Design and Performance of shell-and-tube Heat Exchangers with different configurations

Page 134-148
Heba Abdelhamid; Ayman I. Bakry; Hagar Alm ElDin Mohamad


A Review on Comparative Performance of Shell-and-tube Heat Exchangers with Various Design Configurations

Page 159-168
Heba Abdelhamid; Ayman I. Bakry; Hagar Alm ElDin Mohamad