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Volume & Issue: Volume 15, Issue 2, June 2024  XML


Active Versus Expectant Management of Third Stage of Labor: A Plane of Nursing Action

Page 1-17
Hanan Elzeblawy Hassan; Walaa Khalaf Gouda; Doaa Shehta Said Farag


Effect of Structured Educational Program on Diabetic Patients' Knowledge Attitude, and Practices Regarding Self-Administration of Insulin Injection

Page 18-35
Elhaga Ibrahim Eldesouky Mohamed; Amira Tag Mohamed Mohamed; Heba Gomaa Eldawoody Ali; Rahma Mohamed Mohamed Abd El Rahman; Samia Eaid Elgazzar


Effect of Social-Platform-Based Educational Guidelines on First-Time Mothers' knowledge and Practices regarding their Children's Oral Health

Page 36-51
Neama Salah Abd Elaziz Soliman Elgendy; Atiat Ahmed Soliman Osman; Hanan Hassan Elezaby; Sabra Mohamed Ahmed


Deep Breathing Exercise Application: It's Effect on Physiological Parameters among Patients with Acute Coronary Syndrome

Page 52-62
Rania Reafaat Abdelkader Atia


Perception of Students to Nursing Courses and It's Relation to Their Academic Engagement

Page 63-74
Asma Mohamed El-Refaey; Hemat Abd-Elazem; Heba Ali Hassan


Effect of Nursing Intervention Program on Psychosocial Problems among Family Caregivers of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Page 75-88
Shimaa Saied Adam; Hanaa Sayed Ewise; Mona Mohamed Barakat; Fathyea Abdallah Ahmed Shams Eldin


Effect of Hoffman's Exercise on Successful Breastfeeding and Satisfaction among Postnatal Women with Flat and Inverted Nipples

Page 89-101
Hanan Moustafa Ashour Elkhatib; Hanan Abd Elrahman Mostafa Kandeel; lham Gomaa Ramdan Elgmal


Effect of Entrepreneurship Training Program for Nursing Students on Their Entrepreneurial Intention and Motivation

Page 102-117
Nahed Hamed Ramadan Elgendy; Neamat Mohamed El-Sayed; Nevine Hassan Abd- El-Aal; Wafaa Hassan Mostafa


The Role of Environmental Factors in the Development of Chronic Diseases: A Comprehensive Systematic Review

Page 118-124
Mohamed AE M Ibrahim


Effect of Progressive Muscle Relaxation Techniques on Physiological Parameters, Psychological Factors and Sleep Quality among Pregnant Women with Preeclampsia

Page 125-148
Ola Abdel-Wahab Afifi Araby Ali; Fatma Kamal Ali; Amira Mohamed Salama; Fatma Mansour Abdel Azeem Barakat


Effect of Competency-Based Education on Maternity Nurses' Performance and Quality of Care regarding Management of First Stage of Labor

Page 149-170
Fatma Kamal Ali; Ola Abdel-Wahab Afifi Araby Ali; Fatma Mansour Abdel Azeem Barakat


Assessment of Nursing Performance for Care of Neonate with Cyanotic Congenital Heart Disease

Page 171-179
Aliaa Osama Soliman; Sabah Saad Al Sharkawi; Zeinab Fathy El-Sayed


Effect of Family Conflict on The Behavior of Nursing School Students

Page 180-191
Aya Ramadan Mohamed Shulkamy; Ferial Fouad Melika; Nadia Ibrahim Abd Elaty


Relationship between Organizational Trust and Job Involvement among Staff Nurses

Page 192-202
Aya Sabry Fathy; Samia Mohamed Adam; Samah Mohamed ElSayed


Assessment of under Graduate Nursing Student’s Readiness for Self-Directed and E-learning

Page 203-213
Doaa kamel sayed; Mona Mostafa Shazly; Hemat Abdel-Azeem


Effect of Physical Disabilities on Quality of life for Soldiers

Page 214-227
Fatma Gaber Ahmed; Hanan Ibrahim Ahmed; Shimaa Fathy Miky


Nursing Practice Environment and Resilience: The Relation to Intention to Leave among Staff Nurses

Page 228-237
Gehad Rabee Gomaa Abady; Samah Faisal Fakhry; Azza Alazab Mohamed


Relationship between Patient Safety Culture and Job Stress among Staff Nurses

Page 238-251
Habib Elsaid Awad Dawa; Samah Faisal Fakhry; Fawzia Mohamed Mohamed


Health Hazards Related to the Pathological Use of Digital Technology Among Secondary School Students in Egypt.

Page 252-264
Doaa Mansour Ali; Rania Hamdy Mohammed


Barriers to Green Practice regarding Waste Management among Operating Room Nurses

Page 265-284
Elham Taha Hassan; Naglaa Elsayed Mahdy; Neamatallah Gomaa Ahmed


Utilizing CT scan for Differential Diagnosis of Acute Abdominal Pain: A Retrospective Descriptive Study in King Khalid Hospital, Najran Province

Page 285-293
Nagla Hussien Mohamed Khalid; Jihan Ibrahim Babiker; Zahra TaleaGhalib Alkayyadi; Reem Mohammed Ahmed Alghamdi; Raghad Saeed Saran Alwadei; Aeshah Hassan Mohammed Refaey; Randa Yahya Mohammed Al-Zahrani


Effect of Multi-Screen Addiction on Sleep Quality and Self-Control among Preparatory School Students

Page 294-310
Howayda Mohammed Ali; Amal H Mohamed; Lugain Talal Marashli; Atiat Osman


Knowledge and Beliefs of Pregnant Women Towards the effect of Cesarean Section Delivery on Women’s Health

Page 311-324
Reda M. Nabil Aboushady; Mohamed Yehia Ali Mohamed; Nabila Abdelkader Abdeldaiem; Safa Gaber salem; Mona Abd El-kareem Hegazy; Fatma Zaghloul Mahmoud


Perceived Stressors, Coping Strategies, And Faculty Support Among Critical Care Accelerated Nursing Students

Page 325-338
Amina Hemida Salem


Effect of Eye Care Clinical Guidelines Training on Critical Care Nurses’ Competency and Eye Complications among Critically Ill Patients

Page 339-351
Amina Hemida Salem

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