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Volume & Issue: Volume 6, Issue 2, April 2024, Page 1-221  XML


Field performance of sweetcorn (Zea mays L.) as influenced by crop establishment methods and integrated fertilizer application

Page 1-17
G.M. Becher; B.C. Ratilla; D.M. Bañoc


Breeding sesame for resistance to charcoal rot caused by Macrophomina phaseolina

Page 18-35
Soad A. Mahmoud; Eman S. El-Sharkawy; M.A. Emam


Spatial variability of soil fertility under different land use Types in Assosa District, Western Ethiopia

Page 36-44
A.A. Gerbi; M. Ylyi-Halla; L. Wogi; A.S. Bekele


Effect of Scenedesmus obliquus extract and its biosynthesized zinc oxide nanoparticles as foliar application on growth and yield of tomato grown in late summer seasons

Page 45-65
S.A.A. Abuo El-Kasem; Eman I. Tony; O.D. Darwesh; I.A. Matter


Effect of adding alginate -restricted bacterial inoculants to sandy soil as a partial substitute for mineral fertilization on growth, quality and yield of tomato plants

Page 66-98
S.A.A. Abuo El-Kasem; O.M. Darwesh; I.A. Matter


Perceptions of Climate Change Impacts on Subsistence Cattle Production

Page 99-109
S.A. Rankoana


Gender gaps in agro-based income generating enterprises among rural households in Ogun state, Nigeria

Page 110-120
A.O. Kayode; S.A. Adebayo; M.F. Salami; S.T. Odeleye


Effectiveness of pesticides against vegetable Leafminer Liriomyza sativae (Blanchard) and the whitefly Bemisia Tabaci (Gennadius) infesting cucumber crops

Page 121-131
Aneesa S. Sadek Sadek; Aml B. Abou-Elkassem; Sanaa K. El-Fakharany; M.F. Olyme


A sustainable livelihood pathway for urban carrot gardening in Ghana

Page 132-147
E.O. Jones; G. Henneh; E.K. Tham-Agyekum; F. Ankuyi; P.B. Atiglah; P.A. Abowen


Enhancement drought tolerance of sugar beet (Beta vulgaris L.) in vitro by sodium azide

Page 148-162
Eman Abdelrazik; soad A. Mahmoud


Survey of mealybugs and their natural enemies at Qena Governorate, Egypt

Page 163-168
Maha F. Drder; K.M. Mohanny; Angel R. Attia; Ghada S. Mohamed


Effect of drought stress on combining ability and heterosis in grain sorghum (Sorghum bicolor L. Moench)

Page 169-184
M. A. Ali; M.S. Hassan; K.M. Mahmoud; A.A.A. Amir


Isolation, molecular identification and in vitro screening of Talaromyces purpurogenus for the first report as lemon soft- rot causal agent in Egypt

Page 185-195
Naglaa M Hassan; R. Khalaphallah


Productivity of Cassava (Manihot esculenta crantz) varieties in Gena Bosa district of Dawuro Zone, South-western Ethiopia

Page 196-209
B. Abebe; S. Sahle


Monitoring of fall armyworm infestation status and current attack on maize plants in southern Egypt

Page 210-221
M.M.S. Bakry; M.A. Gad