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Volume & Issue: Volume 56, Issue 5, May 2025  XML


Cow, Season and Disease Risk Factors Associated with Subfertility in Holstein Cows

Page 863-874
Mahmoud Abdelsabour Elmaghraby; Athanas Ngounndji; Mohamed Mahmoud Fathala; Ferial Mohamed Sahwan


Preparation of Combined Inactivated Oil Adjuvanted Pasteurella Spp. and Clostridium Spp. Vaccine (Pneumoclost) in Sheep

Page 875-884
Fatma Ibrahim; Mahmoud Tawfik Ahmed Ismail; Manal Mohamed; Marwa Ahmed; Moustafa Zaghloul; Yasser Adawy; Eman El Rawy


Morphological and Histological Study of Stomach (Proventriculus and Ventriculus) of Adult Partridge (Alectoris chukka) in South of Iraq

Page 885-893
Ektifaa Shakir Khayoon; Ali Faris Reshag


The Consequences of Peroxyacetic Acid and Chlorine Decontamination Dips on the Native Pathogen and Spoilage Microbiota of Chicken Giblets, Plus their Shelf-life

Page 895-902
Bossi Taha Gamil; Amani M. Salem; Walid S. Arab; Islam Ibrahim Sabeq


Turmeric and Onion Extracts as Effective Marinating Agents: Reducing PhIP Formation and Improving Quality in Cooked Chicken Breast across Various Cooking Techniques

Page 903-914
Reda Mohammed Abdallah; Tarek Kamal Abouzaid; Ghada A.K. Kirrella


A Study for The Partial Determination of The Prevalence of A Molecular Disease of Cystic Echinococcosis From The Slaughter of One-humped Camel “Camelus Dromedarius” In Beheira, Egypt.

Page 915-923
Badawy I. B. Ismail; Mahmoud A. El-Seify; Reda I. Khallfalla; Shimaa S. Sorour; Khaled Sultan; Nagwa M. Elhawary


Mitigating Adverse Effects of Lead Acetate on Nile Tilapia Health through Pomegranate Pulp Inclusion: Growth, Morphology, Flesh Quality, Antioxidant Response, Gene Expression, and Apoptosis

Page 925-941
Sahar Elnaggar


Impact of Citrus reticulata Peel Extract and Bifidobacterium longum on Staphylococcus aureus during Cold Storage of Functional Yoghurt

Page 943-950
Faiza Atef Ahmed; Hossam Farouk Ahmed; Azza Sobeih; sayed eltomy


Sources and Prevention of Contamination of Raw Chicken Meat in a Poultry Slaughterhouse in Qalyubia, Egypt.

Page 951-960
Mahmoud El-sayed Sharaf


Dietary N-acetylcysteine Improved Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) Performance and Health Status Against Heavy Metals-induced Oxidative Stress

Page 961-978
Samar Tawfik; Malik Khalafalla; Mohamed Zayed; Salma Zeid; Radi Mohamed


Clinical and Hematobiochemical Changes in Foals and Adult Horses with Upper and Lower Respiratory Tract Affections

Page 979-991
Ahmed S.M. Koptan; Mohamed M. Ghanem; Yassein M. Abdel-Raof; Heba M. El-Khaiat; Mahmoud A. Y. Helal


Melatonin Mechanism to Mitigate Aging-related Changes in the Liver, Kidney, and Brain in Rats

Page 993-1004
Zainab Abdulkarim Kasim; Zein Ibrahim; Mustafa Shukry; Michel Fahmy; Shawky Shaban Mahmoud


The Behavioral Aggressiveness, Social Stress and Physiological Parameters Screening in Local Egyptian Chicken Strains

Page 1005-1015
Ramadan Dardeer El Shoukary; Ayman Swelum; Fatma Ali; Heba Gharib; Jayant Lohakare; Ahmed A. Abdel Wareth; Ahmed A. Abuoghaba


Changes of Hematology Profile, Blood Biochemistry and Hormonal Functions of Dromedary She-Camels under the Northwest Coastal Desert in Egypt

Page 1017-1029
Nahla R. M. Abdel Aal; Abdel-Khalek E. Abdel-Khalek; Wael A. Khalil; Sameh A. Abdelnour; Emad A. Taha


Clinical, Haematological, Biochemical Alterations, and Potential Risk Factors Associated with Ill-Thrift in Goats Raised at Smallholder Farms in Egypt

Page 1031-1041
Elkashefy Esraa; Nour Safaa; Fawy Samia; Karmi Mohammed; Elkhodery Sabry; Elgioushy Magdy


The Impact of Using Yeast or Tylosin as Growth Promoters on the Productive Performance and Physiological Characteristics of Broiler Quail

Page 1043-1052
Mai Ali Abd El-Atti; Ahmed Mohamed Ali; Abd EL-Fattah Rashad Roshdy; Mohamed Mostafa El-Kashef


The Effect of Infectious Bronchitis Virus Vaccine on Pathogenicity of Aavian Pathogenic E. coli in Broiler Chickens

Page 1053-1060
Aly Mohamed Ghetas; Mohamed Bosila; Nagwa Saad Rabie; Mohamed Mahmoud Abdelbaki


Effect of Tylvalosin on Lung, Liver and Kidney Tissues in Healthy Broiler Chickens

Page 1061-1066
Ammar H. Salman; Mohammed Mosleh Shwaish; ahmed sami jarad


The Impact of Two Platelet Concentrates on Healing of Surgically Created Bone Defects in Sheep (Histological Analysis)

Page 1067-1073
Amina Abdolfattah Humadi; Rayan Salim Hamed


Association of Vitamin D and Antioxidant Minerals with Interferon -λ1 (Interleukin‌-29) level in Type 2 Diabetic Patients

Page 1075-1080
Rawaa Adday Ali; Entissar Abdul latif Abdul Reda; Hamid Jaddoa Abbas; Hanaa Addai Ali; Naser Ali Naser; mohauman mohaummed majeed


Pharmacological Studies on Lincomycin in Broilers with Necrotic Enteritis (Cl. Perfringens)

Page 1081-1097
Abd El-Alim F. Abd El-Alim; Naglaa Z. H. Eleiwa; Ahmed E. A. Mostafa


The Bio-physiological Impact of Different Concentrations of Ginger Aqueous Extract in Awassi Ewes

Page 1099-1104
Sarmad Talib Abdulazeez; Sarmad Abdul Razak Alsaadi; Hanan abdulrahman Noaman


Laboratory Diagnosis of Mycoplasma spp. from the Upper Respiratory Tract and Conjunctival Infections in Shelter Cats

Page 1105-1112
Dr.Zahraa Mustafa AL-Jumaa; Atheer Abdulrazzaq Al-doori; Mohammed Tariq Jaber


The Effect of Nephrectomy on Some Hormones in Adult White Rabbit’s Male (New Zealand Strain)

Page 1113-1120
Ghazwa Khaleel Ali; Muntaha Mahmoud Al-Kattan


Gene Expression of Oxidative/Antioxidative Markers, VDR, CAMK4 and Ceruloplasmin in Baladi Sheep a with Minerals Deficiency

Page 1121-1133
Rania Emam; Prof Mohamed M Ghanem; Yassine Abdel-Raof; Heba M. EL-khaiat; Ahmed Adel Elsayed; Mahmoud Atef Helal