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Volume & Issue: Volume 9, Issue 1, June 2024, Page 1-80  XML


Editorial Board-June 2024


Morphological diversity of Ganoderma species and its host trees in Mezam Division, Northwest Region, Cameroon

Page 1-16
Bih J. Ndeh; Walter N. Tacham; Tofel H. Katamssadan; Tonjock Rosemary Kinge


Comparative antifungal potential of six formulated herbal shampoos against Candida albicans causing Seborrheic dermatitis

Page 17-26
Harshada Chattar; Bhushan Pimple; Mohini Kuchekar; Harshal Tare; Vijay Wagh; Ramanlal Kachave


Detection of aac(3)-I gene in Chlamydia trachomatis isolated from conjunctivitis by using PCR technique in Al-Najaf province, Iraq

Page 27-32
Noor A. Al-Buhamrah; Jinan M. Hussain; Qasim K. Saadon


Immunodiagnostic investigations for children with lymphadenopathy at Tanta University hospital

Page 33-37
Saida Mohamed Amer; Nanis Gamal El-Din Allam; Mohamed Ramadan El-Shanshory; Fatma Abdel Hamid Ibrahim; Ahmed Samy El-shafey


Induction of abiotic stress tolerance in plants by endophytic fungi hosted wild plants

Page 38-50
Fatma A. Abo Nouh; Abdelghafar M. Abu-Elsaoud; Ahmed M. Abdel-Azeem


The Tayrona and Fungi: Possible connections around a mushroom, fleur-de-Lis, and a bat cult in a pre-Hispanic indigenous tribe in Colombia

Page 51-62
Juan Camilo Rodriguez Martinez


Laboratory diagnosis and treatment of pathogenic bacteria isolated from children with cervical lymphadenopathy at Tanta University Hospital

Page 63-75
Saida M. Amer; Nanis G. Allam; Mohamed R. El-shanshory; Fatma A. Ibrahim; Ahmed S. El-shafey


Evaluation of medical staff knowledge toward bacterial contamination at the indoor air of hospitals in Najaf City, Iraq

Page 76-82
Zahra N. Dhaief; Oday M. Hadi; Ahmed A. AL-Khafagi


Phenotypic and genotypic studies on biofilm formation in multi-drug resistance Enterobacter species in Al-Najaf province, Iraq

Page 83-91
Afrah A. Hassan; Zahraa Y. Motaweq


Synthesis, characterization and antibacterial properties of some halogenated glucose derivatives

Page 92-98
Wisam S. Kurdi


Role of integron in antibiotic resistance by microbial communities isolated from Iraqi soil

Page 99-104
Saba Abdulameer Kadhim AL-Ziadi; Walaa Yass Lahmood; Duaa Abd Alabbas Muhammad


Diversity of endophytic fungi hosted medicinal ferns: Biotechnological potentials and possible applications

Page 105-128
Parisa Razaghi; Ahmed M. Abdel-Azeem