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Volume & Issue: Volume 26, Issue 1, March 2024, Page 1-195  XML


Determinants of women's Empowerment in El-Beheira Governorate

Page 1-14
Samar Mahmoud El-saka; Abeer Abd Elaziz Madian; Wesam Kamal Farag; Shaimaa Mohamed Amin


Quality of Life of Mothers Having Children with Cerebral Palsy

Page 15-27
Shimaa Ramadan Mohamed Ebeed; Tarek El-Sayed Isamail Omar; Magda El-Sayed Youssef; Nagwa Ibrahim Mohamed Hamad


Effect of an Educational Program on nurses’ performance level about Pain Assessment and Management

Page 28-38
Hussein Alomari; Alice Mary Edward Reizian; Mervat Abdel Fattah Mohamed; Raya Yousef Al-Husban; Mohammed Adel Abd El-Aty


Effect of Using Virtual Reality Simulation versus Instructor-Led Demonstration on Nursing Students' Clinical Performance and Self-efficacy

Page 39-51
Marwa Fouad Hanafy Mahmoud; Rasha Abd El- Hakim Abdo; Sahar Younes Othman; Eman Zidan Mohamed Ghallab


Resilience in Workplace as Perceived by Nurses at Alexandria Main University Hospital

Page 52-63
Salma Ahmed Abd Al-Latif Mohamed; Nora Ahmed Ahmed Bassiouni; Heba Mohamed Al Anwer Ashour


Relationship between Nursing Students’ Emotional Intelligence and Communication Skills during the Conduction of Health Education

Page 64-74
Nada Mohamed Soliman Mohamed; Azza Fathi Ibrahim; Eman Ahmed Abo-Elyazied; Ayah Shaban Abd El- Fattah


Effect of Lavender Oil Drops Application on Perineal Pain Intensity and Episiotomy Wound Healing Among Primiparous Women

Page 75-86
Hala Nouh Ibrahim El Galada; Dalal Aly Mohamed Abd-Elrahman; Sahar Mansour Lamadah


Assessment of Nurses' Practices Regarding Care of Patients Undergoing Hemodialysis

Page 87-101
Fatma Gomaa Abdelmawla Morad; Yousria Mohamed Salem; Maha Adel Salem; Emad Abd El Gawad Ali Rabie


Effect of the Implementation of Nursing Interventions Program on the Visual Activities among Geriatric Patients with Dry Eye Disease

Page 102-116
Heba Ahmed Mohsen; Nagwa Abd El Fattah Ibrahim; Wafaa Ismail Sayed Ahmed Abo breika; Thoraya Mohamed Abdelaziz


Linking Succession Planning to Nurses’ Performance Management: The Mediating Role of Career Development

Page 117-130
Amal Diab Ghanem Atalla; Nariman Ahmed Mohamed Mostafa Elbassal; Naglaa Abdelaziz Mahmoud Elseesy


Health Care Providers' Practices of The WHO Protocol for Infection Prevention and Control of Covid-19 in Different Outpatient Settings

Page 131-142
Maysa Kandeal Mahmoud Mouhamed; Soheir Mohamed Weheida; Amany Youssef Sharaf; Naglaa Fathalla Elsayed


The Effect of Respiratory Wellness Educational Program on Preventive Behaviors of Respiratory Tract Infections Among Community-Dwelling Older Adults

Page 143-156
Wafaa Samy Abd El -Sattar Omar Madian; Samia Khattab Abd El Rahman; Hanaa Shafik Ibrahim


Effect of Peppermint Inhalation on Chemotherapy Induced-Nausea and Vomiting in Children with Leukemia

Page 157-169
Eman Arafa Badr; Hawaa Mohamed Hassan; Youssr Abd-Elsalam Gaafer; Maha Youssef Kamal


Effect of an Educational Program on Nurses' Knowledge and Care Practices for Patients undergoing Peritoneal Dialysis

Page 170-182
Sameer Allawi Khalaf; Soheir Mostafa Eweda; Naglaa Fathalla Elsayed; Marwa Khalil Hafez; Ibrahim Alwan Kadhim


The Effect of Implementing Training Program on Organizational Citizenship Behavior Model for Nurse Managers on Organizational Effectiveness

Page 183-195
Samia Mohamed Sobhi Mohamed; Nora Ahmed Bassiouni; Amal Diab Ghanem Atalla