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Volume & Issue: Volume 23, Issue 1, January 2017  XML


Relation between resistivity and pulsatility indices of renal and intrarenal arteries and degree of albuminuria in type 2 diabetic patients

Yasser M. Abdelhamid; Marie W. Fawzy; Randa F. Abd Al-Salam; Yousra M. Gouda; Mona M. Salem


Observational study of metabolic syndrome among renal transplant recipients in Kasr Al-Aini School of Medicine: a single-center study

Osama Mohammady Mohammed; Ahmed Abdalla Aly; Dawlat Abdel-Hamid Belal; Karim Magdy Soliman


Lung ultrasound and bioimpedance in assessment of volume status of hemodialysis patients

Ghada Youssef; Bahaa Zayed; Mohammed Momtaz; Amin Roshdy; Mohamed Shaaban


Simvastatin ameliorates vascular endothelial growth factor overexpression in a rat model of diabetic retinopathy: a histological and immunohistochemical study

Eman M. Sadek; Lamiaa I. Abd-El Fattah; Zeinab M. El Maadawi; Manal A. Abd-El Mohsen


Anti- efficacy of and in a neonatal mouse model

Mona M. Khater; Shaimaa H. El-Sayed; Hebat-Allah S. Yousof; Soheir S. Mahmoud; Nadia El-Dib; Ayman A. El-Badry


Corneal hysteresis values in normal Egyptian population

Ayman A. El-Badry


Can vitamin E protect the pancreas against ethanol-induced alterations in adult male albino rats? A histomorphometric and immunohistochemical study

Ayman A. El-Enein Rizk; Shereen Abdel Fattah; Mohamed El Sebaie


Cord blood lipid profile in relation to anthropometric measures of newborns

Nermin Ramy; Mostafa Zakaria; Mona El Kafoury; Manar Kamal


A rare case of bilateral trigeminal palsy presenting as a complication of Sjogren syndrome

Ali Ilyas; Wasim T. Malik; Anam Abrar; Faleha Zafar


Vitamin D deficiency in critically ill children

Nora El Said Badawi; Hebat Allah Fadel Algebaly; Riham El Sayed; Eman Sayed Abu Zeid


Adult-onset Still’s disease and dermatomyositis, is there a relation?

Doaa Atef; Asmaa Sabbah; Shaimaa I. El-Jaafary; Noha T. AboKrysha