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Volume & Issue: Volume 26, Issue 2, December 2020  XML


Is cyclosporine a preferred calcineurin inhibitor in COVID-19-infected renal transplant recipients? we are not sure

Ahmed M. Daoud; Karim M. Soliman; Mahmoud M. Mahmoud; Hatem K. Ali


Erratum: The protective role of sesame oil against bisphenol A-induced cardiotoxicity: a histological and immunohistochemical study


COVID-19 infection: a magnified look at the kidneys

Mohamed Zakaria


The broad-spectrum antiparasitic ivermectin against COVID-19

Nadia A. El Dib; Mona I. Ali


A practical approach to coronavirus disease 2019 pneumonia imaging

Youssriah Y. Sabri; Sally Emad-Eldin


Resilience with the crisis: cardiology department experience to cope with the corona virus disease 2019 pandemic

Ahmad Samir; Mera A.S. Fahim; Ahmed Mohsen; Hossam Mahrous; Kareem Mahmoud; Ahmed Elamragy; Marwa S. Meshaal; Hesham Yehia; Waleed Ammar; Karim Said; Yasser Baghdady; Hesham Salah; Magdy Abdelhamid; Mohamed Abdelghany


Changes in eye care during the covid-19 pandemic from Egyptian patients’ point of view

Lameece M. Mohamed; Ayah Marrie; Kareem B. Elessawy


HRCT chest in COVID-19 pneumonia: correlation between duration of symptoms and CT severity score

Hegazy M.A. Rania; Salah E.L. Din Adel Lamia


Evaluation of anthelminthic activity of both pomegranate peels and Artemisia herba-Alba extracts in comparison with praziquantel in experimentally infected mice with

Azza H. Abbas; Fetouh S. Hassanin; Neveen M. Sarhan; Heba M. Abdelgalil


Coronary angiographic profile in Egyptian patients with xanthelasma palpebrarum

Noha Hassanin; Sameh Wadie Ghaly Bakhoum; Mahmoud Elsayed Saraya


Trans-knee amputation with posterior myocutaneous flap in patients with advanced peripheral arterial disease

Mahmoud Elsayed Saraya


Dysphonia as the main presenting symptom of COVID-19: a case report

Ahmad M. Eltelety; Ahmed A. Nassar


Ensuring capacity building and biosafety in laboratories involved in detection of COVID-19

Saurabh R. Shrivastava; Prateek S. Shrivastava