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Volume & Issue: Volume 2, Issue 1, January 2016  XML


Quality of medical care provided to type 2 diabetic patients attending Alexandria Main University Hospital, Egypt

Azza A. Esmail; Heba M. T. Elweshahi; Dalia Abd Elmotey


Serum chemerin levels and chemerin rs17173608 genotypes in the susceptibility of diabetic nephropathy in Egyptian diabetic patients

Yomna Khaled; Laila Rashed


Assessment of the association of the adiponectin gene single-nucleotide polymorphism 45T/G with type 2 diabetes mellitus in Egyptian diabetic patients

Said A. Ooda; Mervat F. El-Belbesy; Nargues M. Hassanein; Ola H. Elgaddar; Hassan M. Bachlah


Evaluation of inflammatory markers in relation to serum level of adiponectin in obese asthmatic patients

N Assad Samir; M Khalil Yehia; E Bondok Maha; N Younan Doreen; Y Ibrahim Eiman


Assessment of the nutritional status and serum leptin level of hepatitis C virus-infected Egyptian patients with and without schistosomal hepatic periportal fibrosis

Said A. Ooda; Mostafa A. Mohamed; Maher A. Nabi; Wael M. Lotfy; Basem A. Alhabet


Evaluation of coronary artery calcification using multislice computed tomography in patients on dialysis: association with fetuin-A and osteoprotegerin

Sherif Aziz Zaki; Osama Hassan Shehata; Akram A. Deghedi; Shehab Mohamed Sami; Rehab H. M. Mersal


The role of serum angiopoietin-2 as a biomarker in sepsis induced acute kidney injury

Mohamed M. Abdelkader; Amal R. Mansour; Heba S. Elshaer; Amr K. Hussien


Study of the relationship between colorectal cancer and vit D defficiency

Mohamed H. El Gayar; Khaled M. Makboul; Laila M. Hindawy; Amr M. Saleh


Serum allograft inflammatory factor-1 concentration in type 2 diabetes mellitus and its relation to the pathogenesis and progression of diabetic nephropathy

Yahia Zakareya; Fatma El-Zahraa S. Bukhary; Elham A. Mohamad; Khaled M. Othman; Osama Abdel Shakoor