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Volume & Issue: Volume 2, Issue 2, May 2016  XML


Study of chronic periodontitis in rheumatoid arthritis patients and its relation to serum anticitrulinated peptide antibody levels

Ragaa A. Mahmoud; Amina H. Hassab; Mona H. Abdel Magid; Eiman A. Soliman; Rania A. Fahmy; Mona M. Ashraf


Interleukin-33 as a marker for disease activity in rheumatoid arthritis

Magdy A. Zohairy; Anna N.A. Raya; Akram M. Deghady; Marwa R. Amer


Interleukin-33 in systemic sclerosis: correlation with clinical manifestations and disease subset

Magdy A. Zohairy; Anna N.A. Raya; Akram M. Deghady; Riham A. Soliman


Inflammatory bowel disease severity and activity are correlated to thyroid gland nodularity, chronic nonthyroidal illness, and thyroid autoantibodies but not thyroid dysfunction

Mohamed K. Ghitany; Hanan Nouh; Tamer M. Elsherbiny; Reham I. Elsayed


Evaluation of different biochemical markers and imaging modalities in type 2 diabetes mellitus patients with and without albuminuria

Amr Mohamed Ebeid; Doaa Ibrahim Hashad; Mohamed Ahmed Sadaka; Mohamed Mahmoud Elshafie; Mohamed Mohamed Sakr; Samah Ibrahim Idris


Association of fibroblast growth factor 23, parathyroid hormone, and vitamin D with acute kidney injury

Montasser M. Zeid; Akram A.M. Deghady; Hesham K. Elsaygh; Heba S. El Shaer; Rasha I.A. Gawish


A study on the role of calcium homeostasis and vitamin D deficiency in premenopausal systemic lupus erythematosus patients and its relation with disease activity

Manal Y. Tayel; Ashraf I. El-Zawawy; Mohamed I. Said; Eman A. Soliman; Mohamed K. Mohamed