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Author = Rehab M. Atef
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Serum and Circulatory Omentin mRNA Gene Expression as Predictive Markers of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus Disease Activity and Lupus Nephritis

Volume 85, Issue 2, October 2021, Page 3989-3996
Nearmeen M. Rashad; Usama Khalil; Mahmoud A. Sharafeddin; Rehab M. Atef; Marwa H.S. Hussien; Magda M. Sherif


Circulatory Hsa_Circ_0007777 Expression Level as A Predictive Biomarker of Thyroid Dysfunction in Patients with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis

Volume 84, Issue 1, July 2021, Page 2480-2485
Nearmeen M. Rashad; Marwa H.S Hussien; Rehab M. Atef; Shimaa Abdelmoneem; Mohamed Gaber Hamed


Long Noncoding RNA MALAT-1 and Mirna-9 Expression Profile Levels in Patients with Diabetic Polyneuropathy (DPN) and Their Correlations with The Severity of Painful DPN

Volume 81, Issue 6, October 2020, Page 2235-2245
Nearmeen M. Rashad; Hala A. Fathy; Rehab M. Atef; Neveen F. Ibrahim