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Volume & Issue: Volume 1, Issue 1, January 2020, Page 1-79  XML


A cost-effective viable strategy for gradually transitioning Egypt’s cities into truly IOT-enabled smart cities

Page 1-5
Mohamed Ali; Tarek Youssef; Ahmed Mohamed


Behavior of RC Beams with Openings Strengthened with CFRP Laminates

Page 6-14
Ghada Gamal Ahmed; Venees Faied Gerges


Exploring Inclusiveness in Green Hotels for Sustainable Development in Egypt

Page 15-23
Mai Eid Khalil


Nanoparticle-based drilling fluids as promising solutions to enhance drilling performance in Egyptian oil and gas fields

Page 24-38
Ahmed Mady; Omar Mahmoud; Abdel Sattar Dahab


Survey of Apache spark optimized job scheduling in big data

Page 39-48
Walaa Ali Khalil; Hanaa Torkey; Gamal Attiya


Egypt's nationally determined contributions to Paris agreement: review and recommendations

Page 49-59
Lamiaa Abdallah


Estimating Ultimate Recoveries of Unconventional Reservoirs: Knowledge Gained from the Developments Worldwide and Egyptian Challenges

Page 60-70
Omar Mahmoud; Sarah Elnekhaily; Gehad Hegazy


Study gut microbiome 16S rRNA gene versus gut microbiota in HCV patients

Page 71-79
Reda El-Badawy; Naglaa El husseini; Mohamed ElShewi; Tamer El Azab; Ehrahim Mohammmedy; Ahmed Mohamed Sayed