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Volume & Issue: Volume 63, Issue 3 - July (Oral Medicine, X-Ray, Oral Biology & Oral Pathology) - Serial Number 3, July 2017, Page 2289-2457  XML


Dental and mandibular radio-density variations in children with autism spectrum disorders

Page 2289-2296
Ghada Abdel Hamid El Baz; Gihan Gamal El Desouky


Effect of Demineralized Dentin Matrix Graft alone and Combined with Statin or Propolis on Bone Repair in Rabbits’ Tibia

Page 2297-2304
Mena Fathy Abd-Allah; Heba Ahmed Adawy


A rare unilateral widespread multiple forms of oral lichen planus: clinico-histopathologic evaluation and diagnostic considerations: A case Report

Page 2305-2311
Abdurahman Musbah Elmezwghi; Abeer Hussen Elsagali; Salma S. Mo Zariba; Intesar Hassan Hussein Rih; Raga Abuatwirat


Expression patterns of the Stim1 protein during different stages of mouse tooth development

Page 2313-2319
Walid El-Sayed


Evaluation of the effect of Garlic on the expression of NF-κB in DMBA-induced oral carcinogenesis in albino rats: An Animal study

Page 2321-2328
Shaimaa Omar Zayed; Shereen Ali


Histopathological and Ultrastructural evaluation of the Effect of Electronic Cigarette Smoke on the Submandibular Gland of Albino Rats

Page 2329-2339
Ahmed Nabil; Mona El Deeb


An in vitro comparison of linear measurements of panoramic views acquired via 2D or 3D imaging

Page 2341-2349
Farid Medhat Farid; Ghada Borhan


Scanning Electron Microscopic and Histologic Study of the Effect of Curcumin on Healing of Induced Palatal Mucosal Ulcer in Albino Rats

Page 2351-2362
Mohamed Shredah; Mona El Deeb


Detection of Serum and Salivary VEGF among Patients with Different Clinical Forms of Oral Lichen Planus

Page 2363-2368
Nayroz Abdelfattah; Maha Abdelkawy; Olfat Shaker


Accuracy of voxel based superimposition in evaluation of orthodontic cases

Page 2369-2375
Sahar Mohamed Samir; Walaa Mohamed Hamed; Noha Hussein Abaas; Mary Medhat Farid


Prevalence of aphthous and aphthous like ulcers and their relation to precipitating factors among a sample of Egyptian Population

Page 2377-2388
Amira Maged; Wesam Abdel Moneim


The Validity of Nano-chitosan/ Nano-Hydroxyapatite as a Promoter of Bone Healing in Ovariectomized Rats

Page 2389-2402
Doaa A. Labah


Effect of Voxel Size On The Accuracy of Nerve Tracing Module of Cone Beam Computed Tomography Images

Page 2403-2412
Mostafa S. Ashmawy; Ashraf A. Abou-Khalaf; Raghdaa A. Mostafa


Assessment of Serum Vitamin D Levels in Young Adults and Correlation of Vitamin D Deficiency and Gingivitis

Page 2413-2419
Rania Farouk Abdulmaguid; Salah Hamed Sherif; Hakem H. Elsayed


Effect of Nonsurgical Periodontal Therapy on Systemic Pro-inflammatory and Vascular Endothelial Biomarkers and Serum Lipid Profile in Chronic Periodontitis Patients

Page 2421-2433
Samah H. Elmeadawy; Hesham M. El-Sharkawy; Azza Elbayomy


Accuracy of Linear Measurements in Stitched Cone Beam Computed Tomographic Images An In-Vitro Stud

Page 2435-2440
Ahmed M. Abd Alsamad


Evaluation of the therapeutic effect of topical calcipotriol versus topical tretinoin in treatment of oral Leukoplakia and their effect on clinical improvement and salivary level of MMP-9, IL-6 and TGF-β: A Randomized Clinical Trial

Page 2441-2457
Dalia M. Ghalwash; Enji A. Mahmoud; Olfat G. Shaker