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Volume & Issue: Volume 20, Issue 4, June 2021  XML


The Goddess xft-Hr nb.s

Page 1-33
Habiba El Menyawy


Religious and Artistic Features of Elite’s Coffin during (LP) Late Period: Applied on Two Coffins at Hurghada Museum (HM)

Page 34-67
Tamer Fahim


The Identity of Amun-Re in Luxor temple

Page 68-82
Haitham Sotohy


A Collection of Talismanic Bāzūbands from the Safavid and Qajar Epochs: A Descriptive and Analytical Study

Page 83-123
Boussy Zidan; Radwa Omar


Boats Representation in the Byzantine Art

Page 124-158
Mofida El Weshahy; sarah halim


Egyptian Dwarf Deities Associated with Solar Cult in Ancient Egypt

Page 159-188
Manar Hamed


Ritual of Cutting Grain in Theban Temples: An Overview of the Concept of the Divine and Royal Fertility

Page 189-230
Youmna Adel Zaki Nasr


Employment of The Ancient Egyptian Feast Foods in Egyptian Hotel Menus and Its Impact on Promoting Food Tourism.

Page 231-250
Ahmed Rady; Haitham Sotohy; Salama Ammar Ammar


The Impact of the Employee Behavior in Improving the Mental Image of Tourism Destination and Hospitality Services: An applied Study on Hurghada

Page 251-278
Salama Ammar; Michael Magdi Zaki; Tamer Abdulaziz


A Study of Age Discrimination at Hotel and Tourism Workplaces in Greater Cairo, Egypt.

Page 279-292
Mohammed Sayed; Haidy Elsaid


Franchisee-Franchisor Relationship Quality and Its Impact on Restaurants' Operational and Financial Performance: An Application of Leader-Member Exchange Theory

Page 293-316
Mahmoud Abou Kamar; Omar Alsetoohy


The Impact of Demographic Features on the utilization of Airbnb Platform; a Comparative Study of Aswan and Wahat in Egypt.

Page 317-336
Mohamed Hany B. Moussa; Sameh Soliman; Cathrine George Messeha


The Importance of Crisis Management in Egyptian Hotels and Tourism in Dealing with the Emerging Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Page 337-369
Hany Kozmal; Asmaa Abuzied


Job Insecurity for Employees after the Corona Pandemic: Applied on Fast Food Restaurants in Cairo and Giza Governorates

Page 370-381
ahmed ghanem


The Mediating Role of Employees' Negative Moods Between Bullying at Work and Organizational Citizenship Behavior Toward Individuals in Egyptian Hotels

Page 382-395
Moataz bellah Ibrahim; Sameh Fayyad


Perfuming Saffron in Egypt in The Era of The Mamluk Sultans: (648-923AH/1250-1517AD)

Page 396-426
Mohamed Hammad


The Impact of Developing Parks and Gardens on Tourist Attractions in Egypt

Page 427-462
Alaa eldin Osama Abdellatif


Methods of Promoting Sustainable Cultural Heritage Tourism: Empirical Study: Abu Mina Archaeological Site in Alexandria

Page 463-480
Doaa Fadel; Rasha Siam


The Impact of The Corona Virus on Tourism in Egypt

Page 481-504
Sara Elmogy


The impact of Bitcoin Electronic Trust Factors on Hotel Transactions as a Mechanism for Digital Transformation in Egypt

Page 505-532
Mohamed Abd El-Fattah Zohry; Mohamed Alsaied


The Effect of Applying Ethical Training on the Performance of Salesmen: Applied to Some Egyptian Hotels

Page 533-562
Ali Shehata