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Volume & Issue: Volume 2021, Issue 2, December 2021, Page 1-200  XML


Voluntary activities and their relation to self-esteem among Mansoura University students

Page 1-11
Hazem Mansour


Market Orientation and its impact on the institutional performance excellence of sports services providers

Page 12-26
Amr Mohamed Hamed Zaher


Recreational awareness and its relation to administrative creativity with student activities’ specialists in Mansoura University

Page 27-41
Mohamed El Sayed El Sayed Matar


Percentages of the contribution of some biomechanical factors to the digital level of the triple jump runners in the State of Kuwait

Page 42-54
Afrah Abdel Nabi Hajji


Sleep Disorders and its Relationship to Work Stress among Physical Education Teachers in Asyut Governorate

Page 55-66
Ahmed Abdo Hassan


The dynamics of developing the speed of the feet movements through using the cycling of stretch- shortening, and its impact on the level of the offensive performance of wrestlers

Page 67-83
Ahmed El-Sayed Said Ashmawy; Tamer Emad El Din Said Mohamed Darwish


Impact of targeted training loads, according to the ratios of certain contributing physical traits, on the achievement level of handball juniors

Page 84-100
Tamer Emad El Din Said Mohamed Darwish


Development of Footwork by Using "The Rug" diversity exercises and its Effect on Reactive Agility and the Level of some Defensive Skills for Young Female handball Players

Page 101-119
Ranya Mohammed Saeed Mahmoud


The effect of contrast training on the dimensions of the heart, muscular ability and some complex skills of handball players

Page 120-136
Hossam Saad Al-Sayed Selim


The effect of Tabata exercises with a light stimulation on visual tracking, some physical and biological variables and the speed of skill performance of Taekwondo players

Page 137-154
Badry Eid Hamad Abd ElHakim


Proposed model for enhancing substantive capabilities in some sports clubs

Page 155-174
Sally Said Abdou El Deeb


Effects of variability of practice using the concept of differential approach and traditional learning on learning round-off in gymnastics based on the analysis of movement construction

Page 175-189
Sobhi Nour eldin Ata


The effect of using TRX resistance training on some physiological and skill variables in the Kung Fu Sanda team

Page 190-203
Essam Mahmoud Mohammed Abd El-Fatah


The quality of recreational sports services in villages youth centers in some governorates of Upper Egypt

Page 204-220
Ayman Abd Aleem Mohamed Abd Aleem; Mahmoud Fawzy Mohamed Hamdallah