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Volume & Issue: Volume 43, Issue 3, September 2022 (JULY-SEPTEMBER)  XML


Rational Insecticides Against Tuta Absoluta in Relation to Pesticides Residue on Tomatoes

Page 391-398
Abdel Fatah S. A. Saad; Magdy Massoud; Ashraf M. El-marsafy; Abdel Nasser T. Hassan; Farid A. ALMitshu


An Analytical Study of The Impact of Structural Changes on The Prices of Agricultural Production Requirements in Light of The Current Local Changes in The Arab Republic of Egypt Case Study: Cotton Crop

Page 399-415
Yehia M.A. Osman; Rehab A. H. Awad


In Vitro Effect of Cypermethrin on the Perturbations of Rat Erythrocytes: The Ameliorative Role of Carvone

Page 417-429
Nadia Ali Hamed; Eman Mohamad Mosallam; Reda Khamis Abdel-Razik


Potential Removal of Some Insecticides from Water using Microalgae and their Determination by a Validated UV-Vis Spectrophotometric Method

Page 431-450
Azza G. A. Reyad; Moustafa A. Abbassy; Gehan I. Kh. Marei; Entsar I. Rabea; Mohamed Bedawy


Correlation Between Different Levels of NPK Fertilization and Population Dynamics of Cotton Aphid (Aphis gossypii), Whitefly (Bemisia. tabaci) and Spiny Bollworm (Earias insulana) in Cotton Crop

Page 451-457
Abeer Shaban Awad


Comparative Study for Removal of Imidacloprid and Oxamyl Pesticides by Cement Kiln Dust: Kinetics and Equilibrium Studies

Page 459-470
Ahmed Abd El Khalek El Refaey; Hamza Abou-Elnasr


Evaluation of the Physicochemical Quality of Water Used for Irrigation in Urban and Periurban Farms of Meknes City Morocco

Page 471-474
Yousra Ameziane El Hassani; Fatiha Laziri


Effect of Dietary Garden Cress Seeds on Growth Performance, Feed Utilization, Carcass Characteristics and some Physiological Responses of Growing Rabbits

Page 475-484
Sabrin Abdelrahman Morshedy; azza Younis; Soliman Mohamed Zahran; Mohamed Hassan Ahmed; Yassmine Moemen El- Gindy


Evaluation of Chemical, Microbiological and Sensorial Properties of Yoghurt Fortified with Aloe Vera Gel

Page 485-493
Rehab Elghzali Mohamed Al-Taif; Ibrahim Elsayed; Sameh Ali Awad; Aisha Mohamed Abdelmaksoud Alattar


Effects of Cytokinin Types and Concentrations on Potato Growth, Yield, and Quality under Field Conditions

Page 495-502
Ibrahim Abouelsaad; Sary Hassan Brengi


The Importance of Afforestation in Rehabilitation Degraded Lands in the State of Kuwait

Page 503-509
Saad A E Abdelrazek; Khaled Abdallah El Naka


Effect of Supplementation with Watermelon Seeds Pulp on Characteristics of Set -Yogurt as A Natural source of Iron

Page 511-518
Harmela B. G.; El Harmel A.M.; Bakr A.SH.; Salem, A. S.


Evaluation of Grazing Systems and Seasons to Combat Desertification Resulting from Grazing in The State of Kuwait

Page 519-526
Saad A E Abdelrazek; Khaled Abdallah El Naka


Investigating the Recycling and Reusing the Garbage, Agricultural Wastes and Sewage as a Method to Combat Land Desertification in Kuwait State

Page 527-533
Saad A E Abdelrazek; Khaled Abdallah El Naka


Impact of Soil Amendments Application for Ameliorating the Hydraulic Properties and Solute Transport of Coarse - Textured Soils

Page 535-542
Rasha Badereldin; Sara A. Zakzouk


Content Analysis of Agricultural Extension Agent Program on Misr Agricultural Channel During the Period From 1/6/2021 To 31/12/2021

Page 851-865
Hend Hosny Aly


Production and Consumption of The Most Important Grain Crops in Egypt In Light of Local and International Changes

Page 867-884
Yasmen Abdelrazek; Maha Mohamed Aliwa


Opportunities and Challenges of Economic Empowerment of Rural Women in Light of Developing Egyptian Rural Villages of a decent Life in Some Governorates of the Arab Republic of Egypt

Page 885-905
Mervat Sedky Abd El Wahabe


Effect of Noise on School Environment and Its Relationship With Each of Audio and Visual Perception and Attitudes of Students (Case Study of Some Primary Schools in Giza Governorate)

Page 907-935
Somia Hussan; Nagwa Adel Hassan; Mahmoud A haleem Mansy; Marwa Abdul maged Elshamly


Production, Marketing and Extension Problems of Honey Beekeepers in Kafreldawwar District, Beheirah Governorate

Page 937-947
Hany Mohamed Habeba; Asmaa Anwar Eissa; Shimaa Abdel Mageed Abd Allah El-Kholy


Effect of Pomegranate Peel on Body Weight, Blood Sugar and Lipid Levels of Overweight Rats

Page 949-964
Ekram R. Soliman; Soheir F. Nour; Amal H. Mohmoud; Hana A. S. Ragab


Effect of Institutional Culture on the Professional Performance Level of Employees in Alexandria University Dormitories

Page 965-994
Naglaa Mahmoud; Yousria Ahmed Abd-Elmna; El-Sawy Mohamed Anwar; Ayman Farouk Mohamed


The Activities of the Extension Field Schools at Kafrelsheikh Governorate "From The Viewpoint of its Members"

Page 995-1016
kamal salah saker; Adel Ebrahim Elhamoly; Mohamed. A.AL-Sayed


The Role of Agricultural Extension in Raising Awareness of Environmental Protection Laws in Dakahlia Governorate

Page 1017-1054
Amira M.A.Ramadan; Mohamed A. Abou EI-Naga


Pro-environmental Behavior among a Sample of Rural People in Gharbia Governorate

Page 1055-1087
Mohammed Ebad-Allah


Social Risks of Electronic Games for University Youth at Al-Arish University

Page 1089-1109
Noreen Nabel Elshreef


A Study of Some Nutritional and Health Problems Associated with Some Nutrients in Infants in the City of Alexandria

Page 1111-1129
Samira Kandil; Nasser Alsawy; Ekram Soliman; Eman Nabil Abbas


Determinants of Quality of Life Among a Sample of Rural People in Gharbia Governorate

Page 1131-1164
Mohammed Ebad-Allah


Requirements for Community Empowerment of Rural Women in the Village of Menouf, the Center of Tanta, Gharbia Governorate

Page 1165-1185
Huda El-lethey; Elham Ali


Determinants of the Quality of Professional Life for Agricultural Extension Workers in the Governorates of Sharkia and North Sinai

Page 1187-1232
Soliman Ayash; Rania A. Basha