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Volume & Issue: Volume 23, Issue 1, December 2022  XML


Egypt hosting Archeologists . The Second International Congress of Archeology in Egypt 1909

Page 1-15
Enas Fares Yehia


الإستخدام الأمثل لمناطق التراث الثقافي کمورد سياحي بالتطبيق على القاهرة التاريخية

Page 1-19
Sara Atef Elmogy


The Food Novelty and Food Involvement among Foreign Tourists and Its Relationship to the Intention to Eat Local Food in Egyptian Tourist Destinations

Page 20-32
hany khamis


The Commitment of Egyptian Food and Beverage Establishments to Follow a Precautionary Procedure for the Epidemic of Covid-19 and its Impact on customer Preference and Loyalty

Page 33-49
Ehab Fathy Abdel Aziz Basiouny Basiouny


The effect of the quality level of Syrian food outlets on customer satisfaction and loyalty by applying to the city of Alexandria

Page 50-66
Eslam Ibrahim El-Nadoury El-Nadoury; youssef ibrahim agwa agwa


Applicability of Active Learning Strategies in Hospitality Practical Courses Students' Perspectives

Page 43-55
Mohamed Ashraf Mahmoud Ahmed; Mohamed Sayed El -Zoghbi; Moataz bellah Farid Ibrahim; Ahmed Abdelkawy


The Impact of Active Learning Strategies on Hospitality Students’ Skills

Page 56-69
Mohamed Ashraf Mahmoud Ahmed; Mohamed Sayed El -Zoghbi; Moataz bellah Farid Ibrahim; Ahmed Abdelkawy


Employability competencies in the hospitality sector: employers' requirements and graduates' preparedness post COVID-19 pandemic. A case study from Saudi Arabia

Page 70-91
Hatem Radwan; Osman El Sawy


Additional Remarks on the Purification Iconography at the Graeco-Roman Temples of Upper Egypt

Page 16-42
Wessam Fekry Ibrahim Moussa


The influence of visitors’ gazing of others’ behavior, appearance, and hospitableness on their engagement and their behavioral intentions.

Page 92-109
Salman Alotaibi


The Impact of Ethical Intelligence in Reducing Organizational Conflict in Egyptian Tourism Companies

Page 67-86
sarah عبدالرحمن Abdelrahman Ali; Bassam Samir Al-Romeedy; Mahmoud El Sayed Emam


Assessing the Impact of the Used Policies During Crises on Workers' Loyalty and Their Adherence to the Tourism Sector Case Study During Covid-19 Pandemic

Page 110-128
Alfatma Salama


The Impact of Organizational Balance on Limiting Employee Withdrawal Behaviors Applied to Egyptian Tourism Companies

Page 87-102
Asmaa Abuzied; Bassam Al-Romeedy


The Impact of Job Happiness and Job Stability on Employees in Egyptian Travel Agencies

Page 103-118
Hebatallah Ali Gaafar; Bassam Al-Romeedy


Diversity and Inclusion in the Egyptian Society During the Dynastic Era

Page 129-141
May Farouk


دور التحول الرقمي في رفع كفاءة العاملين في المجال السياحي

Page 104-126
Sara Atef Elmogy