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Volume & Issue: Volume 29, Issue 1, March 2024  XML


The Impact of Logistics on The Development of Singapore's Exports أثر الخدمات اللوجستية على تنمية صادرات سنغافورة

Page 1-15
Sarah Al-Diasti; Halah A. M. Bassiony; Mohammed Amin Hanfy


Diallel Analysis of Seven Maize Inbred Lines for Different Characters across Locations

Page 16-21
M. A.A. Abd-Elaziz; M. M.B. Darwish; H. A. Aboyousef; A. A.M. Afife; M. R. Ismail; Noura A. Hassan


Participation of Local Rural Leaders in Some Agricultural Extension and Rural Development Activities in Some Villages of Beheira Governorate مشاركة القادة المحليين الريفيين في بعض الأنشطة الإرشاد الزراعي والتنمية الريفية في بعض قرى محافظة البحيرة

Page 22-37
Emad M. El-Shafie; Eman A.M. Khalifa


Italian Ryegrass (Lolium perenne L.) Control in Durum Wheat (Triticum Durum L.) As Affected by Herbicide Application Timing and the Addition of Mineral Oil

Page 38-48
May H. M. Elattar; R. A. Mousa; Kh. A. Abou-Zied


Viability of Probiotic Strains in Moringa Aqueous Extract-Fortified Low-Fat Yogurt

Page 49-63
Ahmed Elkazaz; Marwa A. G. Allam; Eman H. E. Ayad; Saeid M. Darwish; Mohamed A. E. Gomaa


Capturing of Phthorimaea operculella (Zeller) Male Moths by Sex- Pheromone Traps in Response to Trap Color, Direction and Height at Potato Fields

Page 64-71
Mohamed R. Abo Elela; Huda I. Abdel-Aliem; Aml B. Abou- Elkassem


Suitability of Egyptian Clover and Alfalfa as Safe Habitats Tonatural Enemies in The Egyptian Agrosystem

Page 72-84
Amany A. Khalifa; Badawy A. S.M.


The Role of Agricultural Extension in Improving Marketing Services for Artichoke Farmers in one of the Villages of the Ayser Banjar Area in Matrouh Governorate محددات دور الإرشاد الزراعي في تحسين الخدمات التسويقية لمزارعي محصول الخرشوف بإحدي قري منطقة أيسر بنجر السكر بمحافظة مطروح

Page 85-106
Souzan I. El-Sharbatly; Kamal Salah Issa Saker; Zainab Shawky El-Khalifa; Abla Hassan Mahmoud


Chemical and Nutritional Evaluation of Banana Peels and Their Potential Use in Improving The Egyptian Balady Bread

Page 107-115
Esraa. A. Youssef; Omayma. E. Shaltout; Ayman. M. Abouel-Yazeed


Impact of Biochar and Phosphogypsum Addition on Soil Physical Properties, Physiological Traits and Productivity of Maize under Water Deficit Conditions

Page 116-134
Seham M. Mohamed; Rasha R. El-Khamisy; M. M. B. Darwish; H. A. Aboyousef; M. A. A Abd-Elaziz