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Volume & Issue: Volume 5, Issue 2 - Serial Number 1, July 2024, Page 1-1083 (المجلد الخامس؛ العد الثاني؛ الجزء الأول؛ يوليو 2024)  XML


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فهرس المحتويات


Does corporate governance assurance decrease the agency conflict? The role of auditor opinion: Evidence from an emerging market

Page 1-39
Mostafa Kayed Abdelazeem Mohamed


Discrete Alpha Power Transformed Weibull -G Family of distributions

Page 41-74
مي أحمد إبراهيم حجازي


The Impact of Big Data Predictive Analytics on Firm Performance: The Role of Cloud ERP and Business Intelligence Integration

Page 75-110
أيمن محسب


Factors Affecting Implementation of Joint Commission International Standards in Egyptian Hospitals: A comparative study between two private hospitals in Egypt.

Page 111-132
محمد عبدربه


Improving Faculty Academic Staff Performance via Human Resource Management Practices. Applied study on private universities in Egypt.

Page 133-156
محمد عبدربه


Capability of creating an optional unified currency between Egypt and Sudan

Page 157-180
ayman salah eldin ibrahim


Deep Learning Readiness for Smart Manufacturing: A Socio-Technical Approach

Page 181-213
أيمن محسب


The Impact of Social Media Influencers characteristics on Customers’ purchase Intension in the Egyptian Market

Page 215-242
Salwa M. El-Kady; Yasmeen Tarek


The Role of Social Media Marketing Activities on online Customer Engagement on the Instagram platform

Page 243-265
علياء احمد عبدالمنعم


The Role of Touchpoints in Shaping the Customer Experience throughout the Customer Journey

Page 267-288
حلا البرقوقي; حلا البرقوقي


The role of the knowledge economy in stimulating economic growth in Egypt form 1995 until 2021

Page 289-319
ayman salah eldin ibrahim


The Effect of Corporate Social Responsibility on Market and Operating Performance ff Egyptian Firms: The Role of Board Gender Diversity

Page 321-347
Mai Ahmed Abdelzaher Zidan


A Blessing or a Burden: The Impact of Overpopulation on Egypt’s Economic Growth (1969-2019)

Page 349-396
Manal Mohamed Emira; Ganna Mohamed Choukry Mohamed


The Effect of Job Embeddedness on Creative Performance: An Empirical Study on Mobile Telecommunication Companies in Egypt

Page 397-425
Mohammed Soliman; Rana Ibrahim; Youmna Youssef


A Bivariate Discrete Lindley Distribution and Applications

Page 427-452
Yasser Amer; Dina Abdelhady; Rania Shalabi


The Role of supply chain practices in Enhancing the start-ups performance during covid 19 in Egypt

Page 453-511
ايه علاء الدين عفيفى


The impact of using closed- loop supply chain on raising Egyptian customers' sustainable consumerism: Testing the mediating role of customer value in FMCG industry

Page 513-551
شريف طاهر محمد فريد


Logistic Nadarajah-Haghighi distribution: Estimation and properties

Page 553-575
محمد عبد القادر; tamer Ali


How and when do big data analytics pay off? The role of value creation and market turbulence

Page 577-610
Ziad H. Abdelmoety


Comprehensive Analysis of Credit Risk Determinants in the Egyptian Property and Casualty Insurance Sector: Exploring Macroeconomic, Industrial, and Company Specific Factors

Page 611-648
اسلام عبدالحكيم كامل صيام


The Trends of C- Section Rates between the Past and Recent around the world and especially in Egypt from 2008-2022

Page 649-679
عبدالله محمد محمود سرج


How Does Negative Error Management Culture Fuels Job Insecurity Across Industries in Egypt

Page 677-734
زينب امين السيد خيال


Comparing Single Vs. Hybrid models in Time Series Forecasting

Page 735-760
مها توفيق; عبدالرحيم بسيوني


The Impact of Country Credit Risk Management on the Egyptian Commercial Banks’ Performance - The Moderating Role of Country Liquidity Risk Management

Page 761-802
Ahmed Elgayar


Does asymmetric cost behaviour impact conditional conservatism practices? A quantile regression approach

Page 803-840
,وفاء صلاح محمد; مروة حسن محمد حسان


The effect of financial distress on earnings management: Evidence from Egypt

Page 841-868
ميار ممدوح خليل محمد; إيمان سعد الدين


Mediation and Moderation Model of the Relationship between Live Streaming Promotion and Online Impulsive Buying Behavior An Empirical Study on Egyptian Fashion Wear Customers

Page 869-912
أمنية عبد العظيم عبد الحليم هلال


Using Some Data Mining Techniques with Application on Insurance Data

Page 913-937
Dalia Mousa


The relationship between open book management and agile employees' performance

Page 939-967
احمد محمد احمد الصديق; محمد جلال سليمان صديق; احمد محمد السيد


Investment Return of Egyptian Insurance Firms Under Political Risks

Page 969-987
Aly Saad Dawood


The Reality and Importance of Institutional Performance Management Systems in Libyan Universities

Page 989-1046
صلاح حمد سليمان فيتوري


A Comparative Analysis of Income Disparities and Fertility Trends in Egypt

Page 1047-1083
عبدالله محمد محمود سرج


Governance Strategies for Egyptian Businesses in Economic Diplomacy

Page 1085-1116
أحمد سمير عبد العزيز


Does Corporate Sustainability Management Moderate the Relationship Between Cost Stickiness and Earnings Management? The Case of Egypt

Page 1117-1151
Yasmine Safwat Ibrahim Hassan; Ahmed Mahmoud Mohamed Youssef; Nancy Mohamed Mahmoud Ahmed


Studying the relationship between green human resource management practices and organizational sustainability Applied on Universal Health Insurance

Page 1153-1202
محمد رفعت القيرانى; ميرنا محمد عبدالقادر عثمان


Analyzing the Impact of Board Diversity on Financial Distress Risk: Empirical study on the Egyptian Listed Firms

Page 1203-1230
رحاب عماد الدين


The moderating role of job embeddedness on the relationship between career plateau and counterproductive work behaviors of the Mansoura university staff.

Page 1231-1268
غاده محمد صلاح الدين السيد أبو العطا