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Volume & Issue: Volume 26, Issue 2, June 2024  XML


The Impact of Organizational Culture in Stimulating Creative Orientation Among Employees of Egyptian Tourism Companies

Page 1-22
Samar Soliman Mohamed; Nermin EL Shahat Nasr; Mariam Samy Zekry


Development of Bird Watching Tourism and its Impact on the Sustainability of Environmental Resources by Application on South Sinai

Page 23-39
aya mohamed husien; Nevien Galal Eid; Hebatullah Atef El-Akhras


The cultural and political activity of the Albanian community in Egypt 1878 -1912 A.D and its role in tourist attraction

Page 40-53
Ahmed Mohamed Ali Ghobashy; Mahmoud Moawad ٍSalem


The Effect of Visual Identity on Tourists’ Preferences to Visit Luxor from Generational Perspective

Page 54-70
Shimaa Abd El-Kawy Abd El- Tawab; Karim Mohamed Selim; Nirmen Wasfy Gerges


Towards maximizing hotel businesses’ sustainable performance: Technological factors affecting food smart packaging technology adoption

Page 71-91
Mohamed M. Khalil; Ahmed Hassan Abdelkawy; Moataz bellah Faried Ibrahim; Saied Salama Ibrahim


Environmental antecedents of food and beverage waste reduction using smart packaging technology: Insights from TOE framework

Page 92-114
Mohamed M. Khalil; Ahmed Hassan Abdelkawy; Moataz bellah Ibrahim; Saied Salama Ibrahim


The role of digital transformation in developing administrative performance in the tourism sector: «An applied study on Port Said Governorate»

Page 115-121
George Samy Zekry; Nevien Galal Eid; Mohamed Higazy; Heba Allah Atef alakhras


التسليح الثقيل الدروع و العجلات الحربية كوسائل ردع فى مصر القديمة

Page 122-139
Jassmen Mohamed Seda


المسئولية المجتمعية ودورها في تعزيز الهوية المصرية لإستدامة السياحة: بالتطبيق على محافظة جنوب سيناء

Page 140-157
Nourhan Nagy; Nevien Galal Eid; Marwa Ali Abdel-Wahab; Rasha Ahmed Khalil


The impact of de-marketing on sustainable tourism development An applied study on the Ras Muhammad Reserve in South Sinai

Page 158-178
Heidi Reda Abdelmotaleb; Nevien Galal; Hebatullah Atef El-Akhras