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Volume & Issue: Volume 9, Issue 1, January 2024  XML


Microbiological Studies On antimicrobial activity of some seaweeds

Page 1-6
Eman Hamed; Ahmed A. Hamed; Mohamed G. Battah; Mohamed E. El awady; Sohier S. Abdel Salam; Mervat G. Hassan


Detection and analysis of mycoflora associated corn and wheat flours and their toxins

Page 7-15
Sabah Ahmed; elsayed embaby; Aya Abdelbaqey; Mervat Hassan


Bioactive secondary metabolites and Antioxidant activity of Spirulina

Page 17-21
ASMaa Shadad; Mohamed G. Battah; Mervat G. Hassan; Ahmed A. Hamed; Mohamed E. El awady


Exploring Marine Fungal Crude Extracts for Antidiabetic Potential

Page 23-28
Samah Mohamm Abdelazeem; mervat hass hassan; hammed sh shora; mohammed el awady; ahmed abd elghany; dina ba barka


Comparing the Non-Invasive Cardiometry with Ultrasound Guided Inferior Vena Cava Collapsibility for Evaluation of Fluid Responsiveness in Septic Patient, Randomized Clinical Triall

Page 29-36
Ahmed Mostafa Abd-El-Hamid; Samar Rafik Mohamed; Fatma Ahmed Abd-El-Fatah; Ebtehal Mohamed Shaheen


Patterns of Interactions Between Family Members and Its Relation to Drug Addiction

Page 37-44
Mohamed Mostafa EL-Hamady; Waleed Eleraky Elazab; Marwa Mohamed Mahmoud; Bassant Hanafy Abdel Hamid


The Use of Dome Shaped Osteotomy and Plating in Correction of Genu Varum

Page 45-53
Hany Abdelmonem Basiony; Sheref Abdelmonem Eltraigy; Mahmoud Shaapan Abouzied; Mahmoud Tarek Ibrahim


The Role of serum of Interleukin-6 in Predicting the Development of Meconium Aspiration Syndrome in Infants Born with Meconium-Stained Amniotic Fluid

Page 55-59
Nashwa Farouk Mohamed; Osama Aboalfotoh Elfeky; Mostafa Saeed Abdelhamed Zidan; Dina Saad Abdelmotaleb


Relation Between Acne and Different Body Weight

Page 61-65
Eman Mohamed Ali; Ahmed Abd El-Wahab Saleh; Rasha Abd-El Hamid El Sayed; Nader Nasr Nazmy


Impact Of Fetal Modified Myocardial Performance Index In Evaluating Cardiac Function In cases Of Diabetic Pregnancies And Preeclampsia

Page 67-76
Reem Hassan Abdel Aziz Amin; Hesham El Sayed El Sheikh; Sherif "Ahmed El-Refai" Abd El-Sattar; Inas Mohammed Mostafa Sweed; Wael Maher Mohamed Abd El Khalek


Validity of tap test in diagnosis of syndesmotic injury

Page 77-82
Abdalla Hesham Bedair


Platelets Rich Plasma Injections for Chronic Plantar Fasciitis

Page 83-97
Hassan Hussein Ahmed; Elsayed Mohamady; Mohamed Akef saleh; Abdelfattah Mohamed Ammar


Study Of Microrna 22 Level in Psoriasis Patients”

Page 99-102
Samah Saleh Mohammed; Ahmed Abd Allwahab Saleh; Aliaa Mohamed; Al Shaimaa Mahmoud Al Tabbakh


Finite Element Analysis of Strengthened R.C Flat Slab Edge Column Connections subjected to Punching Shear

Page 103-123
Mostafa Ibrahiem Omar; Mostafa I Omar; Mostafa I Omar


A Novel Method for Rapid Identification of Acinetobacter baumannii Among ICU Patients

Page 125-132
Sara Samir abdelrahman; Adel Marzouk Agha; Sahar Mohammad Fayed


Evaluation of Oncoplastic Techniques for Conservative Breast Surgery

Page 141-146
Ahmed Sayed Khamis; Mohamed Khalil; Ahmed Yehia; Mohamed Ibrahim


Preoperative Ultrasound Assessment Of Residual Gastric Volume In Patients With Delayed Gastric Emptying compared with normal adult patients Undergoing Elective Surgeries

Page 133-139
Dina Samy Elsaied; Reda khalil; Hamdy Hassn Eliwa; islam ali Mohamed


Safety and efficacy of Clopidogrel versus Ticagrelor in treating Non-STEMI elderly patients

Page 147-150
Magdy Abdallah Ghareeb; Osama Sanad Arafa; Alshimaa Mohammed Sabry; Safaa Salah Emam; Hatem Ibrahim Helal


Efficacy and Safety of Topical 40% Hydrogen Peroxide in the Treatment of Warts

Page 151-153
Yasmin Ibrahim El tohamy; Ihab Younis Abd Allah; Rehab Mohammed Salem


Soluble CD163 as a biomarker for renal involvment in systemic lupus erythematosus patients

Page 155-160
Ahmed El-shambaky; Nashwa Hashaad; Inas Elsayed; Abeer Mahmoud


Neurotensin in different dermatoses

Page 161-165
Fatma El-Esawy; Inas Elsayed; Shymaa Rezk; Haydy Helmy