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Volume & Issue: Volume 9, Issue 2, February 2024  XML


Premature Ejaculation .Bulbospongius Muscle injection by Botox 100IU (Anatomic Basis and Clinical Effect)

Page 1-5
Mohamed A. Ibrahim; Wael. S. Kandil; Hussein. S. El-kady; Mahmoud. E. Mobark; Islam. S. Nouh; Islam. S. Ahmed


Cervical Volume Assessment to Predict the Result of Induction of Labor: a Prospective Observational Study

Page 7-15
Nada. M. Elsheikh; Ahmed. M. Sadek; Ebrahim. E. Swidan; Amira. E. Ahmed


Serum and Tissue Marker in Keloids and Hyper Trophic Scars : A Comprehensive Review

Page 17-28
Neveen. E. Sorour; Naglaa. I. Azab; Doaa. M. El-Habak; Asmaa. O.Abdeltwab


Intralesional Treatment of Plantar Warts

Page 29-35
Ihab. Y. Abdallah; Shymaa. M. Rezk; Alaa. G. Mohammed



Page 37-50
Afaf Abdelkader; Ihab Y. Abdallah; Ahmed Abdeen; Samah E. Ibrahim


Comparative Study of Combined Pars Plana Vitrectomy-Scleral Buckle versus Pars Plana Vitrectomy in Cases of Inferior Retinal Break with Proliferative Vitreoretinopathy

Page 51-59
Ehab M. Saad; Hamdy A. Elgazzar; Sherif A. Dabour; Mohamed A. Yousef; Ahmed A. Tabl


Evaluation of Serum Endocan Level and Erectile Functions in Patients with Psoriasis

Page 61-67
Fatma Mohammed El Esawy; Ghada Mohamed Abd El Khalik; Amira Osama Abd EL-Ghafar; Shaimaa Muhammed shalaby


Klotho G-395A Gene Polymorphism: Impact on Progression of End-Stage Renal Disease and Development of Cardiovascular Complications in Children on Dialysis

Page 69-76
Ahmed M. Ezzat; Doaa R. Soliman; Inas A. Elsayed; Wesam El-Menshawy Afifi; Mona E. Afifi; Ahmed S. Abd El Haleem


Role of MicroRNA-1 as Diagnostic and Differentiating Biomarker between Acute Anterior Myocardial Infarction and Unstable Angina

Page 77-82
Samah M. Abd El khalek; Azza M. El Bermawy; Heba A. Mansour; Shaymaa M. Abd EL Rahman; Hend E. Nasr


Incidence, Risk Factors and Management of Central Venous Catheter Thrombosis in Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Page 83-90
Mohammed Hatem AbdelAzim; Omima abd-elhaie; Aliaa Diab; Mohammed Faheem


Value of Immature Granulocyte in Prediction of Severity of Coronary Artery Disease and Short Term Outcome in Patients with Ischemic Heart Disease

Page 91-96
Mona E. Mansour; Khaled E. El-Din El-Rbaat; Yasser H. AbdeRahman; Hager I. Allam


Assessment of Serum Procalcitonin Level and Neutrophil /Lymphocyte Ratio in Patients with Lichen Planus

Page 97-100
Gehad Ahmed yousef; Ahmed Mohamed Hamed; Ghada AbdelKhalik; Maha Rashwan


Clinical Evaluation of Changes in Ocular Surface Integrity after Upper Eye Lid Entropion Surgery

Page 101-105
Ahmed E. Daifalla; Ghada R. Hassan; Hossam M. Faramawi


Sexual Disorders in Females with Bipolar Disorder

Page 107-116
Sara E. El-Sorogy; Mohamed M. El-Hamady; Asmaa S. Mohamed; Marwa M.Dahroug


Comparative Study Between The Conventional Modified Radical Mastectomy And Modified Radical Mastectomy With Quilting Technique To Axillary Skin Flap In Reduction Of Postoperative Seroma In Surgical Management Of Breast Cancer

Page 117-123
Ahmed F. Abouelsoued; El-sayed A. Abd El-mabood; Mohammed T. Yones; Mohamed A. waly


Pathogenesis of Acne Vulgaris in Adolescence

Page 125-128
Ahmed M. Hamed; Amal Y. Habashy; Omnia A. El Abd; Nashwa E. Ahmed


Ultrasound-Guided Lumbar Erector Spinae Plane Block compared to Quadratus Lumborum Block for Postoperative Analgesia in Inguinal Hernia repair operations

Page 129-137
Tamer S. Mohamed; Reda K. Kamel; Saad I. Saad; Eslam A. Shabob


Study of Clinical Characteristics and Aetiological Factors of Mask-Induced Acn

Page 139-143
Fatma M. Elesawy; Ebtsam M. Amr; Mysa S. Mostafa; Aliaa E. Daifalla


Assessment of Leptin Level in Serum of Patients with Seborrheic Dermatitis

Page 145-147
Menna A.Soliman; Asmaa M.Al Refaei; Ghada M. Abdel Khalik; Maha T. Rachwan


Association between Obesity and Acne Vulgaris Development

Page 149-153
Ahmed A.Saleh; Rasha A. El Sayed; Noha A.Hegazy; Nader N. Nazmy


Progranulin in the Umbilical Cord Blood as Predictor of Early Onset Sepsis in Premature Infants With Premature Rupture of Membrane

Page 155-158
Reda S.Arafa; Shaimaa R.Abdelmaksoud; Rana A.Khashaba; Waleed M.Tawfik; Hadeer M. Mashhour


Oral Midodrine Use in Weaning of Intravenous Vasopressor Infusions in Septic Shock Patients

Page 159-166
Muhammed A.Elmorsy; Saad I.Saad; Mariam M.S.El. Wahdan


Study of the Possible Role of MicroRNA 106b in Psoriasis Vulgaris

Page 167-172
Heba Elsayed Abd Elraheem; nancy wadie; Mahmoud Tawfick; Aliaa Mohamed