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Volume & Issue: Volume 73, Issue 2, October 2018  XML


Role of Magnetic Resonance Urography in Diagnosis of Pediatric Obstructive Uropathy: A Surgeon Perspective

Page 5961-5969
Sameh AbdelHay AbdelHamid; Khaled AbouelFotouh Ahmed


Futures and the outcome of treatment of poisoned children and adolescents admitted to emergency units in different areas of Saudi Arabia

Page 5970-5975
Maha Mukhlef R. Alanazi; Turki Habib AlShammari; Muhannad Mohammed Alshehri; Talal Habib AlShammari; Abdullah Ahmad Alaradi; Sami Najeeb Alsagre; Haifa Saeed Alrumeh; Mohammed Saeed Abdullah Alqahtani


The role of prophylactic radiotherapy in prevention of brain metastasis

Page 5976-5981
Jnadi Mohammed Jaber Madkhali; Khalil Ibrahim Ali Kariri; Ammar Abdullah Othman Hakami; Jubran Mohammed Ali Abiri; Alhassan Mahdi Ali Kariri; Ali Mahdi Ali Kariri


Primipara Mothers who delivered vaginally or by cesarean section, is there an impact on the sexual function?

Page 5982-5991
Mohamed M. Al-Sherbiny; Rehab M. Abdelrahman; Amr A. Riad; Ahmed M. Adel Abdelgawad; Mahmoud M. Elsayed


Comparative evaluation of hemodynamic stability and recovery during conscious sedation by dexmedetomidine with fentanyl versus ketamine with fentanyl in dilatation and curettage

Page 5992-5997
Gehan Fouad kamel; Rania Magdy Ali; Ali Elsayed Ali Ismail; Beshoy Eshak Aziz Hanna


Histologic Features of Uterine Septum

Page 5998-6003
Mohamed Ibrahim Mohamed Amer; Walid ElBasuony Mohammed; Ahmed Hefny Abdo Abdo Hefny; Laila Nabegh Mohammed Nageeb


The Effect of Adding Dexmedetomidine or Fentanyl to Levobupivacaine for Ultrasound-guided Supraclavicular brachial plexus block in Upper Extremity Sugeries

Page 6004-6009
Eissa R.E, Abo-Elnassr L.M; Amin S.M.and Mohamed R.M


Lidocaine for Pain Control during Intrauterine Contraceptive Device Insertion: A Randomized Clinical Trial

Page 6010-6020
Hassan Awwad Bayoumy; Gihan El Sayed El-Hawwary; Hadeer Abd El-Shafy Fouad


Assessment of Pulmonary Artery Pressure in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Patients without Resting Hypoxemia

Page 6021-6027
Muhammed Ali Mahmoud Farrag; Mohamed Ali ElSayed; Alaa Gamal Youssef El Mashad; Ahmed Mohamed El Mahmoudy


Evaluation of the Effect of Diet Therapy in the Management and Prevention of Acne Vulgaris

Page 6028-6034
Sultan Mousa Bakr; Alshafie Ali Yahya A; Mohammed Abdulkhaleq Farea; Bakr Abobakr Albrakati; Tharaa Waleed Rambo; Fatimah Mustafa AlShakhs; Aldhafeer Eman Saad A; Rawan Adel shafaay; Mahabbat Nadin Anam A; Njoud Ibrahim Al-Nodali; Yara Mahdi BinSaleh


Risk Factors, Post-operative Complications and outcome of management of Hip Fracture in Arar, Northern Saudi Arabia

Page 603-6041
Saud Rteamy R Alanazi; Malik Azhar Hussain; Hamdan Ayed H Albathali; Fatimah Khalifah A Alshammari; Zaid Qati F Alshammari; Adel Turki D ALenez; Muaz Bilal Abdulhameed Wali; Razan Fahad S Alotayfi; Khalid Nadi M Alanazi; Bader Arar Shadad Alruwaili; Abdalla Mohamed Bakr Ali


Comparative Study on the Effect of Silver Nanoparticles versus Silver Sulfadiazine in Diabetic Wound Healing in Albino Rat: a Histological Study

Page 6042-6051
Heba Mohamed Fawzy; Amany El Shawarby; Nagwa Kostandy Kalleny; Safaa M. Shaker


Amniotic Fluid Changes and Doppler Studies in Unexplained Oligohydramnios before and after Intravenous Maternal Hydration

Page 6052-6063
Abd El Moneim M. Zakaria; Abd El Monsef A. Sedek; Nader A. Abohassan


Assessment of Diclofenac Sodium Infusion for Management of Post-Spinal Shivering

Page 6064-6069
Sherif Sayed Sultan; Ashraf Elsayed Elagamy; Mayada Ahmed Ibrahim; Mina Magdy Fakhry


Values of Chest Ultrasound and Blood Platelet in Diagnosis and Assessment the Severity of Community Acquired Pneumonia

Page 6070-6074
Hussein Abd El-Fattah Mohammed; Fareed Shawky Basiony; Ahmed Younes Younes Younes


Retrospective Analysis of Clinico-Epidimological Factors in Prostatic Cancer

Page 6075-6081
Atef Youssef Reyad; Mai Mohamed Ezz El Din; Nesreen Ahmed Mosalam; Walaa Hatem El Damhogy


Effect of Maternal Anemia on Fetal Doppler Indices during the Last Trimester of Pregnancy

Page 6082-6089
Abdel-Megeed Ismail Abdel-Megeed; Amr Ahmed Mahmoud Riad; Shaimaa Mahmoud Mohamed Morsi Elsherif


Role of Diffusion Mri In Differentiation Between The Common Pediatric Posterior Fossa Brain Tumors.

Page 6090-6096
HanaaAbdelkader Ahmeda; Eman A. F. Darwisha; Osama Mohamed abo-bakrkhattabb


Preoperative Prediction of Difficulty of Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy

Page 6097-6102
Hanna Habib Hanna; Mohamed Ibrahim Mohamed; Amir Milad Nazier


Timothy Grass Pollen Sensitization in Asthmatic Egyptian Children

Page 6103-6108
Elham Mohammad Hossny; Hanan Mohamed Abd El Lateef; Ahmed Abd El-Hamid Abd El-Hamid Youssef


Preoperative Pregabalin Prolongs Duration of Spinal Anesthesia and Reduces Early Postoperative Pain

Page 6109-6114
Galal Adel Abd-Elrehim El-Kady; Safaa Ishak Ghaly; Amin Mohammed El-Ansary; Ahmed Mohamed Ismail


Non-absorbable versus absorbable tacks in transabdominal preperitoneal laparoscopic repair of inguinal hernia

Page 6115-6121
Ayman Abd-Allah Abd-Rabu; Mahmoud Saad Farahat; Haitham Mostafa Elmaleh; Dina Hany Ahmed; Ehab Mohammed Ali Fadl


Uncomplicated Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy to Drain or not to Drain

Page 6122-6127
Selim Said Abdel-Rahman EL-Nemr; Ahmed Mohamed El-Sayed; Abdel-Galeel Kamal Abdel-Galeel Elwany


Role of diffusion weighted and perfusion weighted imaging in characterization of ovarian tumours

Page 6128-6135
Randa Hussein Abdallah; Nermeen Nasry Halim; Eman Sameh Hussein; Eman Ahmed Fouad


Role of Endovenous Laser Ablation versus Radiofrequency Ablation for Primary Varicose Veins

Page 6136-6142
Hesham Adel Alaa El-Diin Alaa El-Diin; Hesham Mohamed Omraan; Mohamed Ahmed Abd El-Moniem Hagag; Amr Nabil Kamel


A prospective study of the latero-central glandular pedicle technique as an oncoplastic procedure for medial quadrants breast masses:oncological safety and clinical outcomes

Page 6143-6148
Ayman Ahmed Talaat; Ahmad Gamal El Din Osman; Niveen Fathy Al Mahmoudy; Mohammed Mostafa Ali


Correlation between Axial Length and Macular Thickness in Myopia

Page 6149-6156
Mahmoud A. Rabea; Sayed M. Al sayed; Mohammad H. Abdel Zaher


Tranexamic Acid for Prevention of Postpartum Hemorrhage after Vaginal Delivery

Page 6157-6164
Esmail Talaat El-Garhy; Ashraf Hamdy Mohamed; Ashraf Elshahat; Ibrahim Abu Elmagd; Mohamed Awad Allah Hamed


Multifocal Electroretinogram changes after intravitreal injection of Anti VEGF for Diabetic Macular Edema in correlation to visual acuity and optical coherence tomography

Page 6165-6175
Magdy E. Tawakol; Hossam Eldin A. Ziada; Amr R. Mahmoud


Vardenafil versus Tamsulosin as a Medical Expulsive Therapy for Distal Ureteral Stones

Page 6176-6181
Amr Fekry Elshorbagy; , Karim Omar El Saeed; Mohammed Zaghlol Mohammed Mohammed