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Volume & Issue: Volume 54, Issue 1, January 2023, Page 1-150  XML


Evaluation of The Role of Hydroxyapatite Nano Gel as Filling Materials for Improving The Healing of Repaired Tibial Bone Defect In Dogs

Page 1-11
Fouad M. Mohammed; Layth Mahmoud Alkattan; Hanaa Kh. Ismail; Ahmed M. Shareef


Distribution and Control of Parasitic Diseases in the Fish Farm Pools of Azerbaijan Republic

Page 13-22
Afet V Suleymanova


Pathological Aspects of Rabbits Hepatotoxicity and Fibrosis Experimentally Induced by Thioacetamide and The Role of Silymarin as Anti fibrotic Effects

Page 23-30
Angham G Faisul; Ahmed Al-Saidya


Ashwagandha Roots Extract Attenuate Some Anatomical and Behavioral Outcomes in Rat’ Pups After Early Postnatal Induction of Hypothyroidism

Page 31-46
Zahraa Alhahawachee; Ghada Taqa; luma Al Allaf


Evaluating the Systemic Effect of Metformin on Gene Expression of Osteocalcin and Vitamin D Receptors at Bony Defect in Rabbits

Page 47-60
Raad Hussein; Ghada Taqa


Anti-malarial Effect of Dracocephalum kotschyiExtract Against Murine Model of Plasmodium berghei Infection

Page 61-69
Shadan Shojaat; Faham Khamesipour


Evaluating the Systemic Effect of Magnesium Oxide on Gene Expression of Osteocalcin and Vitamin D Receptors in Rabbits with Orthodontic Teeth Movement

Page 71-86
Roaa Khedir; Ghada Taqa; Sarmad Al qassar


The Effects of Fresh and Commercial Aloe Vera Gel on IL6 Gene Expression in the Rabbits After Oral Mucosal Tissue Burning

Page 87-96
Hajer Mohammed; Ghada Taqa; Karam Al-Mallah


The effect of Ashwagandha Versus Amitriptyline on the Histological Structure of Submandibular Glands in Albino Rats

Page 97-107
Ismael Idrees; Ghada Taqa; Saba ALtaaye


Effect of Alkaline Drinking Water on Vitamin D3 Toxicity in Female Rats

Page 109-116
yamama zuher Alabdaly; Omar Medhat


Ovine and Caprine Pulmonary Adenomatosis, At Duhok Abattoir, Iraq, First Prevalence and Pathological Study

Page 117-124
Mahdi Ali Abdullah


Effect of High Density of Birds› numbers and Bee Pollen Addition on The level of Heat Shock Protein 90 and Blood Parameters of Male Japanese Quails

Page 125-136
Maryam Ahmed Alkhero; Ashwaq Ahmed Hassan


Antibiotic Resistance Patterns of Escherichia coli Isolated From Broiler Chickens with Colibacillosis in Duhok Province

Page 137-148
Wafaa G Jassim; Aqeel M. Shareef


Prevalence and Molecular Characterization of Yersinia species Isolated from Dogs and Cats

Page 149-158
Mona Nasser; Amro Abdou; Mayada Gwida; Adel Helmy Elgohary


Seroprevalence of Neospora caninum and Some Hematological and Biochemical Parameters in Sheep, Mosul-Iraq

Page 159-164
Ola Alhamdany; Khder Jassiem Hussain