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Volume & Issue: Volume 3, Issue 5, March 2024  XML


The relationship between Self-Directed Learning Readiness and Online Learning Engagement among Nursing Students

Page 156-196
fatma yousif ahmed


The Effect of Nursing Rehabilitative Program toward Vaginal Birth After Cesarean section on Mother's Knowledge and Practice

Page 500-530
Abeer Moustafa Barakat; Ahmed Ramy Mohammed Ramy Ahmed Ramy; Shaimaa Hassan Mohamady; Neama Abd EL Fattah Abd El Gawad


The Relationship between Nursing Knowledge about Documentation Skills and Auditing Retrospective of Patient's Records

Page 213-228
samar saeid ahmed


Effectiveness of Mindfulness-Based Interventions for Reducing Anxiety among Post-Operative Breast Cancer Women at Nasser Institute-Egypt

Page 63-85
Rama Ahmed Abd El-Naby


Assessment Nurses Knowledge, Practice and Attitude Regarding Prevention and Control COVID-19

Page 359-372
Maha Hassan; Sahar Ahmad Shafik; Afaf Abd el mohsen; Ons Said El-Zayat


Assessment of Adolescent Nursing Students knowledge and Attitude regarding Substance Abuse

Page 1-15
Zainab Taha Abd EL Aziz


Women's Knowledge and Attitude Regarding Vaginal Yeast

Page 330-343
Asmaa Mohamed Abd EL-Tawab


The Quality of Life among Women after Laparoscopic Versus Abdominal Hysterectomy

Page 170-183
nadia abdelmoty mohammed


Awareness of Nursing Students Regarding Applications of the Nursing Informatics System in the Community.

Page 33-46
Fatma Elsayed Reda Radwan


Studying the Effect of COVID -19 Pandemic on Female Reproductive Cycle

Page 390-408
Asmaa Salah Sayed ahmed


The Coping Pattern of Parents for their Children Complaining from Spinal Muscular Atrophy

Page 373-389
اسماء احمد امام


The Relationship between Workplace violence and Missed Nursing Care among Staff Nurses

Page 138-155
aya gamal elsayed


Perception of Nursing Personnel about Virtual Team Leadership

Page 409-423
Faten Mohamed Shehata


Perception and Satisfaction of Nursing Staff Regarding Triage Application in the Emergency Department

Page 264-284
Ali Mohamed Aziz Eldin Mohamed Alazaka


Awareness of Nursing Staff Regarding Disaster preparedness in the Emergency Department

Page 16-32
Mohamed salah Hussein Abuzied


The Effect of an Educational Program on Self-Care Practice for Patients with External Skeletal Fixation

Page 184-193
Asmaa Atta; Baghdad Hussein Mahmoud; Rasha Mohamed Elauoty


Nurse Educators' Knowledge and Perception of Clinical Reasoning at Nursing Technical Institutes

Page 424-438
Hala Mohamed Abd Elshafy


The Relationship Between Intelligent Leadership, Organizational Culture And Workplace Innovation.

Page 439-453
Shymaa Gamal Elgamal


Challenges and benefits of Using Virtual Learning Environment as Perceived by Nurse Educators and Students

Page 47-62
Lobna Ibrahim Abdalaziz


Application of PRECEDE PROCEED Model to Promote Lifestyle for Deaf andMute Girls AT Puberty

Page 106-121
Manal salah Abd Elhalim


The Role of Nurse Managers to Overcome Challenges Facing them During COVID-19 Pandemic

Page 122-137
soad alaa ali


Violence and Self-esteem among Divorced Women in The Health Sector:An Assessment Study.

Page 454-467
مروه نادي رشدى حسن


The Relationship between Nurse Well-being and Artificial Intelligence

Page 86-105
Hend mahmoud Elsawy


The Effect of Educational Guidelines on Pregnant Women`s Perception Regarding Calcium Supplementation

Page 304-329
Fatma Ramadan AbdEltwab Khalifa


Effect of Applying an Electronic Medical Records System for Nurses on Patient Safety Cultures

Page 229-240
Gehan Ahmad Omran; Eman Salman


The Relationship between Reproductive Factors and Risk of Breast Cancer among Pre –Menopausal Women

Page 468-486
Sara Youssef; Entesar Abd El-Moneim; Hanan Elsayed


Informal Caregivers’ Awareness about the Methods of Integrated Home Care for the Elderly

Page 241-263
Merna Nageh Botros


Perception of Maternity Nurses Regarding Cord Blood Banking

Page 285-303
Samira Abd Elaziz Mohamed Mousa


Assess' Nurses Knowledge and Skills Regarding Entrepreneurship

Page 487-499
Howida Abdelghany Mohamed


The Relationship between Openness to Learning and Organizational Learning.

Page 194-212
Amany Salama Esmaiel