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Volume & Issue: Volume 28, Issue 2, July 2019  XML


Simulative Study of Wavelength Division Multiplexing Fiber Bragg Grating in Nuclear Reactors Monitoring

Page 1-16
Abd El-Naser Mohamed; Ahmed Rashed; M Zaky; Ahmed Elsaket; Mohamed Gaheen


Efficient Epileptic Seizure Prediction Approach Based on Hilbert Transform

Page 17-32
Heba Emara; Mohamed Elwekeil; taha E. Taha; Adel El-Fishawy; Sayed El-Rabaie; Turky Alotaiby; Saleh Alshebeili; Fathi Abd el-samie


Efficient Remote Access System Based on Coded Speech Signals

Page 33-52
Hala Shawky; Mohamed Abd-Elnaby; Mohamed Rihan; Mohamed Nassar; Adel El-Fishawy; Fathi Abd El-Samie


Sub-band Decomposition for Epileptic Seizure Prediction

Page 53-64
Asmaa Hamad; Taha Taha; Sayed El-Rabaie; Adel El-Fishawy; Turky Alotaiby; Saleh Alshebeili; Fathi Abd El-Samie


An Efficient Method Of ECG Beats Feature Extraction/Classification With Multiclass SVM Error Correcting Output Codes

Page 65-78
Salma El-Soudy; Ayman El-Sayed; Adnan Khalil; Irshad Khalil; Taha E. Taha; Fathi Abd El-Samie


Towards 3D Nuclear Detectors

Page 79-96
Abdelhady Ellakany; Mohamed Abouelatta; I. Hafez; S. El-Rabaie; Christian Gontrand


Sensitivity of Seizure Pattern Prediction to EEG Signal Compression

Page 97-116
Sally El-Gindy; Sami El-Dolil; Adel El-Fishawy; El-Sayed El-Rabaie; Moawad Dessouky; Fathi Abd El-Samie; Turky Elotaiby; Saleh Elshebeily


Interference Mitigation Techniques Applied to LTE Femtocells Systems

Page 117-128
Mohamed Shalaby; Mona Shokair; Nagy Messiha


Integrated Capacitance-Ultrasonic Sensor for Gas-Liquid-Solid Multiphase Measurements: A Proof of Concept

Page 129-152
Wael Ahmed; Ashraf Farahat


Literature Review on All-Optical Photonic Crystal Encoders and Some Novel Trends

Page 153-184
Tamer Mostafa; El-Sayed El-Rabaie


Quality-based LEACH protocol with enhanced cluster-head selection for wireless sensor networks

Page 185-202
Mahmoud Aboalneel; Mohammed Abd-Elnaby; Ayman El-Sayed


Image Forgery Detection Based on Trigonometric Transforms

Page 203-216
Faten Al-Azrak; Moawad Dessouky; Fathi Abd El-Samie; Ahmed Elkorany; Zeinab Elsharkawy


The Power of Deep Learning: Current Research and Future Trends

Page 217-244
Ahmed Ghozia; Gamal Attiya; Nawal El-Fishawy


Tuning the Parameters of TSK Neuro-Fuzzy System by Particle Swarm Optimization

Page 245-258
Sally Abdulaziz; Essam Nabil; Gomaa Zaki; Galal Atlam


Towards the Conceptual Retrieval of Multimedia Documentary: A Survey

Page 259-286
Ahmed Ghozia; Gamal Attiya; Nawal El-Fishawy


Quality Assessment of Images Transmitted over Optical Fiber Communications Systems based on Statistical Metrics

Page 287-304
Hanan Ghanem; Walid El-Shafai; El-Sayed El-Rabaie; Abd Naser Mohamed; Ahmed Rashed; Fathi Abd El-Samie; Mohammed Tabbour