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Depression and COVID 19

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript , Available Online from 15 November 2023
afnan alaa eldin radi; Gihan Mohammed Ahmed Omar; Rania Mostafa Mohammed


Immunogenicity of vaccine encoding spike protein against Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus in mammalian model.

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript , Available Online from 28 April 2024
Mohamed Eid Abo sherif; Noura Mahrous Abo shama; Sara M Hussein; Mohamed Aly El-Desouky; Demiana Helmy Hanna; Mohamed Ahmed Ali


Quantitative Assessment of the antibody response to the COVID-19 Sputnik Vaccine

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript , Available Online from 15 May 2024
Shehab Eldeen Abdelhaleem; Raafat Zaher Abdelrahman; Ahmed Gad Taha; Amira Gamal El Din Mohamed; Tarek Abdelkader Sallam


Whole genome sequencing analysis of SARS-CoV-2 Omicron variant isolated ‎from Egypt‎

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript , Available Online from 03 July 2024
Hanaa Hussain Ahmed; Mohamed Gomaa Seadawy; Mohamed Abdel-Razik; Ahmed Fawzy Gad; Mervet Gamil Hassan


Neurological Impact of COVID-19 on Children: A case report.

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript , Available Online from 28 February 2023
Attia Abdelwahab Soliman


The Relationship between Diabetes Mellitus and The Prognosis of COVID-19

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript , Available Online from 08 July 2024
Mohamed Sobhy Sedky; Sherif Ali Abd El Aziz; Shaaban Salah Abd Elmoneum; Wafaa A. Abdelghany; Mohamed Saleh


Neurological effects of COVID-19 in pediatric patients with the multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children (MIS-C).

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript , Available Online from 04 May 2023
Nagwa M. Sabry Mahmoud; Ahmed Fathy Khalil; Moustafa Abd ElRheem


Evaluation of Total leucocytic count and CD8+ T lymphocytes in the peripheral blood of COVID-19 patients as primary markers of disease severity

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript , Available Online from 27 December 2023
Raghda Raouf Shady; Wafaa Khairy Mahdi; Wedad Mahmoud Abdelraheem; Mohamed Ibrahim Bassyouni; Soha Sameh Abdelrahim


Study of Cardiac Injury In Post COVID Children

Volume 9, Issue 7, July 2024, Page 1-6
Somaia Abd El-Samie Elwan; Mohammed Ibrahem Amin; Howyda Mohammed Kamal Shabaan; Iman Amer


Bacterial co-infection in hospitalized COVID-19 patients

Volume 4, Issue 1, June 2024, Page 164-168
Basma Mohammed Ahmed; Ahmed Sadek Ahmed Hassanin; Eslam Galal Mohamed; Mohamed Mostafa Amin


Studying the role of Interleukin-6 (IL-6) and C-reactive protein (CRP) in Patients Infected with COVID-19 until Recovery

Volume 6, Issue 2, June 2024, Page 218-234
Mohey H. Shikhoun; Yasin Abdelkareem


Impact of COVID-19 Infection on Patients with Chronic Liver Disease

Volume 14, Issue 2, June 2024, Page 227-232
Huda M Sileem; Mohammed E Abdel Rhman; Khaled A Khalaf


Efficacy and safety of SARS-COV-2 vaccines in breast cancer patients : Egyptian experience

Volume 5, Issue 2, May 2024, Page 420-429
Mira Youssef Robert Canaan; Hatem Mohamed Abdulla; Mohammad Sabry Elkady; Nada Ezzeldin Gomaa; Noha Alaa El-Din Fahim; Ahmed Mohamed Gharib; Diaaeldin Moussa Sherif


Co-Infection with respiratory viruses among critically-ill SARS-CoV2 patients in a tertiary hospital in Egypt: Incidence and effect on patients outcome

Volume 5, Issue 2, May 2024, Page 441-450
Mohamed H Saleh; Maha A. Gad; Amani Ali El-Kholy; Lamiaa Saleh; Zahraa M Mostafa; Shereen H Abd-El-Aziz


SARS-CoV-2: Immunoglobulins levels in Infected and Post-Vaccinated Subjects

Volume 95, Issue 1, April 2024, Page 1596-1600


CRP, D-dimer, and Comorbidities as Potential Prognostic Factors in Critically Ill COVID-19 Patients

Volume 8, Issue 1, March 2024, Page 41-51
Mai Ibrahem salah-elden; Yousry El-Sayed El-Bolkiny; mohammed El-Sayed Hantera; Mohammed Ali Ahmed Eid


Variations in levels of ACE2 and TMPRSS2 receptors among COVID-19

Volume 5, Issue 1, February 2024, Page 29-39
Dalia Essam Zanaty; Mohamed A El-Mokhtar; Omnia Hassan El-Badawy; Manal Ahmed Elkhwaga


Awareness, perception, and uptake of Covid-19 vaccine among students of a tertiary institution in northeastern Nigeria

Volume 5, Issue 1, February 2024, Page 89-100
Musa Yakubu Tula; Joel Filgona; Godwin Johuel Birma


Screening for SARS-CoV-2 variants in Egypt using multiplex PCR

Volume 5, Issue 1, February 2024, Page 20-28
Ghada Ismail; Nashwa Naguib Omar; Samar Saad Rashad; Hossam Abdelghaffar; Marwa Salah Mostafa; Shereen Saeed Mohamed; Ahmed Elshafei; Yasmeen Mohammad Mahmood Ali Ibraheem


The Effectivity of Pfizer vaccine on oral immunological biomarkers sIgA and Interleukin-21

Volume 5, Issue 1, February 2024, Page 80-88
Dhuha Mahmood Ali; Ghada Ibrahim Taha


Investigation and Analysis of Laboratory Results of Anti- SARS-COV-2 IGM and IGG Antibodies among Women and Children Admitted to Al-Batoul Maternity and Childhood Teaching Hospital, Diyala, Iraq: A Retrospective Cohort Study

Volume 94, Issue 1, January 2024, Page 1160-1167


Incidence of Post COVID-19 Rhinosinusitis Among Otorhinolaryngology Patients in New Damietta

Volume 5, Issue 12, December 2023, Page 3938-3942
Ahmed Samir Abdellah Mahmoud; Ali Khalaf Mahrous; Mahmoud El-Said EL-Sobki


Studying the Effect of AgNPs Silver Nanoparticles on The Spike Glycoprotein of SARS-CoV-2 Virus

Volume 15, Issue 2, December 2023, Page 487-493
Faesal G. Hassen; Amidah A. Atiyah


Insights on the role of TLR-4 in neuroinflammation: a hint on COVID-19 relationship

Volume 7, Issue 2, December 2023, Page 324-333
Salma Abdelhady Elshafey; Dalia Abdulazim El-Khouly; Esther Tharwat Menze; Mariane George Tadros



Volume 26, Issue 4, October 2023, Page 3703-3719

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