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Volume & Issue: Volume 81, Issue 6, October 2020  XML


Assessment of Vitamin D Level in Patients with Recurrent Renal Calcium Stones

Page 2130-2109
Mohamed Marzook Abd El-maksoud; Mohamed Adel Abozead; Mohamed Sayed ELgharbawy; Abd- Elalim Mohamed El-Doray


Surgical Treatment of Pediatric Proximal Humeral Fracture by Percutaneous Pinning

Page 2110-2114
Omar Abd-Wahab Kelany; Waleed Mohammed Nafea; Mohamed Ismael AbdelRhman Kotb; Mohamed Abdusalam Omar Idrah


Patterns of Pulmonary Hypertension in Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease

Page 2114-2119
Mohammed Zain El-Din Hafiz; Hala Abdallah Mahmoud; Ramadan Ghalib Mohammed; Mohammed Mahmoud Abd Elwahab Mohammed


Role of Nailfold Capillaroscopy as A Method of Detection of Atherosclerosis in Systemic Lupus Erythematosus Patients

Page 2121-2128
Hanan M Farouk; Fatma M Aboud; Huda T Hussein; Rasha M Mohamed


Discrepancy between Stool Culture and Blood Culture in Acute Diarrheal Disease

Page 2129-2132
Hosny Mohammed Ahmed Elmasry; Alaa Hashim; Amira Rifaat Ebrahim


Prevalence of HCV, HBV and HIV in Institutionalized Mental Illness Patients at Aswan Governorate

Page 2133-2138
Atef Mohammed Mahmmoud; Mohammed Bastawy; Sherif Ali Abdel-Aziz; Abd-Allha Mustafa Jafer


Assessment of Body Composition in Patients with Multiple Sclerosis: Institutional-Based Cross-Sectional Study

Page 2139-2145
Nearmeen M. Rashad; Waleed M. Reda Ashour; Azza H. Abd El-Fatah


Correlation between Site of Placenta and Umbilical Cord Hematocrit Value

Page 2146-2151
Anwar Ezzat Ismail; Amal Mohamed El-Anwar; Waleed Mohammed Etman; Amany Mohamed Taha Emara


Prevalence of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome in Young Adult Unmarried Females Attending Zagazig University Hospital Outpatient Clinic

Page 2152-2159
Soha Galal Siam; Badeea Seliem Soliman; Mohammed Ramadan Ali; Omnia Abdallah Mohamed Abdallah


The role of Therapeutic Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation in Treatment of Sleep Disorders in Parkinson’s disease Patients

Page 2160-2164
Eman Mohamed Khedr; Suzan Salama Sayed; Abeer Abd El Hady Tony; Rana Gamal Abd El Shakour


A Study of Vitamin D Supplementation to Patients with Chronic Diseases Admitted to Ain Shams University Hospital

Page 2165-2172
Ahmed Mohamed Bahaa El Din; Raef Malak Botros; Mariam Michel Ayad Grace; Hany Khairy Mansour


Laparoscopy Versus Laparotomy in The Surgical Treatment of Perforated Duodenal Ulcers

Page 2173-2178
Mohamed Tag El-Din


A Randomized-Trial Study of Corneal Collagen Cross-Linking (CXL) in Progressive-Keratoconus (PK)

Page 2179-2183
Hassan Shamselden Yousef


Effect of Chronic Stress on The Testis of The Adult Male Albino Rat and The Role of Ginger

Page 2184-2194
Hadeer Abd El-Mohsen El-Naggar; Fatma El-Nabawia A. El-Safty; Abeer E. El-mehi; Ayman Abdallah Reafie


Resistance Index of Uterine and Spiral Arteries as a Predictor of Threatened Miscarriage Outcome

Page 2195-2198
AlaaEdeen F. Al Halaby; Mohamed M. Fahmy; Hany M Khallaf; Mohamed S Abdullah; Ahmed M Nofal


The Omentopexy Role in The Prevention of Post-Operative Gastric Sleeve Surgery Complications

Page 2199-2204
Mohamed Fathy Labib


Endoscopic Verses Conventional Septoplasty in the Treatment of Deviated Nasal Septum

Page 2205-2210
Mohamed O.A. Gad; Mostafa Othman Ramadan Salama; Mostafa Mahrous Mahmoud; Reham AE Ibrahim


Role of D-Dimer in Assessment of the Severity of Community Acquired Pneumonia in Children

Page 2211-2216
Hasan El-Banna Khedr; Dina Mohamed Shokry; Eman Mohamed El Behedy; Zeinab El-Sayed Kotb El-Sayed


Serum Fibroblast Growth Factor 19 As A Predictor and Follow Up of Hepatocellular Carcinoma

Page 2217-2221
Said Abdelbaky Gad; Ahmed I. Elagrody


Plasma and Urinary Calprotectin Levels in Type 2 Diabetic Patients with Peripheral Arterial Disease

Page 2222-2226
Halawa M; Abushady MM; Abdelsalam Besibes MM; Basabbea AS; Mohamed NR


Does the Gender Imply A Certain Predilection as Regards the Morphology of Left Atrial Appendage in Egyptians?

Page 2227-2234
Hazem Mansour; Ahmed Mohamed Hassan; Ahmed Mohamed Onsy; Azza Alaa Omran; Mona Rayan; Mohamed Ghazy


Long Noncoding RNA MALAT-1 and Mirna-9 Expression Profile Levels in Patients with Diabetic Polyneuropathy (DPN) and Their Correlations with The Severity of Painful DPN

Page 2235-2245
Nearmeen M. Rashad; Hala A. Fathy; Rehab M. Atef; Neveen F. Ibrahim


Comparative Study of Multimodal Analgesia and Morphine Analgesia Concerning the Adverse Effects Following Open-Heart Surgeries

Page 2246-2251
Wesam Abd El Galil Abu Elwafa; Ahmed El Saied Abd Ell Rahman; Samar Thabet Abu Bakre; Khaled Abdelfattah Mohamed Abdelfattah


Association between Hypocapnea and Febrile Seizures

Page 2252-2258
Hanan Mohammed Abd El-Moneim; Bahaa Hawary; Emad Farah Mohammed Kholef; Yahia Mohammed Hassan El Tayeb


Diagnostic Value of Lung Ultrasound Versus Chest X-Ray in Surgical ICU Patients Alrefaey K Alrefaey, Ahmed S Marwa, Yassen M Amr, Zaghloul A Amgad

Page 2259-2264
Alrefaey K Alrefaey; Ahmed S Marwa; Yassen M Amr; Zaghloul A Amgad


Risk Factors of Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus in Children Attending Aswan University Hospital

Page 2265-2273
Asmaa Mohammed Ismail; Ahmed El-Meshwady Ahmed Mohammed; Hanan Mohammed Abd El-Moneim


Assessment of Health-Related Quality of Life in Children with Rheumatic Heart Disease at Upper Egypt

Page 2274-2284
Asmaa Mohammed Ismail; Hanan Mohammed Abd El-Moneim; Asmaa Ashraf Mohammed


Chronic Graft-versus-Host Disease: An Immunologic Perspective

Page 2285-2290
Alaa E. Abd El-Hamid; Enas S. Zahran; Mohamed E. Salim


Laparoscopic Treatment for Secondary Ureteropelvic Junction Obstruction

Page 2291-2294
Hassaan A. Gad; M. Zaki Eldahshoury; Mohammed M. Hussein; Ahmed Hammady


Serum leptin level in diabetic patients with erectile dysfunction

Page 2295-2299
Moustafa A. El Taieb; Eisa M. Hegazy; Ahmed I. Ebeed; Mostafa A. Maher