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Prediction of Thermal Isomerization Temperatures of Substituted Benzocyclobutenes to o- Quinodimethanes Using Hardness, Polarizability and energies of σ, σ* and π* orbitals.

Page 5433-5436
Ammar H. Al-Sabawi; Hyffaa Y. Hussien; Abdulkhalik S. Alkazzaz


Biosorption of Copper (II) Ion from Aqueous Solution Using Algae Biomass Oscillatoria sp.

Page 5437-5442
Nurhasanah Nurhasanah; Anton Restu Prihadi; Ratnawati Lilasari Djanis; Bella Mellisani; Askal Maimulyanti


Optimization of Cocktail AquaLight LLT Volume for Estimation of 14C Activity in Aqueous Sample using LSC Hidex 300 SL

Page 5443-5448
Nur Faiizah Aqiilah Firman; Alfian Noor; Muhammad Zakir; Maming Maming; Achmad Fuad Fathurrahman


The Beneficial Influence of Rosemary Aqueous Extract on The treatment of Oxidative Stress-Induced Myocardial Ischemia in Rats

Page 5449-5455
Zyad H. AL-Qaisi; Sura M. Abbood; Mustafa. T. Mohammed; Sura M. Kadhim


Rate Theory and Relaxation Map Analysis of Iodine-Doped Poly(Ethyl Methacrylate) composite films using Thermally Stimulated Depolarization Current-Thermal Sampling (TSDC-TS) Technique

Page 5457-5470
Wafaa B. Elsharkawy; Zainab M. Elqahtani; Tarek Fahmy


Enhancing the Performance of Microbial Fuel Cells by Installing an Air Pump to the Cathode Chamber

Page 5471-5476
Elshaimaa Moustafa Amer; Essam M Abdelsalam; Yasser A Attia; Mahmoud Mohamed Saleh; Mohamed Salah; Mohamed A Moselhy; Abdallah S. Ali; Mohamed Samer


Chemical and biological characterization of lipid profile from Hydroclathrus clathraus

Page 5477-5484
Eman A. Ibrahim; Mahmoud. T. Abo-elfadl; Hanaa. H. Abd El Baky; Soha. A. Murad


Effect of PEG on Structure and Physical Properties of PVA/CMC Nanofiber

Page 5485-5492
Karim Y. Nabat; Hassan A.Farag; Mona Ossman; Mahmoud Taha; Nahla Taha


Assessment of the Chemical Composition, Antimicrobial Potential and Cytotoxic Activity of Eriobotrya japonica fruits

Page 5493-5502
Gehan Fawzy Abdel Raoof; Ataa Said; Shaymaa Ismail


Eco-Friendly Method for Determination of Allopurinol Drug in pure form and Pharmaceuticals after Cloud Point Extraction

Page 5503-5510
Maha Al-Tameemi; Sadeem Subhi Abed; Esraa Amer Kadhim; Noor J. Mohammed; Saadiyah A. Dhahir


Adsorption of Tetracycline Antibiotic from Aqueous solutions using Natural Iraqi Bentonite

Page 5511-5519
Shahad Mahmood Khalaf; Saddam Mohammed Al-Mahmoud


Effects of Sodium Fluoride on Liver and Kidney in Rabbits

Page 5521-5528
Amina Nafei Al-safei; Faehaa Azher Al-Mashhadane


Comparative Chemical Investigation of Brachychiton australis (Schott & Endl.) A. Terracc. and Brachychiton discolor F.Muell

Page 5529-5536
alia yassinn; Mona Elshabrawy; Ahmed Elkhateeb; Sameh R Hussein; Mona Kassem; Salwa Kawashty; El sayed Saleh; Mona Marzouk


Synthesis and Evaluation of Polymeric Dispersant Based on Vegetable Oils Their Application as Cutting Fluid

Page 5537-5545
Nasser Abdelrahman; Mahmoud Bekhit; Nabel Negm; Zizi I Abdeen


Hybrid Phosphotungstic acid -Dopamine (PTA-DA) Like-flower Nanostructure Synthesis as a Furosemide Drug Delivery System and Kinetic Study of Drug Releasing

Page 5547-5553
Saja Ali; Muqdam Ali; Luma Ahmed


Theoretical, Voltammetric and Thermodynamic study for Cadmium(II)-Tyrosine Complex at 293-313 K

Page 5555-5559
Aswan N. Abed; Ammar A. Ibrahim


Anticancer and Antioxidant Activity of the Greenly Synthesized Zinc Nanoparticles Composites using Aqueous Extract of Withania Somnifera plant

Page 5561-5574
Saja Zubair Dhabian; Riyam Sabeeh Jasim


Photobiostimulation of Chlorella sorokiniana Using Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) for Increasing Lipid and Biodiesel Production

Page 5575-5583
M. Faried; Abdallah S. Ali; R. H. Ahmed; M.A. Moselhy; E. Abdelsalam; R.S. Yousef; D.A. Marrez; M. Samer


Cypermethrin-Induced Lung Damage in Albino Rats: The Preventive Impact of Moringa oleifera

Page 5585-5595
Noha Ibrahim Soliman; Mohamed El-Desouky; Abd El-Hamid Abd El-Meged Nahas


Kinetic Control versus Mulligan Mobilization Effect on Functional Outcomes in Patients With Lumbar Radiculopathy: Randomized Comparative Study

Page 5597-5606
Mahmoud Abo Alfa; Enas Elsayed; Wael Shendy; Mohamed Elawady; Noura Elkafrawy


Chemical Reactivity Study of Anew of Suggested Chemotherapy Agent Using DFT

Page 5607-5612
Lekaa Husinsa Khdaim; Abbas A-Ali Draea


Evaluation the level of Total Fucose and Some Enzymes in the Blood of Patients with Neurological Diseases

Page 5613-5618
Omar M. Hameed; Luay A. Al-Helaly


Relation of Lipoxygenase Activity with Some Biochemical Parameters in Epilepsy Patients

Page 5619-5626
Ahmed A. Al-Fayyad; Nashwan I. Al-Lehebe


Synthesis and Characterization of Magnetic Nickel Ferrite-Modified Montmorillonite Nanocomposite For Cu (II) and Zn (II) Ions Removal From Wastewater

Page 5627-5645
Hanan A. Ahmed; Mona S. S. Soliman; Sahar A. Othman


Synthesis of New 5-Aryl Tetrazoline from N-Aceto Hydrazide Cyclic Imides and Study of Biological Activity

Page 5647-5653
Akram Al-Haidari; Entesar AL-Tamimi

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