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Volume & Issue: Volume 37, October-December - Serial Number 4, December 2016  XML


Effect of Sowing Date and Nitrogen Fertilization Level on Growth and Productivity of Some Durum and Bread Wheat Varieties Amal

Page 541-549
Amal G. M. Ali; Mohsen A. Omar; Ali I. Nawar; Sami Sh. El-Tabbakh


Effect of Mineral and Bio-Nitrogen Fertilization on Maize (Zea mays L.), some Soil Properties and Subsequent Wheat (Triticum aestivum, L.) Yield

Page 550-560
Mosaad I. S. M.


Effect of Some Fertilizer Treatments on the Growth of Cormels of Gladiolus and Corms Production

Page 561-571
Mahmoud Khattab; Mostafa Raslan; Ali Nabih; Amira Selim


Herbicidal, Insecticidal and Structure-Activity Relationship Studies on Pyranopyrazole and Oxinobispyrazole Derivatives

Page 572-580
Samir A.M. Abdelgaleil; Yonis M. Badawy


Evaluation of Nutritional Balance in Wheat Using Compositional Nutrient Diagnosis Model in Sahl El-Tina, Egypt

Page 581-593
Ali Ali; Sherif M. Ibrahim; Ahmed S. A. Sayed


Impact of Potassium Fertilization Rates and Bacillus circulans on the Growth, Yield and Color of processed Potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) Tubers Chips

Page 594-605
Said A. Z. Elhakim; Dina S. El-Mesirry; Mona M. Yousry


Treated Wastewater Irrigation Promotes the Growth and Nodulation of Acacia Species

Page 606-617
Nader Desouky Shetta


Aluminum Intoxication through Leaching in Food Preparation

Page 618-626
Suraiya Jabeen; Bisma Ali; Moazzam Ali Khan; Muhammad Bilal Khan; Syed Adnan Hasan


Population Fluctuation of the Main Prevailing Insects on Potato Plants, at ElNobaria Region, El-Behiera Governorate, Egypt

Page 627-636
Mesbah H.A; Nagda A.A.El-Sayed; Magada Bahgat El-Kady; Nabil A.Hassan; Elham Abdel Fattah El-sawy


Toxicity and Antifeedant Effects of Apricot Kernel Extract and Its Main Components against Cotton Leaf Worm, Spodoptera littoralis (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) Larvae With Reference To Some Physiological Effects

Page 637-646
Wael M. Khamis; Sahar E. El-Desouky; Abir A. Gad


Effect of Glycine, Methionine and Tryptophan on the Vegetative Growth, Flowering and Corms Production of Gladiolus Plant

Page 647-659
Mahmoud Khattab; Ashraf Shehata; Eman Abou El - Saadate; Khamis Al-Hasni


Proteomic and Physiological Indices-Based Selection of Broadly Diverse Sugarcane (Saccharum Spp) New Genotypes

Page 660-668
Nagat A. Mousa; E.S.R. Salem; M.Z. Attallah


Dynamical Seasonal Fluctuations of the Prevailing Insect-Pests on Faba Bean and Garden Pea Plantations at Alexandria Governorate, Egypt

Page 669-678
Hassan A.Mesbah; Osman A.Zaghloul; Nagda A.El-sayed; Nabil A. Hassan; Rania S.Ammar


Influence of Alternative Irrigation Applied Water on Water Productivity of Faba Bean (Vicia faba L.)

Page 679-689
Mona A.M.EL-Mansoury


The Drug Silymarin Has Anticlastogenic Activity

Page 690-697
Amira M E Khatab


Genetic Polymorphism between Natural Populations of the Nile Tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus L.) Based on Randomly Amplified Polymorphie DNA Markers

Page 698-702
Asmaa A. Khaled


Response of Peanut to Some Kinds of Organic Fertilizers under Drip and Sprinkler Irrigation Systems

Page 703-713
Abd El-Halim A. K; A.M Awad; M. E Moursy


Effect of Potassium Fertilization on Growth, Flowering, Corms Production and Chemical Contents of Gladiolus hybrida, L. Cv. "Rose Supreme"

Page 714-728
Assem A. M. El-Naggar; Adel B. El-Nasharty


Assessment of Maize Yield Loss to Determine Economic Injury Levels (Eils) Due To the Infestation by Stem Borers with Insecticidal Control under the Egyptian Conditions

Page 729-737
Massoud A.Magdy; Zaghloul A.Osman; Barakat S.Ahmed; Ebieda M.Ahmed; Amr A.Abou-gleel


Nutritional Status and Indigenous Mycorrhizal Infection of Berseem Clover and Barley Fertilized with Poultry Litter and Compost in an Organic Farming System

Page 738-746
Hala H. Badry; Heba S.A. Salama; Ahmed Ramadan


Role of Biofilm on Granular Wood Charcoal in Enhancing Primary Wastewater Treatment for Irrigation Reuse

Page 747-758
Ahmed A. El-Refaey


Response of Egyptian clover to Nano Clay Flakes in Newly Reclaimed Sandy Soils under Sprinkler Irrigation System

Page 759-770
Kristian P. Olesen; S. M. Shehata; A. Bondok; Shereen M. El Nahrawy; A.y. El-Kerdany


Assessment of Land Suitability for Agriculture in the Southeastern Sector of Siwa Oasis

Page 771-780
Ramzy M. R. Hedia; Osama R. Abd Elkawy


Utilization of Karyotypic Analysis of C- Banded of Egyptian Clover Chromosomes and Karyotype Characterization of Fixed Isolation Distances

Page 781-798
Bondok T.A; Shereen M. EL Nahrawy


Application of Manure and Phosphorus Bio-Solubilizers with Rock Phosphate in Calcareous Soils to Increase Phosphorus Availability and Productivity of Safflower Plant

Page 799-810
Attia M. F., Hassan; Hassan A. Fawy; Rehab H. Hegab; Noha M.M.


Influence of Starter Fertilizer and Calcium Nitrate Rates on Vegetative Growth, Yield and Nutrational Quality of Cabbage

Page 811-819
Shimaa M. Hassan; Abd-ElKader D.Y


Effect of Soil Solarization on Soil Borne Fungi, the Growth and Yield of Tomato Grown In Clay Loam Soil at Alexandria Governorate, Egypt

Page 820-830
Yakout T.R.; Manal M.S. Zen-El-Dein


Natural Resources Assessment and Sea Level Rise Impact Using GIS and RS for North Alexandria and Kafr El Dawar District, Egypt

Page 831-850
Ismail M.; Yehia H.; Morsy I.


Utilization of Wastes Resulted From Juice Production in the Fortification of Some Bakery Products for the Protection of Cardiovascular Diseases

Page 851-866
Neveen A. El-wardrdany


Effect of the Administrative Guidance on the Employees, Perception of the Environmental Performance Quality of Water Body and its Resources in Alexandria Port

Page 542-560
Mahmoud T. Shaaban; Ebtessam E. El-Sayed; Ashour K. Ashour; Hoda A. Mohamed; Noura H. Saad Hassan


Farmers’ Attitudes toward Agricultural Production Accessories Traders, Ity Elbaroud District, Behaira Governorate

Page 561-580
Moustafa S. Saleh


Relationship between Life Satisfaction and Menopause Symptoms

Page 581-597
Heba M. Y. Abdel Aziz; Laila M. I. El-Khordy; Ekram R. M. Soliman


The Way of Dealing with Social Media and its Relation with Marital Adjustment, as by the Wife Realises

Page 598-639
wegdan Abdul-Rahman Hamad AL-Oudah


Social and Economic Impacts of Small Projects in Rural Households (Field Study in Some Village of Kafr-Elshiekh and Algharbia Governorates)

Page 640-655
Enas S. Elsharnooby


Economic Evaluation for The Cultivated Sea Bass and Sea Bream in Different Mari Culture System in Valley Mariout, Alexandria, Egypt

Page 656-665
Mahmoud A. Shafe; Abd el-naby B. Ebead; Mohamed A. Zaki; Zeinab M. Abd el-khalek; Shaimaa M. Haggag


Readability of Agricultural Extension Magazine and Variables Affecting it among Members of Boards of Directors of Agricultural Cooperative Associations, ity Elbaroud District

Page 666-682
Moustafa Sabry Saleh


The Educational Effect of an Extension Program to Develop Awareness of Family Affairs among University Female Students

Page 683-697
Neven Mostafa Hafez; Elham Fraij Al-Owedi


Knowledge and Attitudes of the Family towards Endogamy and The Premarital Medical Examination

Page 698-716
Mona Sharaf Abdelgalil


The Effectiveness of A Guidance Program for Developming the Practies of Mothers with Intellectually Disabled Children at Home Safety Behaviors

Page 717-751
Taghreed Said Ahmed Barak; Doaa Mohamed Zaki Hafez