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Volume & Issue: Volume 62, Special Issue (Part 2) Innovation in Chemistry, December 2019  XML


Characterization of Chitosan and Polyethylene glycol Blend Film

Page 405-412
Afaf Sarhan


Synthesis, Spectroscopic, Antibacterial and Antioxidant Activities of Pd(Ii) Mixed-Ligand Complexes Containing Tridentate Schiff Bases

Page 413-426
Abidemi Iyewumi Demehin; Mary Adelaide Oladipo; Banjo Semire


Quantitative Investigation of Potential Contaminants of Emerging Concern in Dodoma City: A Focus at Swaswa Wastewater Stabilization Ponds

Page 427-436


Utilization of Cross-Linked Chitosan/ ACTF Biocomposite for Softening Hard Water: Optimization by Adsorption Modeling

Page 437-456
Rasha Hosny; Mahmoud Fathy; O.H. Abdelraheem; mohamed A. Zayed


Preparation and Characterization of Ion Exchanger Based on Bacterial Cellulose for Heavy Metal Cation Removal

Page 457-465
Sohair Farag; Hassan M. Ibrahim; Ahmed Amr; Mohsen S Asker; Amira El-shafie


Physical and Mechanical Properties of Treated Acrylic Fabrics Using Nano-Bentonite

Page 467-489
Lamiaa El-Gabry; Mohamed Abo Hayes; Amira Abou El-Kheir; Zienab Elgory


Preparation of Nylon-6 Textile Materials for Special Applications Part1: Polymerization of 2-Methacryloxy Ethyl Trimethyl Ammonium Chloride with Nylon-6 Nonwoven Fabric Using K2S2O8 As Initiator

Page 491-503
Rafaat Abbas; Naser Gad Al-Balakocy; E. M Khalil; Samy Elsebaie Shalaby


Synthesis of Some Analogues of Polymyxin E1 Antibiotic Using Automated Solid Phase Peptide Synthesis Assisted With Microwave Irradiation

Page 505-522
Asmaa Mohamed Hamza; Atef Abdel Monem Kalmouch; Shaima Ahmed El-Mowafi; Abdel gawad Mohamed Rabie; Mohamed Zewail


A Review on Synthesis and Versatile Applications of Some Selected Schiff Bases with Their Transition Metal Complexes

Page 523-547
Pronoy Ghosh; Shishir Kumar Dey; Mousummath Hosna Ara; Kaykobad Karim; A.B.M. Nazmul Islam


Evaluation of Synthesized Starch Cellulose Acetate Coacrylate and Nanoclay Holding Drugs

Page 549-562
Fahima M. Helaly; Aman I. Khalaf; Doaa El-Nashar; Samaa R. Salem; Nehad N. Rozik; Adelmohsen M. Soliman


Kinetics studies on photodegradation of methyl orange in the presence of C-N-codoped TiO2 catalyst

Page 563-575
Reza Audina Putri; Safni Safni; Novesar Jamarun; Upita Septiani; Moon-Kyung Kim; Kyung-duk Zoh


Structural, Optical and Dielectric Properties of (PS- In2O3/ ZnCoFe2O4) Nanocomposites

Page 577-592
Noor Hayder; Majeed Habeeb; Ahmed Hashim


Graphene’s Structure, Synthesis, and Characterization; a brief review

Page 593-608
Samir Kamel; Mohamed El-Sakhawy; Badawi Anis; Hebat-Allah S. Tohamy


Physical-Mechanical Properties Research of Paint Materials on the Basis of Petroleum Bitumen

Page 609-616
Kulash Syrmanova; Aktolkyn Agabekova; Saule Sakibayeva; Anastassiya Kovaleva; Yersultan Botashev; Zhanat Kaldybekova; Sholpan Bayzhanova


Preparation, Characterization of Mg and Al co-doped ZnO nanoparticles and its application in congo red dye remediation

Page 617-625


Utilization of the Combined Effect of Ultrasound Waves and Sodium metaperiodate in Preparation of Oxidized Galactomannan Fenugreek Gum for Medical and Other Purposes

Page 627-644
Ali Hebeish; Amal Abdelrahman; Sahar Nassar; Hanan Elsayad; Nagla Elshemy


Sol-Gel preparation and In vitro kinetic Release Study of Albendazole-Immobilized MWCNTs

Page 645-654
Ahmed Haroun; Fathallah Ayoob; El-Shahat H.A. Nashy; Ola Mohamed; Abdel-Gawad Rabie


Production of Antibacterial Cotton Fabrics via Green Treatment with Nontoxic Natural Biopolymer Gelatin

Page 655-669
Hassan M. Ibrahim; Amal A. Aly; Ghada M. Taha; Hassan Ibrahim Ibrahim


Structural and Optical Properties of Novel (PS-Cr2O3/ ZnCoFe2O4) Nanocomposites For UV and Microwave Shielding

Page 697-708
Majeed Habeeb; Ahmed Hashim; Noor Hayder


Fabrication of (PS-Cr2O3/ ZnCoFe2O4) Nanocomposites and Studying their Dielectric and Fluorescence Properties for IR Sensors

Page 709-717
Majeed Habeeb; Ahmed Hashim; Noor Hayder


Structural, A.C electrical and Optical properties of (Polyvinyl alcohol–Polyethylene Oxide–Aluminum Oxide) Nanocomposites for Piezoelectric Devices

Page 719-734
Qayssar Jebur; Ahmed Hashim; Majeed Habeeb


Structural, Dielectric and Optical properties for (Polyvinyl Alcohol–Polyethylene Oxide- Manganese Oxide) Nanocomposites

Page 735-749
Ahmed Hashim; Majeed Habeeb; Qayssar Jebur


Modulation of Nephrotoxicity Induced by Gentamicin with Bone Marrow Mesenchymal Stem Cells and Moringa Oleifera Extract

Page 751-763
Elsaid AM Ismaiel; Hekma A Abd El-Latif; Hagar E Mohammed; May A Abd El Fattah; Laila Rashed; Nossad Attia Abdel-Wahhab


Green modification of waste cotton surface fabric by (2-acrylamide-2-methyl propane sulfonic acid, AMPS) and nano magnetite particles

Page 765-784
Reem K . Farag; Hend Al-aidy El-saied


Electrical Conductivity Studies of Zinc Oxide, Nickel Doped Zinc Oxide Poly (O-Toluidine) Nanocomposite Using Chemical Oxidative Polymerization

Page 785-795
D Tamilselvi; N. Velmani; K. Rathidevi


Synthesis of Zinc oxide and Silver/ Zinc oxide Nanocomposite for Production of Antimicrobial Textiles

Page 797-817
I. Othman Ali; Mohamed El-Molla


One-bath One-stage Dyeing Process of Polyamide/polyester Blend Fabric Using Carbocyclic Vat Dyes

Page 819-830
Abdalla. A. Mousa; Yehia A. Youssef; Khalid M. Abd El Moteleb; Ashraf Wasfy


Phytoconstituents, Hepatoprotective, and Antioxidant Activities of Euphorbia Cooperi N. E. Br.

Page 831-840
Shaimaa Rashad Ahmed; Moshera Mohammed Elsherei; Riham Salah El Dine; Sayed Eltomy


Augmented Application of Modified Fabrics for Producing Multi-functional Fashionable Apparel Using Khayamiya Heritage

Page 841-855
Rehab Kotb


A review on the Development of Innovative Capabilities in the Textile Finishing of Natural Fibers

Page 857-579
Sahar Shaarawy