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Volume & Issue: Volume 14, Issue 3 - Serial Number 61, May and June 2024, Page 1-489  XML


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Page 1-20


Influence of Multilayer Fabric Construction on Thermal Conductivity of Protective Fabrics

Page 21-27
Mohamed Sabry; Ghada Baioumy; Amr Magdy Taha


Applications of Smart Systems and Mood scenarios in the Interior Design of House for Achieving Well-being and Psychological Support

Page 29-45
Nehal Nabil Zahra


Activating creativity in fashion shows for innovative fashion Designs Inspired by Traditional Costumes in Saudi Arabia

Page 47-79
Aisha Hamad Ali Al-Sahhari; Olfat Shawki Mohamed Mansour


The Effect of using Multilayer Fabric in Controlling Water Permeability of some Protective Textiles

Page 81-86
Mohamed Sabry; Ghada Baioumy; Amr Magdy Taha


Synthesis of "Bamboo" Work to Promote Creativity in Design on Mannequins for Women's Fashion

Page 87-117
Nagwa Shokry Momen; Hanan Nabih Al-Zeftawi; Hala Adel Mohamed Al- Nawawi


Fashion Marketing and Environmental Justice

Page 119-128
Amany El-Saied El-Dosuky


Towards Improving the Design of the Existing Building Envelope to Achieve Thermal Comfort in Educational Buildings: A Simulation-Based Approach

Page 129-146
dalia shalaby eldamaty


Murals Using Geometric Models as Visual Separators for Interior Design in Public Spaces

Page 147-157
Afnan Sanad Header


Symbolic theatrical decoration in light of computer technology (virtual reality) as one of the elements of scenography (to achieve artistic dramaturgy)

Page 159-170
Marwa wael Mohamed elsafty


Employing Subliminal Messages, in Social Marketing Ads for Changing Concepts in the Egyptian Society

Page 171-183
Abeer Hassan Abdo; Mai Nada; Randa Abdel Halim Abdel Rahman Ibrahim


Finding Design and Technical Solutions to Improve the Designe Economics of Children's Clothing

Page 185-199
Shaima Mustafa Ahmed Muhammad Shehata


Mixing in Weaving Process to Achieve the Best Physiological Comfort Properties for Summer Shirt Fabrics

Page 201-213
Amr Hamdy Ahmed Al-Laithy


A Comprehensive Exploration of Ambiguity and its effect on User Experience Design

Page 215-228
Alaa Mohammed El- Sayed Abdo


Personas as A Tool For Understanding The Users In Product Design

Page 229-240
Ragab Abdelrahman Amish; Sama Ahmed Waheed; Hanaa Mohamed Nabil Salama


The Printability of Wool Fabric with Synthetic Food Dyes

Page 241-247
Marwa M. M. Khodary


Product analysis methods

Page 249-262
Nada Osama Elsaadany; Mahmoud Abd El-Nabi Muhammad Ahmed; Yasmeen Alaa Esmail Mohamed; Mariam Mohamed Galal Eldeen Soliman


Strengthen Positive Integration between Social and Community Marketing advertisements in Egypt

Page 263-273
Randa Abdel Halim Abdel Rahman Ibrahim; Mai Nada; Abeer Hassan Abdo


The Role of Green Architecture Strategies in Achieving Zero Energy Buildings

Page 275-284
Ghaida Ali Alamry


A study of generative artificial intelligence' applications and industrial design of robots to innovate a prototype used in textile design and printing

Page 285-302
Heba Mohamed Okasha Abu Elkamal Elsayegh; Magdoline El-Sayed Hassaneen


The feasibility of using effective packaging to protect wooden furniture from moisture effects "An applied study on samples of wood"

Page 303-320
Amina Abdel-Gawad Abdel-Baky Emam; Sara Ibrahim Abdl-Rahman Ramadan


Symbol Anthropology of Sufi Identity between Spiritual Meanings and Aesthetic Significance for Textile Printing Design

Page 321-336
Heba atef abdelaziz


User Interface Design Trends for Mobile Applications

Page 337-344
Tamer Abdellatif Abdellrazik; Samar Hany Abodonia; Amina Hussien Abdelwahab


Developing lighting systems through the study of different light spectrum effects on humans

Page 355-363
Heba Rabie Amir Masoud; Ragab Abdelrahman Amish; Wissam Onsi Ibrahim


Examining the Impact of Stitch Density, Thread Size, and Direction on the Seam Strength of Cow Upper Leather

Page 365-373
Seid Ahmed; Wendwosen Ebabu; Lioul Getachew; Kelemiwork Adimasu


A New Design Strategy to Increase Usability in E-Commerce Web Sites

Page 375-386
Sara Ahmed Sayed Ali


The Effect of the Contemporary Digital Revolution on the Forms of Metal Furniture and Construction Products

Page 387-398
yasser Mohamed Elsadek


The Influence of Utilizing High-performance Fibers on the Breathability of Doctors' Clothing Fabrics (scrubs)

Page 399-413
Mayada mohamed Elbelbesi; Ghada Mohamed Al Sayad; Mariam Hassan Al-Bashbishi; Nahla Abdel-Mohsen Abd El-Mohsen Hassan Ahmed Emara


Treating Defects in Used Jeans Clothing By Using Hand Embroidery to Achieve Clothing Sustainability

Page 415-436
Esraa Mahmoud Mohamed El-Etriby


Creative strategies and diversity of cultural influence to create printing designs for the brand with an Egyptian identity

Page 437-451
Dina Nafady; Eman Salah Elden Mohamed


Printed hanging textile design between the designer's subjectivity and AI technologies

Page 453-474
Basant Awad Mandour


The Design performance of interior spaces and its relation to the social variable (Baghdadi cafes as a model)

Page 475-483
Wissam Hassan Hashem


The Design of a Creative Environment to Promote Mental Health and Develop Fine Arts Student's Skills

Page 485-489
Ola Mohammed Mahmoud Mohammed Ahmed