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Volume & Issue: Volume 11, Issue 1, December 2024  XML


An Economic Study of the Potential Arab Integration of Levantine Maize Production

Page 1-9
Abdelatif A.S. Abdelatif; Thanaa E..N. A. Selim; Mona K. Raid


Statistical Estimation of Production and Costs Functions of Cucumber Crop under greenhouse system: A Field Study

Page 11-23
Tarek H. M. Elzhaf; Mosaad E. Ragab; Mohamed O. Abdel Fatah; Radwan M. A. Amar


Study of the Foreign Demand for the Egyptian Frozen Vegetables

Page 25-34
Shaima Magdi Mostafa Muhamed; Mohamed Hamdy Salem; Atef Abdel Azim Gouda; Ibrahim Mohamed Hassan; Ibrahim Ali Mohamad Abdel Fattah


Malignant Diseases and Pesticide Exposure

Page 35-41
Saadoon, S.M.; Jabbar, Ahmed Shamkhi; Qasim H.A. Aljboori; Selim Sh


Nutritional and Medicinal Value of Mineral Elements in Dates

Page 43-51
Mahmoud M. Abo-El-Saad; Samar M.S. Shawir


Efficient Removal of Florasulam Herbicide from Water by Carboxymethyl Cellulose-Magnetic Graphene Oxide Nanocomposites

Page 53-61
Mostafa A. I. Taha; Mohamed E. I. Badawy; Reda K. Abdel-Razik; Mahmoud M. Abo-El-Saad


Developing the Performance of Human Resources Management in the Egyptian Ministry of Interior in Light of Strategic Management

Page 1-19
Abdulaziz d Rajab Hamed Ahme; Gamal Taher Aboul Fotouh; Marwan Mostafa Hassan


Human Rights, the Effective Role of Civil Society Institutions, and Egypt's Future Vision 2030

Page 21-43
Khaled Hassan Mamdouh Ali; Ahmed Salmi Arnaout; Ahmed Talha Hussein Jadallah


Law is Applicable to Civil Liability Arising from Car Accidents of an International Nature

Page 45-67
Suhair Mohammed Ali El-Wakeel


Estimating the Size of the Optimal Production of Cucumber Crops in Protected Crops

Page 69-83
Ashraf S. G. Ibrahim; Ayman F. Abu Hadid; Thanaa E. A. Seleem; Eman F. Youssef


Consumer Protection Mechanisms and its Relationship with Family Purchasing Decisions

Page 85-113
Amr Mohammed Abdullah Rady; Nagwa Sayed Abdel Gawad; Hany Jaber Al Masry


The Rlationship Between Awareness of Consumer Protection Mechanisms and Methods of Reducing Fraud in Food Products

Page 115-147
Amr Mohammed Abdullah Rady; Nagwa Sayed Abdel Gawad; Hany Jaber Al Masry


An Economic Study of the Impact of Climate Change on the Productivity of Wheat and Maize Crops in Some Desert Governorates of Egypt

Page 147-164
أحمد إبراهيم عبد القادر أبو المعاطي; ثناء النويي أحمد سليم; اسامه أحمد البحيري; محمد عثمان عبد الفتاح عبد الهادي